Radium Girls

The dreamy bedroom pop of Ontario's Memoryhouse is infectious, to say the least. It sticks with you like your childhood dog, never willing to leave your side, and you'd never ask it to go. Denise's stunning vocals (and wonderful photography) mixed with Evan's beautiful instrumentation create some of the most vivid and delightful tunes to grace my ears in quite some time. If these two tracks aren't enough, head to MME to grab their amazing cover of Grizzly Bear's "Foreground".

MP3 ::
Memoryhouse - Radium Girls
Memoryhouse - To the Lighthouse

Video :: The Spookfish - Welcome

Delightful animation from Sook Lim.

Amateur Teen Sex Attics

Golden Girls make that fast paced punk rock chock full of angst that brings you back to being a 16-year old. Certain things sucked, but when you look back it really was a golden age. Nostalgia in its stickiest, sweetest form.

MP3 ::
Golden Girls - 16Candles
Golden Girls - Amateur Teen Sex Attics


Video :: Toro Y Moi - Talamak (Fan Made)

This sweet video for Toro Y Moi's blissful slow jam "Talamak" comes from a dude named Bryan Bush, who has apparently yet to do anything else. Hopefully he'll pick up another video camera soon.


Video :: Yeasayer - Ambling Alps


Cult Of Cobras

The amazing Visions of Trees just sent over their newest track, along with the fantastic video above. "Cult Of Cobras" will be featured on a January release, though that's all the info I have for now. I'll definitely be back with more info.

MP3 :: Visions of Trees - Cult Of Cobras



Life's Blood Flow

The awesome folks over at Life's Blood sent over some tracks from their first two releases - Cole's Gifts and Pregnant's Liquidation On Swans. Cole's booming synths and delicate strings mix wonderful with his sentimental lyrics. Pregnant is frantic, at times terrifying, and a whole load of fun. Grab both tapes at Life's Blood.

MP3 ::
Cole - Our Loves
Cole - Prescott To San Francisco
Pregnant - Liquidation On Swans

Borrowed Beams of Light

In keeping with the theme of free EPs, Charlottesville, VA resident Adam Brock, aka Borrowed Beams of Light recently sent over his self-titled EP, and it is fucking incredible. Adam's initial description of the album called it "Village Green era Kinks meets Destroyer" and that couldn't be more spot-on. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS.

Download :: Borrowed Beams of Light - S/T EP

Starry-Eyed Summer Souls

Kid Counselor toys with a wickedly catchy experimental ambiance that is often hard to catch just right, yet he manages to do so just fine. His first EP, which clocks in at almost 60 minutes and is therefore hardly an EP at all, takes various songs from 2007 to now and collects them all into a nice little package. Even more delighting is that the entire thing is available for free!

Download :: Kid Counselor - Starry-Eyed Summer Souls (2007-2009)

Video :: Death Drug

[H/T The World's Best Ever]


Green Echo

The awesome folks over at Western Vinyl were kind enough to send over the debut full-length from Denton's Sleep Whale and I've been in love with it since. Houseboat is a touching, heartfelt album that plays on every sense of joy and nostalgia it possibly can. Check out album opener "Green Echo" here.

MP3 :: Sleep Whale - Green Echo

Wild Animal Kingdom MM-TC #3

[Photo Credit :: Jillian Stewart]

As I've mentioned before, Dana Jewell's Wild Animal Kingdom Records has a really sweet Monthly Mix-Tape Club going on. This months mix comes from Ari Stern, of Underwater Peoples and Family Portrait, and is by far my favorite of the three I've received so far. His mix is a spaced out journey through the often forgotten parts of the mind, with tracks from R. Stevie Moore, Paul McCartney, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, and The Velvet Underground making up just the a-side. One of my favorite things about the MM-TC are the letters that each tape comes with, typed up by Dana on his own little type-writer. This month's edition came with an added treat: a short story by Sawyer, also of UPR and Family Portrait.

"I guess you could say, I'm on that 'Downtown Train,' aye Officer McGillicuddy?"

"Shut the fuck up back there kid!"

Hal had never been in the back of a police car before. His natural propensity towards affability mixed with his current state of wildly drunk, didn't really suit the scene. "Shut the fuck up back there kid yourself!" He shot back. The cop whipped round in amazement, locking eyes with the disheveled kid slung over the back seat of his car. Lips pursed, Officer James Monroe conjured forth a myriad of hateful thoughts, yet in attempting to translate said fire and brimstone to words, something happened. Hal's eyes, Tom Waits voice, it all sort of got to Officer Monroe. The reality of the situation was solidifying in Hal's stomach and Officer Monroe could see that. The cop imagined Hal as bacon fat, clear and vicious when hot, milky dough when cold. Hal was milky, milky dough.

