Extreme Zombies

Just in time for all tonight's festivities come this new digital 7" from Wonder Wheel. Both tracks are haunting and terrifying in their own different way, but it goes without saying the Extreme Zombies is quite an appropriate title. Oh, and I should also note that Wonder Wheel did the production on that Tan Dollar track I posted earlier.

MP3 ::
Wonder Wheel - The Dead
Wonder Wheel - Kill

& New Past Tense

This past week the new M. Pyres album, Apart The Echo, became available from Patient Sounds. The cassette is only $7, and it comes with a free poster plus a download link so you can also have the album digitally. Before I go any further, you need to get this. Now onward: While the band is off doing different things for the holidays and such, Matt recorded this awesome EP as a companion to the new album. The songs don't necessarily add to the album, they just go along with it. Now if this EP doesn't convince you to get Apart The Echo, well there's really no hope for you.

Download :: M. Pyres - & New Past Tense

Tan Dollar

I woke up this morning to this awesome new Tan Dollar jam, and as you probably could imagine I was pretty excited. I'm not sure if this is gonna be on their upcoming Mirror Universe release or what, but regardless, I can't wait to hear more from these guys.

MP3 :: Tan Dollar - Tan Dollar

Quantum Thoughts

It's the end of the month, which means new songs for the Denver Show & Tell Project should be up soon, but out buddy Zach from I Am The Dot was kind enough to send us his track a bit early. This month's theme was "future song", which is really a tough theme. While some people no doubt made super laser electro songs, Zach opted for a more tame tune that was about the future. He did still manage to give us a sound that isn't average, and the end result was really quite fantastic. Go ahead and check it out, and I'll keep you posted on more DSAT tunes as they appear.

MP3 :: I Am The Dot - Quantum Thoughts


Have You Seen My Baby Tonight?

The Lawsuits, hailing from Philadelphia, have a very bluesy sound, with an almost Beatles-esque feel to their music. "Have You Seen My Baby Tonight?" takes six minutes of your time to take you all over the place. The song starts with an enjoyable bluesy riff, and an overall bouncy feel to it. Then somewhere around four minutes in it takes quite a hazy, psychedelic turn. In between all that it manages to bring about all sorts of delightful vibes, and the band demonstrates a definite ability to craft a good song. Go ahead and grab it below; you know you want to.

MP3 :: The Lawsuits - Have You Seen My Baby Tonight?

Deep In The Bottle

Today has, for all intensive purposes, sucked. I broke my hand and I have no insurance, and I accidentally deleted my address book on my BlackBerry. But Paul Rosales, aka Wonder Wheel, is looking to change that frown into a smile. He just sent over his newest track and it is absolutely wonderful. Here's some even better news: Wonder Wheel is a full band now, which means it'll be a lot easier for them to start doing live shows. Here's hoping for a tour sometime real soon. I also asked Paul to send over the very Halloween appropriate "Rascal", just in time for you to add it to that perfect mix for the years creepiest holiday. (For the record, any of this could just be the Vicodin talking.)

MP3 ::
Wonder Wheel - Deep In The Bottle
Wonder Wheel - Rascal


Video :: Chocolate Bobka Takes on CMJ

While I missed CMJ our blog buddy Chocolate Bobka was there in full force, along with other pals shooting lots of video for those who missed it. Right now only a few videos are up, but more will be appearing from Pixelwhorse, Ray Conception, Elise Oh, C. Axel, and Bobka himself. The above video is of Pill Wonder tearing it up. Check out more videos (including Real Estate and other Underwater Peoples favorites) at the Chocolate Bobka Takes on CMJ vimeo channel.


Absit Omen

Halloween is less than a week away, which means you'll need some haunting tracks to put you in the spirit. Fortunately Wolf Tapes has put together a startling, frightening mini mix for just such an occasion.

MP3 :: Wolf Tapes - Absit Omen


On a related note, Gorilla Vs Bear also put together a rad little mix to also get you in the Halloween mood. Less on the party side, more on the terrifying side. Check it out here. The tracklist is in the comments.

Purest Colour

Visions of Trees recently sent over this amazing new tune. It sticks to the dreamy tropical vibe I've come to expect from them, which is a great thing. They have a limited run of cassettes they're putting out themselves, which you can order from their myspace. The paypal link is broken currently, but they assure us it'll be fixed in the next few days.

