2dopeboyz gives us Super Friends + new Freeway track

This is definitely one of the longest rap tracks I've ever heard, featuring nine different rappers and no chorus. 2dopeboyz put up a track called "Super Friends" today, and it features (comic book pseudonyms in parenthesis): Mickey Factz (Silver Surfer), Fresh Daily (Spider-Man), $trictly Busine$$ (Wolverine), 6th Sense (The Thing), Oddisee (Archangel), Outasight (Gambit), Homeboy Sandman (The Sandman), Von Pea (Plastic Man), and 8thW1 (The Beast). I'm gonna go ahead and let the nerd in me shine by stating how it does annoy me a little bit that they are all dubbed as Marvel characters when the Super Friends is a DC thing. just saying.

MP3 :: Print, Mickey Factz, Homeboy Sandman, $trictly Busine$$, Outasight, 6th Sense, Oddisee, Von Pea & Fresh Daily - Super Friends


2dopeboyz also put up this new Freeway track featuring Lloyd Banks today. Also make sure to check out Freeway's Month Of Madness series and Banks' Cold Corner mixtape.

MP3 :: Freeway - Reparations (Feat. Lloyd Banks)

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