Ghana Special

I first heard about Soundway's newest release, Ghana Special, from Gorilla vs Bear. I managed to get a hold of the CD version and I can't say much more than that I am floored. This is some of the most amazing, wonderful ballroom/dance/swing/whatever-the-hell-it-is music I've ever heard. Now here's to hoping I'll get enough Christmas money this year for the vinyl box-set. Head to GvB to hear a track, Soundway to hear multiple samples, and here for a free track plus the first five pages of the forty-four page booklet that accompanies the album.


  1. We got a copy of that down at WMUA, and, I agree, it's SICK.

    My favorite part, though? One of the bands is named "Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings." I hope one day to be both a medical doctor, and commander of multiple kings of distinguished ancestry AND character. Awesome.

  2. check out the Nigeria Special albums that come before this fantastic and also 'Ethiopiques' series very brilliant thankyou for telling people about African music - sorry for my English