Don't Go Saying What You Mean

[Photo Credit :: Giancarlo D'Alessandro]

Tim from Weed Diamond has gotten some notable popularity lately, and it seems that he is using this to promote other Denver bands that he loves. Pina Chulada is one of those bands, and their track "What You Mean" is something to clamor about. Jen's vocals are absolutely delightful to listen too, though I have no doubt that without Brent's production work this song would be obviously incomplete. Weed Diamond has also clued me in to an upcoming remix to one of his songs by Pina Chulada, so we'll make sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

MP3 :: Pina Chulada - What You Mean

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  1. thanks for the love! and future songs are gonna be less "brent on production, jen on vocals" and more "brent and jen both doing everything together." more soon!