This Land Is Mine

Weekly Tape Deck just got the scoop on this awesome new track from Dana Jewell. "This Land Pt.3" picks up where Liam the Younger's "This Land Pts.1&2" leave off. Jewell says he did kinda rip off the melody from Real Estate's "Green River", but the track is still beautiful, and is probably my new favorite Dana song. You can find the track on his upcoming split with Blanket Truth, appearing jointly from Wild Animal Kingdom and Lost Sound Tapes.

MP3 :: Dana Jewell - This Land Pt.3


Speaking of Dana's Wild Animal Kingdom Records, he has a pretty awesome thing going on right now with the Monthly Mix-Tape Club. Every month you can have delivered to your door an awesome new mix-tape, curated by some way awesome folks. The upcoming October one will be curated by Alex from Leftist Nautical Antiques so hurry up and head here to sign up. Dana has even made it easy for those who missed out on the first month and made it so you can now sign up for the next 11 months, and not pay for an extra tape that's not there. It's only 16.50 for all 11 months! If you need any more incentive, there will also be some upcoming tapes from Chocolate Bobka and myself, so go sign up!


  1. yesss! Monthly Mix Tape Clubbbb!!!!!

  2. "Dana" Jewel is going to cause some confusion...