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Show me the way Invisible Girl

Last month The King Khan & BBQ Show posted an infomercial on their myspace announcing their next album, Invisible Girl. Well now the title track is available for free download and I am definitely not disappointed. Three albums in and these guys have not lost any steam at all. If anything they've gained some. Check out "Invisible Girl" below and make sure to grab the album from In The Red on November 3. [H/T Pitchfork]

MP3 :: The King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl

Outta My Hair

Last week I told you about Waylon Thornton and Satan's Youth Ministers. Lil Daggers has a split coming out with each of them soon, so it's only appropriate that you get a taste of them. "Outta Your Hair" is just under two minutes and is incredibly frantic and catchy. I find myself randomly humming it several times a day. Lil Daggers will be playing at Fuse in Chapel Hill with Pinche Gringo on September 20, so try to catch that if you can.

MP3 :: Lil Daggers - Outta Your Hair


This Week In Wilmington Area

[Photo Credit :: Giancarlo D'Alessandro]

I'm trying out some new things with the blog now that I'm starting to get a little attention, and one thing I want to do is keep in mind where I'm at. I live in Wilmington, NC, and the music scene here kinda sucks. A couple hours north of us is Chapel Hill, and there's a lot more going on up there. So every week I'm gonna let you know what shows are happening in the area. And if you're from here, try to come to some. With that said, there isn't a whole lot going on this week.

Tonight (Sun 8/30) | EAR PWR / Toro Y Moi 9.30PM @ Nightlight in Chapel Hill
Carpark's two newest acts actually hail from the Carolinas so it's great to have them doing shows here. There's no price listed on Nightlight's website, but at most their shows are usually $5. Be there!

Sat 9/5 & Sun 9/6 | Be Yr Own Hero Fest 3 All Day @ Soapbox (Lounge)
Be Your Own Hero started when a group of friends who were interested in radical community building got together as a collective. They've done a lot to help Wilmington's community, including community gardens, a bike recyclery, and the monthly Really Really Free Market. The BYOH Fest not only features a variety of music from the area, but it has loads of DIY workshops. Last year we learned underwater basket weaving, how to make your own laundry detergent, and basic bike tuning needs just to name a few. It's totally free, so drop by and join a hopeful future for Wilmington.

Sun 9/6 | The Love Language 8PM @ Soapbox (Upstairs) :: $8
By now I really hope you've heard of the Love Language. If not then you absolutely must be at this show. And if you have heard them, then you already know that this is gonna be fantastic. Me and the rest of the Gravity Records family will no doubt be there, so come see a great band and hang out.


Other new stuff on the blog:

If you look to the right you'll see a banner that says Buy A Big Dick, this week with Kurt Cobain on it. I'm not gonna explain the joke behind the title because it's too much to explain and would lose it's hilarity in written text. Just know it's a joke between a bunch of drunk college kids. Anyway, every week we'll be changing the banner, and when you click the banner it'll take you to a funny or cool youtube video that we selected that week. There's nothing super special about this, but we thought it'd be fun to make tons of Buy A Big Dick banners. Also, there's an archive.


Future Islands will be in Wilmington at the Soap Box September 24. You should be there.

Vampire Summer and a Wavves cover

A while back I told you about Hissometer Cassette by His Clancyness. It has seen its fair share of spins over here so I'm pretty stoked to get some new tunes from Jon, and when you hear them you will be too. "Vampire Summer" definitely gives you the feeling of a grey, drab summer day where the beach looms just outside your window while a nasty storm just makes it all feel pointless. This sounds a lot worse than it is. Those rainy days are what give His Clancyness the time to go and write these wonderful tunes for us. His cover of Wavves' "So Bored", another of those lazy day but inspired songs, is instantly recognizable for what it is, and yet he does a fantastic job of making the song his own. Grab both tunes below.

MP3 ::
His Clancyness - Vampire Summer
His Clancyness - So Bored (Wavves Cover)

Surrendered my thoughts and then I passed out...

