Surrendered my thoughts and then I passed out...

LA's Pat Grossi, aka Active Child describes his music as Surf/New Wave, and that is entirely accurate. What he doesn't mention, probably out of pure modesty and lack of need to ride another artist's coattails, is that if Justin Vernon had decided to go the New Wave route, it would have sounded just like this. While there is a great deal less hurt in Pat's voice, the vocal layering and sincerity in every word that escapes his mouth are very much there. Beautiful synth whirs, crackles, buzzes and thumps twist themselves around the words in a way that I would not have imagined possible and make for some of the most beautiful songs I've heard in quite some time. Listen to "She Was A Vision" below, and then head to the myspace for some more irresistible tunes. [H/T Transparent]

MP3 :: Active Child - She Was A Vision

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  1. this is absolutely the most beautiful music... i believe again there is someone who will give us song that stirs the most simple bastard and turns us all into poets..