MP3 :: Visions of Trees - Purest Colour

Indoor Days

The fellows in Woodsman seemingly stay busy. With their upcoming LP on Mexican Summer you'd think they'd just sit back and relax a minute until it comes out, but instead they just keep on giving us one great tune after another. The dudes recently recorded the awesome six-song EP Indoor Days, and are being nice enough to just give it away for free. The tracks are every bit as wonderful as you would expect, and if anything it'll help you bide the time until the LP drops.

Download :: Woodsman - Indoor Days

Another Start

I first heard of Uptown Bums through my friends Nate and Kathi. These guys make fun garage rock that's really fucking fun. That's really all I can say about it. FUN.

MP3 :: Uptown Bums - Another Start

40 Nugs

[Photo Credit :: Scott Baitz]
These new jams from New York's Ghost Mall are wistful and hectic. I think a part of what I enjoy so much about them is that they kinda remind me of my old band. Except these guys are a lot more enjoyable to listen to. "40 Nugs" is fun and chaotic, while "Johnny Appleseed" is seemingly a tale of a relationship gone wrong and why friends are the best cure for a sad face. Between the two songs it's exactly what being a teen was like, and it's nice to remember that sometimes.

MP3 ::
Ghost Mall - 40 Nugs
Ghost Mall - Johnny Appleseed

Ready For The World

I've been jamming to these tunes from How To Dress Well for a couple weeks now and I still can't get enough. His collaboration with Cokc Dokc is some kinda lo-fi R&B fusion that really gets you grooving. Check out some choice tracks below, and then head to the HTDW blog for some more.

MP3 ::
How to Dress Well & Cokc Dokc - Ready For The World
How to Dress Well & Cokc Dokc - Suicide Dream


Hey you guys!

The server is up and kicking. Sorry for the inconvenience folks! New posts soooooooooonnnnnnnnn!


My server is down...

Hey guys, my server is down right now, so no mp3s at the moment. Any full album downloads should still work. While I work on getting that back up over the next few days just check out some of my friends to get your fix:
Weekly Tape Deck
Friendship Bracelet
Chocolate Bobka
The Great Pumpkin
Small Estuaries
You Ain't No Picasso
id Reverberations
No Pain In Pop


Pure Evil

A while back I told you about Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands, a duo making some of the grimiest garage rock you can find. Well they just released their first album, and it's free. With ten tracks that only span about twenty minute total, it's one helluva ride, despite how short it is. This is one of the most enjoyable albums I've heard in a while, so do yourself the favor.

Download :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Pure Evil

I Remember

A few days ago Endless Endless Endless sent me their most recent self-released album, and it is amazing. Let me start first with the fact that a have countless albums and songs for free download on their site, so they've clearly been doing this for a hot minute now. Black Talisman comes complete with whirring synth, 8-bit samples, and hazy layered vocals to make for some of the most delightful, dreamy music I've ever heard. I know what you're thinking. Even though this album sounds amazing, you need some extra incentive. Well how about this: it comes with a custom laser etched talisman like the picture above. Now check out the first two tracks below and then go grab the full album.

MP3 ::
Endless Endless Endless - I Remember
Endless Endless Endless - Distortions


These Days

For those of you still trying to hold on to that last bit of summer; Stephan Ilnyckyj, aka Smile, just sent over this golden tune. This dreamy pop gem seems to just tug you right back onto the beach, sandcastles and all. Now if you don't mind I'm gonna go for a swim.

MP3 :: Smile - These Days

And Your Heart Beats

Leftist Nautical Antiques sent over the first track from the upcoming Cat Killer tape they're releasing. The tape is call It's Saying Your Name, and the folks over at LNA are certain that the album is the perfect remedy for those fall blues. Not sure if you can trust the salesman? Well then give this track a listen and realize just how right those gentleman are.

MP3 :: Cat Killer - And Your Heart Beats

Gimmie Die

Dan of Nude Beach just sent over this new track from their upcoming EP release on Bathetic and it sounds amazing. "Gimmie Die" is a slow paced track that has a definite haunting charm to it, and it plays out at just over six minutes. It's interesting watching as the band sheds their summer skin and clearly moves in for colder weather. Needless to say the track has me quite excited for the EP. Dan also tells me that he is already working on another Cough Cool release, so dig in for an awesomely scored winter.

MP3 :: Nude Beach - Gimmie Die


Cathedral With No Eyes

railcars makes explosive experimental noise pop that if listened to improperly can almost immediately turn you away. Their albums are the sort you need to listen to from start to finish. That being said, it almost feels improper giving you only a couple of tracks. These are the first two tracks from their newest LP, Cathedral With No Eyes, available now on Stumparumper. As with the album itself, these tracks are best if listened to in order. They're not bad otherwise, they're just better together.

