Some Do Float

Bathetic Records is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels out there. I've already professed my love for Cough Cool and Nude Beach, and now I have a couple projects from the label's owners that turn out to be just as amazing. Wild Safari is William Cody Watson and Jon Bath (not sure if that's his real name...), the two gentleman behind Bathetic, and Pink Priest is Watson's solo gig. The best thing about these two projects is that I feel like both have names that really just explain the sound as simply as possible. They've been kind enough to give us several tracks for your listening pleasure, so grab 'em while they're hot and then head over to Bathetic Records to bolster your collection of solid jams.

MP3 ::
Wild Safari - Some Do Float
Wild Safari - History Of Savannah
Pink Priest - God Of Blues
Pink Priest - Winter Mouse/Depressed Cub
Pink Priest - She Was Dressed As A White Witch

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