Video :: Bat For Lashes - Daniel

This track comes from Bat For Lashes' new LP Two Suns. You can also grab the Daniel 7" here.

The Drop I Hold

Last year the Black Lips were claiming that they wanted to do a song or a remix or something with a member of Wu-Tang. Then at this year's SXSW the band had GZA on stage with them. And now we finally have "The Drop I Hold", which was a track on 200 Million Thousand, remade with GZA, sans the beat boxing. I don't know if I could love these guys anymore at this point.

MP3 :: Black Lips x GZA - The Drop I Hold


Video :: Eels - Fresh Blood

A few weeks ago I fell in love with the new Eels track, and now Stereogum has given us a video to accompany it. The video comes complete with E going bark crazy, an attractive lady being stalked, and luchadores that intervene unsuccessfully.

Mythomania Commercial

Apparently Cryptacize spent the entire weekend making this short commercial for their latest album, Mythomania. While short, Nat Russell's art really is lovely for being so simple.


We F-R-E-S-H

So KRS-One and Buckshot have a new album together that's scheduled to drop this summer. I'm amused because I found the first track from the album on Kanye's blog, yet the the first line in the first verse is "It seems like you can't sing or rap these days without autotune in the back these days." Ironic, yes? Anyway, KRS kills it on the track, and while I'm not too familiar Buckshot he does a great job as well.

MP3 :: KRS-One & Buckshot - Robot

The years have drifted away...

Passion Pit brings us a new song this week, with a bit of a surprise. "Moth's Wings" forgoes the overall bigness of "The Reeling" and gives us something much more calm, and in my opinion much more delightful. Listen to the track below and decide for yourself. Will Manners be one of 2009's greats? I guess only time can tell. [H/T: I Guess I'm Floating]

MP3 :: Passion Pit - Moth's Wings


Bradford Cox is giving things away.

Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas sound likes to give away music, and in the past week he has given out some from both projects. The first is Deerhunter's very tropical sounding single "Rainwater Cassette Exchange", from the upcoming EP of the same name. The EP drops on vinyl June 8.
Cox also released the free Atlas Sound Time Warp Virtual 7" on his blog on Tuesday. Though the 7" is named for the second track, I much prefer the first one, "Springtime Instrumental". It has a much more relaxed and overall happy feel to it. Grab both songs below.

MP3 ::
Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange
Atlas Sound - Springtime Instrumental
Atlas Sound - Time Warp

Video :: Blank Dogs - Setting Fire To Your House

The KKK doth dance the night away.


Video :: Passion Pit - The Reeling

From Passion Pit's upcoming debut, Manners, on Frenchkiss.

Mirrored and Reverse

A new tune from White Denim, off of their upcoming LP Fits. Fits is due out June 22 in the UK on Full Time Hobby. No clue when we'll see it here in the US.

MP3 :: White Denim - Mirrored And Reverse

New Wavves split with Windsurf

The Fader has released a limited 7" featuring a new Wavves song, plus a chill tropical tune from Windsurf. While the 7" is undoubtedly gone, you can still head here to download it for the low price of free. Call it a stimulus package. Everything about this screams beach, and it's 82 degrees here, so I'll catch you guys later.

MP3 :: Wavves - Friends Were Gone


Ra Ra Weekend? Vampire Riot? Discovery...

After months of battling with Windows and losing every time I've finally said to hell with it and switched over to Ubuntu. Hopefully this means I'll never have to leave you guys again. I'm coming back to you with this catchy little ditty from Discovery. Discovery is comprised of Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles. A reader recently asked me to start posting some more upbeat stuff, so hopefully this will tickle their fancy. [H/T: MOKB]

MP3 :: Discovery - Osaka Loop Line


Coming to Local 506 :: Cryptacize

One of my current favorites, Cryptacize, will be hitting the Local 506 in Chapel Hill on July 1st, and I only wish it weren't so far away. Joining them will be delightful synth-pop group Casiotone For The Painfully Alone. As a side note, make sure to check out Cryptacize's new mix. They have picked out some great tunes.

Video :: Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie

Another beautiful video from Weston Currie. I can't help but love a guy who seems to constantly churn out videos for bands I'm in love with.

You don't know how easy it is...

