WTF is Get Off The Coast?

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Jheri Evans
509-206 Cobblestone Dr
Wilmington, NC 28403

I originally started Get Off The Coast as a way of letting a few friends keep up with the music I was digging. A couple of folks I knew were just really into my music taste, so I basically just reposted content from other blogs for them. At some point I just got more involved in it, and then bands started contacting me. I'm just lucky that people share my opinion on these tunes, and that they continue to tune in to the blog to check things out.

Oh, the name of the blog is simply a personal reminder. I grew up in a beach town (Myrtle Beach, SC), and moved to another one (Wilmington, NC) when I was 16. I've never even traveled off of the east coast of the USA. It's just my reminder to get out there and travel.


  1. wut kind of music is weed diamond and most of the other artist on here?

  2. I love that your putting this all together man.

    My group Greater Numbers would love for you to hear us and gauge what you think of it.


  3. your blog is really great!
    i just started my own & maybe you'll like this:


  4. Hey, my mates band is called Fieldings from Melbourne Australia.
    This is their demo.
    its in the Post-Rock genre.

    if your need a cover picture, http://www.postrockxchange.com/2010/06/fieldlings-demo-2010-postrock/#more-6472%20%20postrock.

  5. DaP Station- DIY/ CD-R (Space Bap, Future Beats) label out of Colorado.


  6. i really like what you do. we certainly have a lot of the same tastes. me and my favorite collaborator agree, we recently made some stuff in our attic, and it does not necessarily sound like most of your posts, but we figure if we like almost all of what you post, then maybe you might enjoy what we made. check it out please. and no matter what you think about it, keep doing what you do, it is much appreciated.




  7. Thanks for featuring our Solar Bears video on your blog. I read how your blog got started and its actually similar to how we got started. Got an act for you that has really got my attention lately. Not sure if you heard of him or not but he goes by Turning Torso and his album "Walker" has been playing on my ipod for the past 2 weeks which is rare for us. Give him a listen and see if you don't agree.We did a video for him also and you can check them out here.. http://turningtorso.bandcamp.com/album/walker

    March 9, 2011 9:07 PM