LA's Pat Grossi, aka Active Child describes his music as Surf/New Wave, and that is entirely accurate. What he doesn't mention, probably out of pure modesty and lack of need to ride another artist's coattails, is that if Justin Vernon had decided to go the New Wave route, it would have sounded just like this. While there is a great deal less hurt in Pat's voice, the vocal layering and sincerity in every word that escapes his mouth are very much there. Beautiful synth whirs, crackles, buzzes and thumps twist themselves around the words in a way that I would not have imagined possible and make for some of the most beautiful songs I've heard in quite some time. Listen to "She Was A Vision" below, and then head to the myspace for some more irresistible tunes. [H/T Transparent]

MP3 :: Active Child - She Was A Vision


Video :: Salem - Skullcrush

[H/T The Fader]

Video :: Taken By Trees - My Boys

I'm expecting some pretty terrific things from Taken By Tree's East Of Eden. The background story coupled with how delightful I find Victoria Bergsman just allow me to believe it will be wonderful. Now that I've heard her catchy, tropical take on Animal Collective's "My Boys", one of my favorite tracks this year, I have no doubt this album will be great.


Don't Go Saying What You Mean

[Photo Credit :: Giancarlo D'Alessandro]

Tim from Weed Diamond has gotten some notable popularity lately, and it seems that he is using this to promote other Denver bands that he loves. Pina Chulada is one of those bands, and their track "What You Mean" is something to clamor about. Jen's vocals are absolutely delightful to listen too, though I have no doubt that without Brent's production work this song would be obviously incomplete. Weed Diamond has also clued me in to an upcoming remix to one of his songs by Pina Chulada, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

MP3 :: Pina Chulada - What You Mean


An Aquarium Drunkard's Weird Summer

I would hope that in knowing this blog, you'd also be aware of one of the best music blogs out there, Aquarium Drunkard. What you may not know is that AD's author, Justin Gage, is part of a mixtape/sound collage collective known as Mondo Boys. They've put together this amazing summer mix, and I promise you'll regret it if you don't download it now. Head over to Aquarium Drunkard now to see the track listing and grab the best summer mix I've heard this year. (Please note that sound collaging means that many tracks are short pieces of songs, and not the full thing. This adds to the feel, and further displays the Mondo Boys' ability to make something fresh.)

Download :: Aquarium Drunkard Presents: Mondo Boys - Weird Summer

Video :: Ratatat - Falcon Jab

Thanks to the Fader for the heads up.


All Is Love

If you haven't heard by now, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is doing the soundtrack for Where The Wild Things Are along with a handful of co-conspirators. The first track from the album has been released on the film's myspace, and it's every bit as fantastic as one would expect. [H/T]

Stream :: Karen O and the Kids - All Is Love

Dana Jewell live @ Underwater Peeps Showcase

Chocolate Bobka just put up this awesome footage of the wonderful Dana Jewell performing a few songs ("No Family" and "Homeward Bound") at the Underwater Peoples Showcase last Saturday in NY. They describe it as one of the most intimate sets of the evening, and that is quite evident in the video. The sheepish glances that Jewell throws to the crowd here and there only add to the delightful charisma of his songs. You can pick up Dana Jewell's 6 Songs EP at his myspace, or at his own label called Wild Animal Kingdom.


Hey baby! I need your love...

[Photo Credit :: Giancarlo D'Alessandro]

If it weren't for the fact that these awesome rockabilly style jams by Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands hadn't been dropped in my email inbox, I'd swear I was just rocketed back into the 1950; and that's a great thing. In "I Need Love" Waylon croons out his love for a girl and begs for the feeling in return, and the song is totally infectious. Check it out below with some other tunes, and then head over to the myspace to hear "Cadillac Man", which is a minute and 5 seconds of total bliss.

MP3 ::
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - I Need Your Love
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - All The Bad Men
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Primal Kids

WAAAAY Too Much Purple

I was turned on to Denver's Weed Diamond just recently by both Friendship Bracelet and probably my favorite reader right now, who was bold enough to call them the next Wavves or Neon Indian. What she means there isn't that they sound alike, but that this guy is probably gonna get pretty popular. Just the six songs on his myspace are enough to give you the great high his moniker would suggest. Check out some tunes below and dig into something I'm expecting to be pretty big.

UPDATE :: Mr Weed Diamond himself has offered up a collection of demos, so check them out here and get a little happier.

MP3 ::
Weed Diamond - WAAAAY Too Much Purple
Weed Diamond - Nothing To Write Home About
Weed Diamond - Let's Burn One Down

Those Females Sure Do Scream A Lot

Well, I missed the boat. This is Screaming Females. They are a punk band. They blow my damn mind.

