Consider Me, Ghost

I first stumbled on to M. Pyres when Matt commented on my write up of those Denver Show And Tell jams. I was immediately enamored by their sound and asked for a few mp3s to share here on GOTC. I got a whole lot more than I could have expected. The entire M. Pyres catalog is available at Fir Traders Union for free download. Now here is the crazy thing, apparently the beauty captured in these tracks is the old sound. The band is currently wrapping up their new album (Matt says to give them about a month), and they are all very excited about the new sound. There is also an M. Pyres/Julian Lynch split apparently in the works, so we'll keep you posted on that as well. Anyway, until then, check out some choice tracks I've selected below, and then go grab a lot more at FTU.

MP3 ::
M. Pyres - Transparent Seas
M. Pyres - Jetstream: Prelapsarian
M. Pyres - Bleep Sea
M. Pyres - A. Ocean_MJA

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