Gross Ghost

Gross Ghost is a lo-fi pop project out of Raleigh, NC. The project consists of Mike Dillon and pal Tre sending tracks back and forth, constantly tweaking until they feel it is just right. They are working on multiple projects, including something with Matte Black Editions, a self-released EP, and starting up a tour. You can also check out a collection of demos here. Mike describes a gross ghost as:
"someone who stays up long after the party is over. its the way they look when the sun comes up and they're still wasted."
Anyway, "Lurker" is an amazing track that rings in at just short of 1:30; my only gripe is how short it is. The track also features Mike's roommate Stu McLamb of The Love Language on bass, if you needed just a bit more incentive.

MP3 :: Gross Ghost - Lurker

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