In the dark, soundtracked by Waits' trademark harsh sensitivity Officer Monroe and Hal stared at each other for at least 15 seconds. The Hal spoke, "Can I burn a cigarette?" Officer Monroe whispered back, "Sure kid, sure."

Hal stuch his head out the window, letting the cold breeze dry his tears and steal his cigarette smoke. The image, nothing short of cinematic, was lost on Hal. While passers might hear the growling and the guitar chugs as a triumphant backdrop to a cigarette-smoking delinquent. Hal just heard the line, "I know your window and I know it's late. I know your stairs and your doorway" and couldn't stop envisioning his mother, shuffling down the stairs to grab the phone.

-Sawyer Carter Jacobs
So if for some reason you've yet to join the MM-TC, hopefully this will convince you to do so. Next month's mix will be coming from McGregor, so join up before it's too late!


Video :: Vampire Weekend - Cousins

This song has constantly been stuck in my head since I first heard the live version, and I still have faith in Contra.

The First Vietnamese War

The folks over at Light In The Attic are at it again, this time with a reissue of the amazing first full-length effort from Austin's The Black Angels. The sweet psychedelic garage rock that spins out of Passover is leagues beyond extraordinary, so having the chance to own this beautiful album on LP again is quite the opportunity. Strike now while the iron is hot, and grab the second track the from the album as a taster.

MP3 :: The Black Angels - The First Vietnamese War


Alex Bleeker and The Freaks

Alex Bleeker and The Freaks' first album drops on Black Friday from Underwater Peoples. It's also the first 12" to drop on UP. Today the Fader gave a peek at the album with the last track on the a-side, the raucously fun Mountain Man cover of "Animal Tracks". Bobka also gave us a little peek a couple days back with the very short selection "Dead On". This album looks like it's gonna be a major favorite. Go ahead and pre-order your copy now.

MP3 ::
Alex Bleeker and The Freaks - Animal Tracks
Alex Bleeker and The Freaks - Dead On

Travel Song

The kind folks over at Leftist Nautical Antiques just sent over news on there newest release, pə-ˈrād. With a bizarre name like that it's hard to know what to expect, but the first track released from the album reminds me a bit of mewithoutYou. Its simple spoken word over drawn out striking music evokes a tense but good feeling all the same. It's certainly outside the realm of most other things I've heard lately, and it's an awesome treat.

MP3 :: pə-ˈrād - Travel Song

Video :: The Love Language - In Rhythm

As any return reader knows, I'm a huge fan of The Love Language. They're good friends of ours at the record store. Eric had a hand in them getting picked up by Bladen Co. back when no one else would bat an eye towards one of the best albums of this year. A couple days ago the always amazing folks over at Yours Truly posted up a video in which they got a chance to chat with the band about how things are going, and also a bit of live footage. Make sure you also check out the scores of other band footage Yours Truly has on their site. Wilmington and surrounding NC peeps make sure you don't miss The Love Language with another friend and musical favorite Gross Ghost at the Soapbox. It's gonna be an amazing show.

Causers Of This

GOTC favorite Toro Y Moi has two different albums dropping on Carpark next year, with the first being Causers Of This. Peep the incredible cover art above, and then grab the first track from the album, a slightly updated version of "Blessa". [H/T GvB]

MP3 :: Toro Y Moi - Blessa


Hanging Out

A couple months ago I stumbled upon Blanket Truth and instantly fell in love. It took me all of that time, up until about five minutes ago to figure out that they remind me a lot of Atom and His Package. Their songs are fun for the simple sake of being fun. Their recently released Indoor Camping was out in "full band digital" version on CD and "solo boombox" version on tape, however the CD version is currently unavailable due to the label it was on going under. Hopefully we'll see a re-release in the future, but until then grab the tape here. The band's core member, Jon Manning, is also in another recent favorite of mine, Sandy City, and he runs the totally amazing tape label Lost Sound Tapes. Sandy City released Surfin' WA earlier this year, which is hopefully seeing a one-sided vinyl release soon, and they have an upcoming three song 7" on Party Nogg Records. We'll keep you posted on how to get a hold of that. Now that I'm done blabbering, here are some tunes:

MP3 ::
Blanket Truth - Opposites (CD Version)
Blanket Truth - Hanging Out (CD Version)
Blanket Truth - Hanging Out (Tape Version)
Sandy City - Wasting Our Time
Sandy City - Merry Go Round


Sundog Sinners

Alesandre Jong, aka Obsidian Pond, crafts some seriously chill tropical jams. On top of that, the video he and his pal Felix put together for "Sundog Sinners" displays some of the most beautiful imagery I've ever seen. Keep an eye out for his upcoming 3" CD-R on Deathbomb Arc, and vibe on these two gems until then.

