Coming to the Cat's Cradle :: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura will be at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill June 20. Tickets are $15, and they go on sale Friday.

MP3 :: Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

Directed by Patrick Daughters, the same fellow behind the upcoming video for Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks". Daughters also directed Feist's "1234" video.

Where The Wild Things Are x Arcade Fire

The song is "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire.


No Hope Kids

Thanks to anonymous GVB reader for this gem. It's Wavves' "No Hope Kids" over some footage from the 1977 British Transport Films production The Finishing Line. Awesome video.

A Classic Education

Last month I mentioned His Clancyness, and I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about his equally awesome full band project called A Classic Education. Check out their myspace for some fantastic tunes, and below you can hear their cover of Gilbert Bécaud's "Toi".

MP3 :: A Classic Education - Toi (Gilbert Bécaud Cover)

Video :: KidBass ft. Sincere

Good girls love rude boys.



The kind folks over at Western Vinyl sent this track from Balmorhea (and they've made sure to note that it's pronounced Bal-Mor-Ay) over early today, and I am dumbfounded. Clocking in at exactly 8:00, which might just be too short, this is one of the most wonderfully crafted songs I've ever heard. It starts with a slow intro that lasts 1:45 into the song, and then explodes with beauty. "Harm & Boon" is from Balmorhea's recently released All is Wild, All is Silent, so go ahead and grab a copy on vinyl. And if you need any other incentive, just note that Western Vinyl are the same people behind Here We Go Magic's self-titled LP.

MP3 :: Balmorhea - Harm & Boon


Video :: White Denim - Shake Shake Shake

Back when this video first dropped there were all kinds of reasons for it to keep being pulled from the internet, which made it hard to actually watch the damn thing. Well here it is in all it's glory, so check it out.


They Shoot Wavves, Don't They?

One of my favorite bands right now is the fuzz-surf punk project Wavves, created by Nathan William. They Shoot Music - Don't They has put up a few videos of Nathan doing some acoustic versions of songs. I'm not really sure how I feel about the sound because I'm so used to a completely different sound from Wavves, but the videos are definitely worth checking out. Also check out the album version of "So Bored" below.

MP3 :: Wavves - So Bored

Foals does a Take Away Show

La Blogotheque put up a new Take Away Show today featuring Foals. It's only two songs, but both are really well shot. Check out "Red Socks Pugie" above, and pop over to La Blogotheque to check out "Olympic Airways".

Local Natives

I Guess I'm Floating just clued me into these guys yesterday, and holy shit they're good. I was immediately curious at the comparison to The Format, and it's definitely accurate. Local Natives matches layered, melodic vocals to catchy folk-pop. Anyway, quit reading this and listen to the tracks below. If they don't hook you then there is no hope for you.

MP3 ::
Local Natives - Airplanes
Local Natives - World News


Chinatown Wars

Stones Throw (via Twitter) has finally given us the Oh No produced Ghostface and MF DOOM track from the new GTA game, along with a remix.

MP3 ::
Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM - Chinatown Wars
Ghostface Killah & MF DOOM - Chinatown Wars (Remix)

Solid Gold Video

The Golden Filter posted this video for their current single, "Solid Gold", yesterday on their tumblr. Pure bliss.

Coming to Chapel Hill :: Grizzly Bear w/ Here We Go Magic

This is probably the greatest concert news to hit NC in a long damn time. Thursday, June 11, at Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, Grizzly Bear will be playing with Here We Go Magic opening. I don't think I need to tell you how excited I am for this.

MP3 ::
Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision
Grizzly Bear - Knife


"Obsessions" with Body Language

Back in December I posted on Marina & The Diamonds' beautiful video for "Obsessions", and now Neon Gold is giving us this astounding remix of the song by Body Language. Call it dream pop, I suppose. It's fucking amazing, and that's really all you need to know.

MP3 :: Marina & The Diamonds - Obsessions (Body Language Remix)

Los Otros Animales

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good turned me on to this band a few days ago, so I'm passing it on. Other Animals is an instrumental math-rock band hailing from Crystal Lake (spooky?), Illinois. I've heard plenty of bands with this sound, but few do it as well as these guys. Check out "Odin", the first track off there self-titled album, and if you like it grab the whole album here, courtesy of the band.

MP3 :: Other Animals - Odin

More new Here We Go Magic

The Futurist posted a new lounge act earlier today and lo and behold, it's Here We Go Magic. They debuted a new track titled "Surprise" on there and I am surprised, if you'll pardon the pun. These guys just have such a dynamic sound. Check out the song below and pop over here to grab the full set.

MP3 :: Here We Go Magic - Surprise (Live on Woxy.com)

A moment with loving words

I just got home from Gravity Records where The Love Language was playing a short free set and started checking my feeds to see the guys are today's Daytrotter Session. They're an amazing band, so head on over to Daytrotter to check it out.