I was dicking around online, like always, when I happened across this video of them playing "Bell" on MTV. I was expecting some pop-punk band with the same tired sound. Instead, there was a flurry distorted noise followed by some of the most unique vocals I've heard in a while. Their new album Power Move was just put out on Don Giovanni Records, and I recommend giving it a listen.

Satan's Youth Ministers

Satan's Youth Ministers hail from Alabama, and they have the metal side of garage rock all figured out. The band has an upcoming self-released split 7" with Florida's Lil Daggers, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but until then grab "In The Court Of The Crimson Tide" below and let it spin a few times.

MP3 :: Satan's Youth Ministers - In The Court Of The Crimson Tide


Glory Gongs

An unbelievably good track from Forest Swords couples with an incredible video. A six-and-a-half minute music video that just leaves you wanting more. [H/T]

MP3 :: Forest Swords - Glory Gongs


Mega Secret Flame Throwers

After you watch the video, go here to keep the DIY flamethrower videos coming.


Noteworthy ::
Porch of the Mystics released his final Summer Vision mini-mix and it is fantastic. Check out all four tracks here.

Words To Remember

The lovely ladies over at BUTTERxFACE must get a pretty consistent flow of good stuff to their inbox, and I imagine amongst that some things may get lost, or lose out to the mood of the day, but fortunately such was not the case with Cleveland's Cat Killer. His four-song EP, Words To Remember, is filled with delightful pop jams that will get you moving just as quickly as it has the ladies and myself. Grab it here, and I promise you won't be disappointed.

What Does It Take?

Julian Lynch has teamed with Evan Brody of Family Portrait to form Pillow Talk, and the first thing we get to hear from them is their take on Junior Walker's classic "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)". Walker is without doubt one of the best things to come from Motown, and Lynch and Brody do the more rock version done later on by Alton Ellis. I'd say they certainly do it justice. [H/T]

MP3 :: Pillow Talk - What Does It Take?


Hold On

I've got two things to talk about in this post. The first is that my buddy Brian (aka Nero vs Caligula) has agreed to join me in this little blog venture. Brian really knows his shit about a lot of older punk and noise and will be telling you guys about that stuff in his "Retrosexual Sessions", along with keeping up with some current stuff he is digging, so hopefully we'll get a pretty radical mix of things in here. Now, the next thing to discuss, which ties in quite well with Brian joining the GOTC family. Former Ghosts, whom I got pretty excited about even existing a bit ago, have finally given us something to keep. Brian and I first realized we liked similar music last year when he was going through the mp3s on my phone and found some Xiu Xiu stuff, and Former Ghosts actually features Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. The track is just as gorgeous as I imagined it'd be, so check it out now, and make sure to welcome Brian. [H/T]

MP3 :: Former Ghosts - Hold On


St Joseph & the Abandoned Food

St Joseph & the Abandoned Food is a bizarrely unique sounding project that evidently didn't last too long. I'd almost swear that Brak from Space Ghost was behind the whole damn thing. Also note that Chris from Cyptacize plays drums for it. Pukekos posted up this old 7" from the band, along with a long-winded-but-worth-reading intro from St Joseph himself.

MP3 :: St Joseph & the Abandoned Food - Harlequin Knights

The future is now


There's something in the way...

LA's Best Coast has been keeping my summer alive with her delightfully poppy jams. A few months ago she set the blogs ablaze with summer anthem "Sun Was High (So Was I)", and now she has hit us with a new track that I can't seem to take off repeat. "Something In The Way" comes in at just over two minutes, which is just enough time to get you hooked. On top of this, she also has her own blog that points out a lot of great older and new stuff that I can only assume influence her. Check it out here.

MP3 ::
Best Coast - Something In The Way
Best Coast - Sun Was High (So Was I)


Water Me Glow

Gorilla vs Bear has been touting the horn of folk-pop artist Sunnybrook for a long time now, and for good reason. His new EP, Water Me Glow, is beautiful in it's very dreamy, 70's folk sound. I'm not sure when the EP drops, but I'll keep you posted.

MP3 ::
Sunnybrook - Waving Hands
Sunnybrook - Tiger Bite

A Brief History of Love

The Big Pink's new album, A Brief History Of Love, drops September 14, but you can stream it free at their website now for the next week. I honestly wasn't too sure of these guys when I first heard them, but this album is incredible. This will be getting a lot of spins around here.

Stream :: The Big Pink - A Brief History Of Love