MP3 ::
Obsidian Pond - Sundog Sinners
Obsidian Pond - Freedom Falling

The First Party

Handglops makes stomping lo-fi jams that seem to just create great energy. He's another one of those artists I'd file under pure fun. He just released a new split cassette with Sea Lions on new favorite Obeast, so make sure to check that out. The two jams below come from his CD Ronk Ng Rool, which was put out by Gulcher. Grab a copy of that here for just $5. It's totally worth it.

MP3 ::
Handglops - The First Party
Handglops - Start a Band

Video :: M. Pyres Live At The Low Key

Last Thursday M. Pyres was set to play a live set on a local college station when Matt got a call that day saying the show had been canceled so they could live broadcast a volleyball game. A fucking volleyball game!? So Matt decided that instead they would just play a set in their basement (aka the Low Key) and record it for all our viewing pleasure. Looks like we got the better end of the deal anyway. In the video above they jam out "New Gaze" and "Gravity Deluxe" for us, while the video below features "Citrus Pome" and Castles tune "Braids". If you're in the Denver area tonight make sure to check out M. Pyres, Woodsman, and Real Estate live at the Hi-Dive.



Zach Tipton from I Am The Dot just sent over his much awaited collaboration with Boneless, and it is everything I thought it would be. I'd be quick to liken it to Animal Collective while maintaining that it does reserve it's own unique qualities and doesn't sound at all like some sort of rip-off. Apparently the track was originally worked by Boneless and then sent over to Zach where he put his own delightful whirling spin on it. Hopefully this isn't the last thing these two guys do together.

MP3 :: I Am The Dot x Boneless - Treetops



I spoke yesterday of an upcoming Bridgetown Records release, and now it seems today that I get the pleasure of telling you about the music of Kevin Greenspon, the man behind the label. His newest release is actually coming out on Family Time (who is also releasing an upcoming Pink Priest album) and Obeast and is titled Bracing. Greenspon's music easily recalls a relaxed somewhat somber day at the beach. At times you get a brief sense of children at play, or a couple passing happily; but in the background an almost sort of nostalgia constantly lingers. While slow paced and dissonant, the songs cull a feeling inside that continues to haunt hours after the tracks have finished.

MP3 ::
Kevin Greenspon - Softened
Kevin Greenspon - Sundowner Lane
Kevin Greenspon - Reveille

Digestable Doom

Cough Cool just sent over some jams from his newest release on Abandon Ship. This is actually the first album Dan ever recorded, but some setbacks have prevented it from coming out until now. Grab the cassette here (sold out) for just $5, and preview a couple tracks below that properly demonstrate the wonderfully done split between chaotic and chill that the album provides.

MP3 ::
Cough Cool - The Real Germany
Cough Cool - Giveth

Who Do You Love

For the past year I've listened to No Way Down possibly more than any other album, so when someone likens a music artist to Air France I'm very quick to listen. Museum of Bellas Artes only available track right now is their stunning rendition of "Who Do You Love", originally by the Sapphires, though I really think I could just listen to this one song for days and be content. If you can't, however, then you're in luck. Handsomeboy Technique just unleashed a remix of the track that is equally beautiful, so go ahead and check out both now.

MP3 ::
Museum Of Bellas Artes - Who Do You Love
Museum Of Bellas Artes - Who Do You Love (Handsomeboy Technique Remix)

Video :: Gentle Friendly - RIP Static

"RIP Static" comes from Gentle Friendly's brilliant new release, Ride Slow. While each track on the album stands alone amazingly well, it's when you hear the entire thing as one piece that you truly appreciate it for the dark noise-pop genius that it holds. Head to Upset The Rhythm and grab a copy now.

MP3 ::
Gentle Friendly - RIP Static
Gentle Friendly - Clean Breaker


In Forest Flesh

I've been jamming to Nowa Huta's glitched out pop delight "In Forest Flesh" for a couple of weeks now, and they just sent it over for me to share, along with brand new track "Antlers". The group claims to be new to "electronic dabblings", though you'd never know it with these beautiful tunes. With that said, I'll let the songs speak for themselves.