When I first started looking to Blogs for new music one of my favorites was Aquarium Drunkard. Well somewhere along the road AD and I started bickering a lot. She would always turn the coffee off before I'd gotten my last cup, and I just never could remember to put down the toilet seat. In all seriousness, I somehow left them off my GoogleReader and forgot all about them. That is, until yesterday when they clued us all in to the new Deer Tick song, and it rocks. "Easy" is the first track off Deer Tick's upcoming June 23 release, Born On Flag Day.

MP3 :: Deer Tick - Easy

We Are Sky Larkin

I have no idea how I've not heard of Sky Larkin before now, but thanks to a tweet from @Boringbythesea I have been tipped off. A couple things going on with them today, as it seems. Their newest album, The Golden Spike, has been officially released today in the US as of today, along with the video for the track "Antibodies". The band is celebrating the US release of the album by allowing you to stream the album for free on last.fm.

Video :: The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea

Apparently The Horrors used to suck something fierce. That no longer appears to be the case. [H/T nialler9]


New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)

I don't know if it's my mood today, or what, but it seems to me that the only things worth talking about are coming from DISCODUST. Apparently Aleks went to great lengths to find this remix of Little Boots' "New In Town", done by GOTC favorites The Golden Filter. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that he found it.

MP3 :: Little Boots - New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix)

When I was younger...

The always reliable DISCODUST posted about Flashmen today. I'm just going to post the tracks here and let you hop on over there to read more on the group if you'd like.

MP3 ::
Flashmen - Little Wildkat
Flashmen - Flashmen Theme

Time kept slipping away from me...

Last night Gudren Wolf put up some new tracks from Italians Do It Better/Glass Candy/Chromatics fellow Johnny Jewel's newest project, Desire. Desire is based out of Montreal, where Jewel met vocalist Meagan Louise and decided she was perfect for the project. Saturday night in Portland Desire opened for Glass Candy and gave out free CDs. Check out the tracks below. [H/T: DISCODUST]

MP3 ::
Desire - Introduction/Montre Moi Ton Visage
Desire - Mirror Mirror
Desire - Under Your Spell
Desire - Dans Mes Reves
Desire - If I Can't Hold You

Zero (Animal Collective Remix)

Thanks to GvB.


Video :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero (Live on SNL)

I am so in love with this song right now.


Video :: Kanye West - Street Lights (Unofficial)

Directed by Mills Miller.

Liquid Vega

So far Gorilla Vs Bear, No Pain In Pop and Discodust have all blogged about Liquid Vega (not to be confused with VEGA). The first listen didn't do much for me, but after a few spins I can't get these songs out of my head. They seem to just wrap you up inside them and hold your mind hostage. "100 Degrees" is looking good for my top songs of '09 so far.

MP3 ::
Liquid Vega - 100 Degrees
Liquid Vega - Black Thunder


Free Toy Selectah Remix LP

Devro over at Mad Decent clued me in to this one. As he says over there, this mix is the perfect playlist for a little tropical party action, with it's mix of club, hip-hop, rock and all kinds of shit south of the border. Features remixes of Justice, Santigold, and (good) Lil Wayne.

Right Click for the whole LP.

Video :: Cryptacize - Blue Tears

Awesome video directed by Weston Currie.

Your love got me looking so crazy right now.

Pattern Is Movement hit Daytrotter with this cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love" recently. It's modeled off of Antony's cover of the song. Sounds fantastic. Head over to Daytrotter now to give it a listen.

Stillness Is the Move

Domino is giving away the new Dirty Projectors single, "Stillness Is The Move", for free right now, and holy shit! This song is blowing me away right now. The only catch is you have to give them your email address, but I promise you it is more than worth it. I have made it easy for you and just copied the sign up form to here.

What if it never comes?

A while back My Old KY Blog turned me on to the greatness of State Bird, and now Dodge has given us the greatness of State Bird's Coby Hartzler's side project, Cobra. Coby is doing his best to hit us with a a new song every week, and the range in sound might be what's most fun about waiting for the next song. It's not a super vast range, but it's enough to keep you on your toes, wondering what's next. Check out a couple songs below, and head over to Coby's blog to hear some more.

MP3 ::
Cobra - Great White Light
Cobra - Lady On The Bricks


Video :: Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch

There really isn't a whole lot going on in the video, but I really feel like it captures the song perfectly. Mostly a lot of effects driven visuals, but they work. Also make sure to head over to MTV's The Leak to stream the entire new album, Swoon. It's every bit as wonderful as the first album was.

You can feel the warm of the sun on your body.

