Hanging Out

A couple months ago I stumbled upon Blanket Truth and instantly fell in love. It took me all of that time, up until about five minutes ago to figure out that they remind me a lot of Atom and His Package. Their songs are fun for the simple sake of being fun. Their recently released Indoor Camping was out in "full band digital" version on CD and "solo boombox" version on tape, however the CD version is currently unavailable due to the label it was on going under. Hopefully we'll see a re-release in the future, but until then grab the tape here. The band's core member, Jon Manning, is also in another recent favorite of mine, Sandy City, and he runs the totally amazing tape label Lost Sound Tapes. Sandy City released Surfin' WA earlier this year, which is hopefully seeing a one-sided vinyl release soon, and they have an upcoming three song 7" on Party Nogg Records. We'll keep you posted on how to get a hold of that. Now that I'm done blabbering, here are some tunes:

MP3 ::
Blanket Truth - Opposites (CD Version)
Blanket Truth - Hanging Out (CD Version)
Blanket Truth - Hanging Out (Tape Version)
Sandy City - Wasting Our Time
Sandy City - Merry Go Round


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