MP3 ::
Nowa Huta - In Forest Flesh
Nowa Huta - Antlers

Hey Cool Kid

In the two days it's been since Cloud Nothings e-mailed me they have shown up on some of the best internet stops, and it is quite obvious why. "Hey Cool Kids" enters the game late as one of the top mp3s of the year and manages to shine like no other. It's almost trance inducing rhythm catches you quickly and traps you in that way that feels more good than scary, like a warm embrace. Keep an eye out for their upcoming CD and cassette release on Bridgetown Records, out soon.

MP3 ::
Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid
Cloud Nothings - Whaddya Wanna Know

Ghana Special

I first heard about Soundway's newest release, Ghana Special, from Gorilla vs Bear. I managed to get a hold of the CD version and I can't say much more than that I am floored. This is some of the most amazing, wonderful ballroom/dance/swing/whatever-the-hell-it-is music I've ever heard. Now here's to hoping I'll get enough Christmas money this year for the vinyl box-set. Head to GvB to hear a track, Soundway to hear multiple samples, and here for a free track plus the first five pages of the forty-four page booklet that accompanies the album.

Andrew Cedermark / Family Portrait Split 7"

The brilliant folks over at Underwater Peoples have just announced their newest release, a split 7" from Family Portrait and Andrew Cedarmark. Each band contributes two songs, all four of which you can hear here. Grab two tracks below, which were both featured on the UPR Summertime Showcase earlier in the year. Pre-order your copy here and make one of the best purchases you've made all year.

MP3 ::
Andrew Cedarmark - Hard Livin'
Family Portrait - Mega Secrets

Madlib Medicine Show

Stones Throw just announced the newest set of releases from Madlib, who apparently just eats, sleeps and breathes beats. The series is a 12 album gig (spaced out across a year) called The Madlib Medicine Show. The first in the series features Guilty Simpson on the mic and is titled Before The Verdict. It drops January 2010, but you can get it from Stones Throw a month earlier.

MP3 :: Madlib & Guilty Simpson - The Paper


When I’m With You

The Fader hooked it up today with the a-side to Best Coast's new 7", out soon on Black Iris. The track starts out a bit slow but really picks up about forty-five seconds in. This is Best Coast exactly as we've come to love them. Grab it below and then head to the Fader to stream the equally amazing b-side.

MP3 :: Best Coast - When I’m With You

Shed Some Backlight

Matching Talons makes vibrant explosive tunes, often explosive and chaotic in nature. Songs this dark and glitchy set a mood all their own, and it's easy to call this weed music, though I wouldn't dare say that's the only time it's good.

MP3 ::
Matching Talons - Shed Some Backlight
Matching Talons - Stegosaurus
Matching Talons - Daytime Plasticine Waterfront


My Country

Ghostape takes beautiful layered vocals and sews them together with delightfully simple tropical beats. It's minimal nature is exactly what makes this music so enjoyable. Totally mind blowing. Head here to grab his highly recommended Many Stars EP from People In The Sky.

MP3 ::
Ghostape - My Country
Ghostape - Sometimes

Be With Me

Seattle's Gape Attack! makes grungy new wave jams that at times get a bit dark while retaining a good sense of pop. The band has a cassette out on Skrot Up, an upcoming cassette on Scotch Tapes, and an upcoming 7" on FDH so we shouldn't see a shortage of tunes from these amazing folks anytime soon.

MP3 ::
Gape Attack! - Be With Me
Gape Attack! - Down Down

Beko 08 :: Tan Dollar

Chris Thorne from Tan Dollar just sent over info on their new digital single on Beko. These two jams are alternate versions of tracks that will appear on their upcoming album Your Body As A Temple, and after hearing both tracks I'm incredibly eager to hear the entire album. Your Body As A Temple will be dropping in CD form from Life's Blood and in cassette form from the constantly amazing Mirror Universe soon, so stay tuned.

MP3 ::
Tan Dollar - Strength
Tan Dollar - Ice Palace


Golden T

Just in time for their upcoming show with The Love Language, Gross Ghost just sent over this fast paced jamming new track from their upcoming EP. Hopefully we'll get to hear this one live next Sunday.

MP3 :: Gross Ghost - Golden T


You Always Felt Wrong

A lot of things are going on in the world of Pink Priest. The dude has new cassettes dropping on Peasant Magik and Night People, and is apparently planning on changing the name of the project soon, but he won't tell me what to just yet. Somewhere in all of that falls these two jams and even greater things to come.