MP3 ::
railcars - Life Of Saint Edmund (Ponds)
railcars - Castles

Weekends and Treehouses

Young Prisms makes garage rock with that beachy sound that comes with the San Francisco territory. They recorded their self-titled EP in their living room, and managed to capture everything outside of it that they loved. Every track on the EP reminds me of a perfect day, and when it's over you're left with nothing but a smile on your face. Head to Mexican Summer now to grab a copy of Young Prisms EP, and then just keep the first track on repeat until it arrives. [H/T @kathistoll]

MP3 :: Young Prisms - Weekends and Treehouses

Thee Only One

I've seen a few different release dates for the debut single from Frankie Rose (ex Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts), but according to the email I received from Slumberland this morning the single is now available. You can head here to order a copy of the 7" pressed on green vinyl now for just $4, and go ahead and grab the a-side below.

MP3 :: Frankie Rose - Thee Only One

Wavves on Daytrotter

I was treated with a pleasant way to wake up this morning: Wavves did a Daytrotter session and presented two new songs along with recent single "To The Dregs". If you've seen Wavves on tour recently then you've probably already heard both tunes, but it is nice to actually have some mp3 versions.

MP3 ::
Wavves - To The Dregs/Horse Sholes
Wavves - Hula Hoop

Ottawa Backfired Soon

His Clancyness served up a delicious new tune today. By now it should be pretty obvious how much I dig this dude's jams, so just go ahead and dig in. [H/T Weekly Tape Deck]

MP3 :: His Clancyness - Ottawa Backfired Soon (early)


Hessler Haus

This track was recently dropped into my inbox by James Shorey, aka WabberJockey. This 12-minute mix of hip-hop instrumental bliss starts with a killer mixing of the theme from Reading Rainbow. It's assumed you don't really need another reason to jump on this.

MP3 :: WabberJocky - Hessler Haus

Turnstile BENTO #4 - Curated by NO AGE

Turnstile has a really cool thing going on with their Bento series. Every month they post a new mix of 4 songs, curated by a different artist/blog/whatever. This month's Bento was curated by No Age and features the awesome likes of Amps For Christ, Eric Copeland (of Black Dice), Gun Outfit, and White Shit. Just head here and enter your email address into the box at the top of the page to receive all previous and future issues of the Bento mixes straight to your inbox.

Download :: Turnstile BENTO #4

Firing Missiles At Christmas and Easter Island

Philip Seymour Hoffman is an American film and stage actor, and an overall weird looking fellow. Noah Klein has decided to jack Hoffman's name and make some incredibly rad jams that express the feelings and memories that Noah otherwise couldn't get across the way he'd like to. These first two tracks come from Philip Seymour Hoffman's first release Fire Island, and the third track is from his upcoming release on Breakfast of Champs next month, titled The Lighthouse Itself Is The Rocket, and limited to a 100 cassette run.

MP3 ::
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Firing Missiles At Christmas and Easter Island
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Spring Break 2011
Philip Seymour Hoffman - A Generation Speaks (Some Translation Required)



Just yesterday I told you about MillionYoung, and today he sent me over the mp3 for Cynthia, his newest track that I've been absolutely losing my shit over. Get ready for one of the most blissful jams of the year.

MP3 :: MillionYoung - Cynthia


I Have Come To Claim My Throne

Saudade creates well-paced droned out songs that take you to an entirely new dimension. An almost dark longing pulls through the tracks, not quite frightening, but certainly not comforting. At times things get absolutely angry, only to quickly lull you back into security and later throw you out once more. Lookouts' Journal drops on November 11 from ARRCO, so keep an eye out make sure to grab a copy then. Until then let this wonderful track whet your appetite.

MP3 :: Saudade - I Have Come To Claim My Throne

Video :: Tim Williams - I Hit Another Wall

This delightful track comes from Tim Williams' newest release, Careful Love. The video is absolutely nuts.

MP3 :: Tim Williams - I Hit Another Wall

Bow and Arrow (Samurai Buck Remix)

In case you don't remember, a couple of weeks ago I told you about Woodsman. Collages drops on Mexican Summer in December, and they've been kind enough to send over this remix of the LP's first track, "Bow and Arrow", by fellow Denver local Samurai Buck. Kick back and enjoy this incredible pop gem that is easily one of my favorite songs of this year.

