New GFK and MF DOOM in Chinatown Wars

Gorilla vs Bear just gave a heads up about a new Ghostface & Doom colab. It appears on the new GTA game, titled Chinatown Wars. Production work is done by Oh No.

His Clancyness :: Hissometer Cassette

Lately I have been falling in love with all sorts of lo-fi dreampop and noise pop. His Clancyness falls right into that dreampop category. He sent me his new cassette release today, titled Hissometer Cassette. The tape is absolutely incredible. I'm on my third listen right now, and it's just beautiful. It is, however, far too short. It clocks in at just over 12 minutes, and I want more. Anyway, you can grab a copy of the limited run (30 copies) tape over at new label Secret Furry Hole. SFH is also currently working with Grouper, Pocahaunted and Library Tapes, so I am expecting great things from them. With all that soaking in, I'll leave you with this glimpse of the cassette, appropriately titled "Dream Tune".

MP3 :: His Clancyness - Dream Tune



Just got this to my inbox on Friday, and it is fantastic. It's a video for the song "Crash" by UK based artist Milton Jackson Make sure to watch the whole video. It is absolutely stunning.