MP3 ::
Pink Priest - You Always Felt Wrong
Pink Priest - I'd Rise From The Dead For You

I'm In Your Church At Night

Active Child just sent over this new jam, which like everything he does is simply astounding. The song was inspired by a late night adventure in which Pat and some friends sneaked into a church in Perugia, Italy.
The roof had completely collapsed in, the floors were dirt, pigeons and pigeon shit were abound as well as sarcophagi filled with the remains of cardinals, bishops, and priests from centuries before I was ever born. It was really surreal walking into this enormous space where your voice just carried for days
Grab the track below, and make sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming cassette on Mirror Universe and 7" on Transparent.

MP3 :: Active Child - I'm In Your Church At Night


I've heard John Carpenter's name thrown around a bit recently due to his new 7" single being released on the unfaltering, always amazing Mexican Summer, but until last week I had not actually listened to his songs. John sent me the aforementioned single along with a few other releases, and I am hooked. His songs range from dark haunting psychedelic folk jams to beautiful melancholic chamber pop and everywhere in between. Below is the a-side of the new single, which is available in very limited quantity through Mexican Summer. If you purchase one last 7" this year, make it this one. (If you purchase more than one just make sure to include it.)

MP3 :: John Carpenter - Seasons

Up And Down

Dan Goldberg, aka The Spookfish, makes glitchy dream-pop that is sure to please your ears. Though his songs usually are instrumental, his incredibly cool and amusing videos to accompany songs often convey the emotion necessary. Dan's friend Kyra Lamariana has helped him on several tracks and was just recently added as a permanent member. At the moment he is in South Korea teaching English and playing several shows, but he'll be returning to the US in March. Below is his ONLINE EP that he was kind enough to send over.

MP3 ::
The Spookfish - Up And Down
The Spookfish - Moon Viewing Road
The Spookfish - Remembering
The Spookfish - Strawberry Feelings

The Love Language & Gross Ghost @ Soapbox

This one is a show I actually can make, which is awesome. The Love Language are good friends of ours at the record store. Their debut release is easily one of the top 5 albums of the year. On top of that, Gross Ghost's "Lurker" is one of my favorite songs of the year. This is certain to be an amazing show, and lots of fun. Get your dancing shoes on, kids.

MP3 ::
Gross Ghost - Lurker
The Love Language - Lalita


Real Estate/Woodsman/M. Pyres @ Hi-Dive

I won't be anywhere near where this show is, much to my regret, but I love all three of these bands so much that I'm posting this anyway. I know I have a decent number of readers in the Denver and Ft Collins area for this to matter. If you are in the area you'd better be at this show.

MP3 ::
M. Pyres - Sea As Myth
Woodsman - Sunglass
Real Estate - Green River

Anatomy of a Blogger

Earlier in the week I was announced as Blog of the Week on BreakThru Radio. As I mentioned then, I am featured on their weekly show Anatomy of a Blogger. For this I got to pick the shows tracklist, which features the likes of M. Pyres, Weed Diamond, Wolf Tapes, Real Estate, Dana Jewell, Wonder Wheel, Pearl Harbor, and many more. I also talk a bit about the blog and some of my favorite artists, along with the comeback of vinyl. Check it out and if you feel so inclined drop a comment and let me know what you think.

Listen :: Anatomy of a Blogger with Get Off The Coast

Video :: Clipse ft Rick Ross - I'm Good (Remix)

Because I wish my beard was as awesome.

Uses Of A Man

Phil and the Osophers sent over a few tracks from their new album, Parallelo, and they are fantastic. Delightfully tropical, noisy jams that are just as danceable as they are relaxing. This is feel good music at its very best. Parallelo is available now from Factual Fabrications in both cassette and CD form, which means there is no excuse to miss out on one of the most enjoyable albums of the year.

MP3 ::
Phil and the Osophers - Uses Of A Man
Phil and the Osophers - Creators

If I Need You

Dana Jewell is hands down one of the nicest artists I've met. When he heard that I broke my hand he sent me an mp3 care package of sorts. The first track was the stunningly beautiful cover of Townes Van Zandt's "If I Need You", sung by his friend Marie Landau. The second was a new track from Dana that he describes as "Nirvana meets Frat Dad meets some folk-type-o'guy song". See what I mean? Totally awesome fella.

NOTE: As I write this it seems that Dana's myspace is being converted into Marie's myspace. I've no idea what's going on.