MP3 :: Woodsman - Bow and Arrow (Samurai Buck Remix)


Florida's Mike Diaz, aka MillionYoung, crafts some of the haziest most beautiful tunes you may ever hear. Rhythmic pulses mixed with jaunty samples and wonderful vocals make Million Young an artist to watch out for, and a force to be reckoned with. Expect some great things. Grab the Sunndreamm EP below, and then head to his myspace to hear "Cynthia", a newer tracks that has got my head spinning.

Download :: MillionYoung - Sunndreamm EP

My Demon

Aside from a type of rose, High Magic is a new fuzzy pop-rock band out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. While this track is pretty short, it shows great promise. The song is a jittery, slow-paced bit of ruckus that might just stick in your head for hours. Fortunately at the low price of free, you can hear it as much as you want!

MP3 :: High Magic - My Demon

You And I

I was recently turned on to the noisy, punky, but incredibly fucking catchy Buzz Aldrin by my pal Jonathan Clancy. "You And I" will have you feeling like you're stuck in some Aztecan ritual, and it should definitely get your body moving. Grab it now, along with another equally stellar track from the recent self-titled cassette release on Secret Furry Hole. The tape comes out on October 19, so make sure to grab a copy then.

MP3 ::
Buzz Aldrin - You And I
Buzz Aldrin - Let's Walk The Children Around The Space

Video :: Julian Lynch - Seed

"Seed" is from the Orange You Glad LP. Grab a copy here if you don't already have it, or miss out on one of the best albums of this year. The video was directed by the amazing Amy Ruhl.


Friendship Bracelet Club, Vol. 2

My buddy Ian over at Friendship Bracelet put up the second edition of his Friendship Bracelet Club today, and it has some way awesome jams on it. Including the likes of Weed Diamond, Tan Dollar, Wild Safari, Julian Lynch, and Forest Swords, this is one mix that you really won't want to miss. Full tracklist is here.

Download :: Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 2



I've professed Chris Taylor as my favorite member of Grizzly Bear for some time now. I've never been sure what it was (though I previously assumed it was his looks and ability to play almost any instrument) until now that made him such a powerful entity to me. Enter CANT, Taylor's new solo project. "Ghosts" comes from the first release on Taylor's own Terrible Records, a split 7" with Arthur Russell. This track is unbelievably good, and I really can't say enough good things about it. Just grab the mp3 and head here to order a copy of the 7", limited to 1000.

MP3 :: CANT - Ghosts


oOoOO makes the same kind of dark "goth-juke" we've become accustomed to by SALEM or Burial. I've really become taken by these haunting sounds lately; perhaps it's seasonal. No matter the reason, these are some tunes you shouldn't be missing out on. Here are a couple of their own tracks, and a couple of remixes they've done. Eat up!

MP3 ::
oOoOO - Mumbai
oOoOO - Seaww
Nadia Oh - My Egyptian Lover (oOoOO Remix)
Lady Gaga - Poker Face (oOoOO Remix)


Grazing Storms (Beko 03)

Beko is a digital single label that puts up a new single every Monday. It's only been operational for a few weeks now, but this week the single comes from recent GOTC favorite Woven Tales. While the "a-side" is a track we've already heard, the b is fresh, and who are we to complain about something free?

Download :: Woven Tales - Beko 03


I Am The Dot

I Am The Dot is Zach Tipton of Denver. Because Denver didn't already have enough amazing artists coming out of it. The thing that really pushes these psychedelic, electronic jams for me is Zach's vocal delivery. Something in it tells me he means every word that escapes his lips, and every word is his only to claim. Something so small makes a world of difference to me, and I Am The Dot does it flawlessly. Here are all four tracks from the I Am The Dot EP for your listening pleasure. Please hold all applause until the end of the program.

MP3 ::
I Am The Dot - Love Song for Camus
I Am The Dot - Middle of April
I Am The Dot - Detroit, Michigan
I Am The Dot - Oranges

Blood Surfer

Dizzy Jaguars make noisy psychedelic pop-rock gems for anyone who loves their ears enough to listen. They've been so kind as to allow their full-length album, Spinning, to be downloaded for free. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of the year, so grab it before they realize how good it is and change their minds.

Download :: Dizzy Jaguars - Spinning

Pre-order :: Best Coast - Make You Mine 7"

The time has come that we can finally add Best Coast to our record collections. Group Tightener put up a pre-order page today for the Make You Mine 7" with a statement saying it'd be shipped at the end of the month. Nothing like some beautiful, blissful tunes to keep the summer alive as we move into chillier weather. Click here to order your copy now, and head to Best Coast's myspace to check out the title track.

