Vampire Summer and a Wavves cover

A while back I told you about Hissometer Cassette by His Clancyness. It has seen its fair share of spins over here so I'm pretty stoked to get some new tunes from Jon, and when you hear them you will be too. "Vampire Summer" definitely gives you the feeling of a grey, drab summer day where the beach looms just outside your window while a nasty storm just makes it all feel pointless. This sounds a lot worse than it is. Those rainy days are what give His Clancyness the time to go and write these wonderful tunes for us. His cover of Wavves' "So Bored", another of those lazy day but inspired songs, is instantly recognizable for what it is, and yet he does a fantastic job of making the song his own. Grab both tunes below.

MP3 ::
His Clancyness - Vampire Summer
His Clancyness - So Bored (Wavves Cover)