Hold On

I've got two things to talk about in this post. The first is that my buddy Brian (aka Nero vs Caligula) has agreed to join me in this little blog venture. Brian really knows his shit about a lot of older punk and noise and will be telling you guys about that stuff in his "Retrosexual Sessions", along with keeping up with some current stuff he is digging, so hopefully we'll get a pretty radical mix of things in here. Now, the next thing to discuss, which ties in quite well with Brian joining the GOTC family. Former Ghosts, whom I got pretty excited about even existing a bit ago, have finally given us something to keep. Brian and I first realized we liked similar music last year when he was going through the mp3s on my phone and found some Xiu Xiu stuff, and Former Ghosts actually features Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu. The track is just as gorgeous as I imagined it'd be, so check it out now, and make sure to welcome Brian. [H/T]

MP3 :: Former Ghosts - Hold On

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