Tracklisting ::
A1 - In My Room
A2 - Over The Ocean
B1 - Make You Mine
B2 - Feeling Of Love

Video :: Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' Louder

Awesome animation by Ferry Gouw. More info here.
[H/T nialler9]

Beach Party

Wet Wings, hailing from Canterbury, New Zealand, creates some of the most beautifully lilting tunes I've heard in some time. Something about the song "Beach Party" just seems to brighten my day when everything outside is so damn gloomy feeling.

MP3 :: Wet Wings - Beach Party

BxF 90s4EVA

Here's a super sweet 90s mix made by all my girlfriends over at BUTTERxFACE. You know you want this.


Blew It Again

Electric Tickle Machine makes amazing garage pop jams that will implant themselves into your brain and never make their way out. For past week I've listened to these tracks at least five times a day, and I'm not getting tired of them anytime soon. Head here to pre-order their debut album, Blew It Again, and it drops October 21. Check out the title track and a couple others below to hold you over until then.

MP3 ::
Electric Tickle Machine - Blew It Again
Electric Tickle Machine - Part Of Me
Electric Tickle Machine - Gimme Money

Burnt Sienna

A couple of days ago I told you about Walls, and now Pitchfork by way of GOTC favorite Transparent has new/old track "Burnt Sienna" up for download. The track drones out beautifully for just over 5 minutes and somehow manages to instill an "everything will be alright" sort of feeling.

MP3 :: Walls - Burnt Sienna


Burn The Cross

Richmond, Virginia's Diamond Black Hearted Boy makes some off the darkest jams I've ever heard. I honestly can't even pinpoint what about the songs becomes so terrifying, but these borderline hip-hop jams will make your spine tingle in the most delicious of ways. Don't let the scary part deter you, I promise you don't want to miss this one.

MP3 ::
Diamond Black Hearted Boy - Burn The Cross
Diamond Black Hearted Boy - Dead Age
Diamond Black Hearted Boy - Diamond Dancer

Woods on Daytrotter

It's been a while since I've stopped by Daytrotter, but today they have a new session with Woods up. You have to log in to even hear the songs, but membership is free and I promise you it's more that worth it. Featuring three unreleased tracks and "Where And What Are You?" from Songs Of Shame, Daytrotter's Sean Moeller calls the tunes "essential listening for anyone finally coming to grips that they are a tiny speck". That sounds a lot more somber than it actually is, and is very much an accurate description of these beautifully heart crushing songs.

Download ::
Woods - Daytrotter Session


Better Breathless in Water

Nevada's Boneless makes dreamy, spooky pop tracks that amaze over and over again. Using things as simple as a cough or an exploding firework to layer sounds into some of the most beautiful music to ever hit your ears. The only bad thing about these tracks is that when they're over you're only left wanting so much more.

MP3 ::
Boneless - Better
Boneless - Breathless
Boneless - WATER

Apart The Echo

Matt from M. Pyres sent in these demos from his killer new album titled Apart The Echo today and they are wonderful. The concept of the album is a delightful one. It's treated as a radio transmission of delightful, noisy pop songs, interrupted at times by other sounds and transmissions. While these demos still have a small amount of polishing to be done, they stand great as they are. Apart The Echo will be the first release from Patient Sounds, with a limited cassette run at first, then some fancy looking CDs, and hopefully a vinyl release to follow.

MP3 ::
M. Pyres - Sea As Myth
M. Pyres - For Aporia
M. Pyres - Wit As Ism
M. Pyres - Seaaes


I've been a fan of Banjo or Freakout for quite a while, and now our friend Alessio Natalizia has joined up with his pal Sam Willis of Allez-Allez to form Walls. "Gaberdine" has an almost spooky, incredibly danceable quality to it that makes it entirely appropriate so close to Halloween.

Stream :: Walls - Gaberdine


Hatchet Hand

I recently stumbled across Fayetteville, Arkansas' TIMBER! and was immediately in love with his minimalist approach to electro-pop songs. The first two tracks here come from a recent project he attempted, in which he would make 100 songs in 100 days. While he did not complete the goal, he did generate some really awesome tunes. And let's be honest, few people could make 100 songs worth listening to in even a year's time, so that's still impressive. The second pairing of tracks comes from his 2008 release titled Fall In The Forest.

MP3 ::
TIMBER! - Hatchet Hand
TIMBER! - Blue Lips
TIMBER! - Dook Larue
TIMBER! - Looking Forward