I Am The Dot

I Am The Dot is Zach Tipton of Denver. Because Denver didn't already have enough amazing artists coming out of it. The thing that really pushes these psychedelic, electronic jams for me is Zach's vocal delivery. Something in it tells me he means every word that escapes his lips, and every word is his only to claim. Something so small makes a world of difference to me, and I Am The Dot does it flawlessly. Here are all four tracks from the I Am The Dot EP for your listening pleasure. Please hold all applause until the end of the program.

MP3 ::
I Am The Dot - Love Song for Camus
I Am The Dot - Middle of April
I Am The Dot - Detroit, Michigan
I Am The Dot - Oranges


  1. Great stuff! It's interesting that every track is exactly 3 minutes long

  2. Nice job Zach! love the Vocal and rhythm.
    keep it going. Uncle Art