Win a Graniph t-shirt from 3 Snapshots

Whilst in Tokyo the 3 Snapshots team will be heading to cult t-shirt store, Graniph, who opened their flagship store in Harajuku earlier this year. Graniph collaborates with international artists, photographers, illustrators and designers to create their cult tees. We’ve got one to give away from the Graniph Japanese Designers Project, 24 designers put "Japanese Culture" in t-shirt print. To enter the competition just leave your name and e-mail address in the comments section and we'll pick a winner at random later in the week. (To leave a comment just click the thing below this post that says comments.) Then jump over to 3Snapshots.com for more Tokyo snapshots.


Peaches in Chapel Hill

I'm beginning to think that North Carolina isn't so bad. I'll be bringing news of some other awesome shows here soon, but I'll kick things off with Peaches. She'll be at Cat's Cradle on June 16, and hopefully so will I. Go here for tickets. Peaches also has a new album coming out May 5 on XL Recordings.

MP3 :: Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away

Save Me Concubine

My playlist for last year's summer consisted mostly of Ghostface and Beirut, so naturally I got pretty damn excited to see that The Hood Internet did a mash-up last week of the two. It's so nice to hear Zach Condon's beautiful wailing backing up Ghostface's incredible rhymes.

MP3 :: The Hood Internet - Save Me Concubine (Ghostface Killah x Beirut)


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix released the album art (above) for their new album titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix a couple days ago, along with the tracklist. So far I've only heard the first single, "1901", but if it's any indication to the rest of the album then this will be amazing. The album drops May 25, so mark it on your calendars.

MP3 :: Phoenix - 1901


Crocodiles and Blank Dogs

Keeping with this theme of lo-fi synth noise pop fuzz surf punk, I bring you the electro punk stylings of Crocodiles and the fuzzier sounding Blank Dogs. I'll keep it short because the amazing songs speak for themselves, really.

MP3 ::
Crocodiles - Neon Jesus
Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate
Blank Dogs - Ants
Blank Dogs - Crystal Ladies

Dum Dum Girls videos

I've recently been listening to a lot of Lo-Fi Fuzz Noise Pop etc. stuff. (I hate categorizing so I just call it by everything I can attach it to.) Dum Dum Girls fit right into that oh so specific category. They recently released some pretty awesome videos for their songs "Catholicked" and "Blank Girl", two of their most solid songs. Check out "Catholicked" above, which features old footage of a girl being catholicked spliced together, and "Blank Girl" below.

New Here We Go Magic - Fangela

You may recall my post closer to the beginning of the year about these guys and their lovely "Tunnelvision", or any other blog's post about them for that matter. Well Here We Go Magic is back for round two with this new single. I'm not sure, but I think all that single means at this point is that you can download it for free on the internet. Anyway, it's a wonderful little journey through some absolutely beautiful dreampop hooks, so check it out below.

MP3 :: Here We Go Magic - Fangela


Harlem cover Devo for Cover of the Month Club

Harlem has been doing this cover of the month thing for a few months now, and this month they are giving us a Devo cover. It's absolutely wonderful. Also make sure to check out a pretty rad interview with the band at The Rapt.

MP3 :: Harlem - Come Back Jonee (Devo Cover)

Veckatimest leaked, Ed Droste speaks

Hmm, so it seems the new Grizzly Bear album has already leaked. I don't think I even need to go into how excited I am to hear the album, but it's apparently low quality, so I'm holding back. I'm gonna buy the vinyl when it drops anyway, so as soon as a good leak surfaces I'll definitely be checking it out. This is, however, ridiculously early for a leak. My sympathy goes out to the band. I know it must truly suck to have gone through so much work just to see it go down like this. I have faith in the real fans getting the album legit, though. Ed Droste had this to say on the Grizzly Bear Blog:
So yeah, we are kind of bummed this leaked so early. We know it’s not the 90’s anymore and times have changed, and we’re super grateful for all the support people have shown us on the blogs and internet, but we were kind of hoping it wouldn’t happen this soon.

Ultimately we feel like we put out a great album and hope people enjoy it, and we really hope people take the time to pre-order and support the good one-and-a-half years it took to write and record it.

I promise you the album art for both CD and vinyl is going to be gorgeous. And a bonus: all vinyl people will get a high quality download coupon with their purchase.

Leaking is a tricky subject; as we all know, I’ve had my run ins with the law O__o (Hi, Mr. Sheriff!) I have conflicting opinions about it, as it’s really complicated, but ultimately it saddens me that a bummer-quality version of Veckatimest is going around. Please consider putting your energies into a pre-order or into waiting till May 26 for the album the way we intend it to be presented.

Not to get all mushy, but we definitely put a lot of love and work into this one and are just excited to hit the road and tour it again.

So yea, make sure to get it on vinyl, the way you ought to be listening to it anyway. Oh, and here are a couple live versions of some songs from the album, along with an early version of "Deep Blue Sea". The final version of it can be found on the Dark Was The Night compilation.

MP3 ::
Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader (Live)
Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks (Live on Letterman)
Daniel Rossen - Deep Blue Sea (Pre-EP Version)