MP3 ::
Marie Landau - If I Need You
Dana Jewell - Wants

Inside Healin' Lodge

With song titles such as "Beach Cassette Jam" it's pretty easy to figure out what De Rol Le' is all about: fun spaced out tunes that are the equivalent of a vacation. The band lists their genre as "Concrete/Tropical", and while two things couldn't be further apart, it seems quite befitting. Expect a full length LP in early 2010, which I'll definitely keep you posted on.

MP3 ::
De Rol Le' - Inside Healin Lodge
De Rol Le' - Beach Cassette Jam
De Rol Le' - So Long


Jungle Paradise

Byrds of Paradise have been getting a lot of praise lately, and it's all much deserved. The guys sent over the opening track to their new cassette, Hearts of Palm, which is available now on Friendship Bracelet. It's pretty short, so head to Small Estuaries for more, and check back soon for a new, exclusive track from the band.

MP3 :: Byrds of Paradise - Jungle

Neon Shapes

This 42-minute heavy hitting dreamy disco mix comes from New York's MAX, one of my favorite DJs currently. If this doesn't jump start your next party you need to get some new friends. Head here to hear more rad mixes from MAX.

MP3 :: MAX - Neon Shapes


Upside Down (Crimea X Remix)

While I've already heard probably a dozen different remixes of Banjo or Freakout's "Upside Down", this one from Italian post-rock disco duo Crimea X is definitely one of the best out there. It's a seven-and-a-half journey through space and beauty that leaves you mesmerized. Crimea X's beautiful tunes don't stop here. Head to their myspace where you can find other free downloads and such.

MP3 :: Banjo or Freakout - Upside Down (Crimea X Remix)


Build A Prison

I'm on my second listen through of the new Cat Killer cassette, It's Saying Your Name, and I can't seem to stop. Alex over at Leftist Nautical Antiques was kind enough to let me post this new track that will hopefully persuade you to head here and grab a copy immediately if you haven't already done so. I should note that the tape is limited to 100 transparent sea green copies, so don't wait too long to order it.

MP3 :: Cat Killer - Build A Prison

Don't Know When

The Lawds make the kind of fuzzed out garage rock I love. Their songs are addictive and I constantly find myself humming the tunes hours after having listened to them. Do yourself a favor, and let's cross our fingers that we get a full-length release from them soon.

MP3 :: The Lawds - Don't Know When

Walking With The Wicked

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands are still making his grimy garage pop even after just putting out their debut album, much to our delight. Waylon just sent over these two instrumental (I don't think howls count as vocals) jams that probably would have been great on Halloween but are still quite fun to listen to.

MP3 ::
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Walking With The Wicked
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Wolf Wagon

Anxious Yaks On Mt. Big Breath

The have-fun-and-mess-around side project of Matt Sage and friends called Smelly Magic is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable jam-psych projects out there right now. The 2nd Combing is such a progression from the first album that it's almost hard to believe that this is the same band, especially considering The Prim Encounter was made only 3 months earlier. The layering of sounds and exploration of simple pop music make this album explode into life. The 2nd Combing is available now from Patient Sounds.

MP3 :: Smelly Magic - Anxious Yaks On Mt. Big Breath

Dikembe Mutombo

Our buddy Trevor from Woodsman recently notified us that their new LP, Collages, is available now in mp3 form from the Mexican Summer webstore. From the looks of things the actual LP is already sold out, so unless you get one from the band personally this is your best chance to get a hold of one of the best albums this year. Trevor also sent me a new mp3 from the album to give out, in case you need a little extra push.

MP3 :: Woodsman - Dikembe Mutombo

BreakThru Radio Blogger of the Week

Woohoo y'all! I got picked as this weeks Blogger of the Week on BreakThru Radio! I'm so excited! For the next five days, starting with today, they are reposting one of my posts that I select. On Thursday I'm going to be on the weekly radio show Anatomy Of A Blogger, so I'll keep you posted on that as well.



Panagiotis Melidis (that's greek y'all) aka Larry Gus makes some of the hottest beats I've heard in quite some time, and he does it without a computer. His new album's title, Stitches, is quite fitting when you consider that he is doing exactly that: stitching together sounds in real time. I think it's safe to say that this dude might be the next hip-hop genius. Grab the sampler for Stitches, which drops soon on Cast-A-Blast below, and also make sure to check out the Weathers mixtape he made a couple months back.

Download :: Larry Gus - Stitches EP