My friend Christina over at Ninjatronics just recently stumbled upon this fellow while looking up info on a company of the same name, and all I can say is "Wow." Javelin is some of the most relaxing tropical/experimental stuff I've ever heard. These guys are incredible. Check out "Africadabra" below, and I highly recommend going to their myspace and listening to the Andean Ocean Tape.

MP3 :: Javelin - Africadabra


Crystal Stilts on Daytrotter

Crystal Stilts recently hit the Daytrotter studios and played two new tracks ("Through The Floor" and "Sycamore Tree") plus two older favorites from Alight Of Night ("Shattered Shine" and "The Dazzled"). Go to Daytrotter now to download all four.

Video :: The Thermals - Now We Can See

From the album of the same name.


Sweet baby, I need fresh blood.

Spinner has the exclusive drop on the new Eels track, titled "Fresh Blood". It's from the forthcoming LP Hombre Lobo, and it's due out from Vagrant on June 2. Hombre lobo means werewolf in Spanish, and the dude literally howls on the track. I can't stop listening to it.

Stream :: Eels - Fresh Blood (Click here)


Hush, don't you cry.

New Weird Tapes. This time he's taken Datarock's "Give It Up" and made it his own.

MP3 :: Datarock - Give It Up (Weird Tapes Version)


Wetdog is an all-girl lo-fi noisy punk outfit from London. They've already got one LP on Angular, and are currently working on another. Definitely make sure to check it out. You can also check out a live session on Xfm's website here.

MP3 ::
Wetdog - Alibi
Wetdog - 8 Days
Wetdog - Zah und Zaheet


New Jay Reatard Video

"Dead On Arrival", from Matador Singles '08.

Because surprises change so little.

As soon as I visited Kaleidoscope's website (see previous post) I was prompted to "Hear and Download the new ALAK release". I'd not heard of ALAK, but they seemed eager for me to hear it so I went and gave it a listen. I was thrilled with what I got: a melodic, sometimes noisy, vocal powered slew of songs that seem to float and dance around you, making your head spin in the most lovely ways. You can get a pay-what-you-like (I usually just go with $10) high-quality download of ALAK's "Clarinettis Qoonotations: Too Many Notes." fucking preternatural and the golden weave of g-nashing teeth here, and I'd recommend doing so ASAP.

MP3 :: ALAK - Alas, runners.

Mountain Tan Commercials

No Pain In Pop just put up an interview with Arch M, and I was was instantly smitten with "Cat Grave". I did some digging around and found that in anticipation of his upcoming release on Cavern he released a free digital cassette through Kaleidoscope. The cassette is the first in a series of free Kaleidoscope releases, called the Aether Series.

MP3 :: Arch M - Cremation Procession

In this hum drum town.

I've heard a little about Theophilus London, but Neon Gold recently gave him props so I knew it was time to really check him out. Give "Hum Drum" a listen below, and if you dig it then definitely check out the free mixtape, titled This Charming Mixtape. Fantastic.

MP3 :: Theophilus London - Hum Drum


Lands & Peoples

At the end of Connor's post on IGIF about Lands & Peoples he asks if it was as good for us as it was for him, and all I can reply with is absolutely yes. Apparently these guys are fans of Beach House, and it shows, but not in a rip-offy sort of way. Hypeworthy is certainly the best way to describe them, and I expect big things from them in the coming year.

MP3 ::
Lands & Peoples - Awake
Lands & Peoples - Isabella

I should have taken acid with you.

Man, GVB always gets the coolest shit in their inbox. Last night Chric was hit with these two tracks from Neon Indian, who apparently really don't want you to know who they are. Despite the secrecy, both of these tracks are wonderful.

MP3 ::
Neon Indian - 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)
Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You

Former Ghosts

From the band's website:
former ghosts is the collaboration between freddy ruppert(this song is a mess but so am i), jamie stewart(xiu xiu), and nika roza(zola jesus).
Unfortunately there are no mp3s yet, but you can check out three songs on their myspace page right now. Former Ghost's first full-length is expected to drop on Upset The Rhythm Records sometime this year. Hopefully we can get some solid info from these guys soon.

Banjo or Freakout gets remixed. Twice.

Banjo or Freakout's Upside Down EP comes out May 11, and the pre-order comes with a discload of remixes, two of which you can hear now, for free. Check out more from Phaseone and Radiant Dragon at their spaces.

MP3 ::
Banjo or Freakout - Mr No (Phaseone Remix)
Banjo or Freakout - Mr No (Radiant Dragon Remix)