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I'm trying out some new things with the blog now that I'm starting to get a little attention, and one thing I want to do is keep in mind where I'm at. I live in Wilmington, NC, and the music scene here kinda sucks. A couple hours north of us is Chapel Hill, and there's a lot more going on up there. So every week I'm gonna let you know what shows are happening in the area. And if you're from here, try to come to some. With that said, there isn't a whole lot going on this week.

Tonight (Sun 8/30) | EAR PWR / Toro Y Moi 9.30PM @ Nightlight in Chapel Hill
Carpark's two newest acts actually hail from the Carolinas so it's great to have them doing shows here. There's no price listed on Nightlight's website, but at most their shows are usually $5. Be there!

Sat 9/5 & Sun 9/6 | Be Yr Own Hero Fest 3 All Day @ Soapbox (Lounge)
Be Your Own Hero started when a group of friends who were interested in radical community building got together as a collective. They've done a lot to help Wilmington's community, including community gardens, a bike recyclery, and the monthly Really Really Free Market. The BYOH Fest not only features a variety of music from the area, but it has loads of DIY workshops. Last year we learned underwater basket weaving, how to make your own laundry detergent, and basic bike tuning needs just to name a few. It's totally free, so drop by and join a hopeful future for Wilmington.

Sun 9/6 | The Love Language 8PM @ Soapbox (Upstairs) :: $8
By now I really hope you've heard of the Love Language. If not then you absolutely must be at this show. And if you have heard them, then you already know that this is gonna be fantastic. Me and the rest of the Gravity Records family will no doubt be there, so come see a great band and hang out.


Other new stuff on the blog:

If you look to the right you'll see a banner that says Buy A Big Dick, this week with Kurt Cobain on it. I'm not gonna explain the joke behind the title because it's too much to explain and would lose it's hilarity in written text. Just know it's a joke between a bunch of drunk college kids. Anyway, every week we'll be changing the banner, and when you click the banner it'll take you to a funny or cool youtube video that we selected that week. There's nothing super special about this, but we thought it'd be fun to make tons of Buy A Big Dick banners. Also, there's an archive.

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