Beko 20 + 21

Beko put up two new digi-singles today featuring our pals Wonder Wheel and Cough Cool. Grab both here, or below, and consider it a mighty fine day.

Download ::
Wonder Wheel - Beko 20
Cough Cool - Beko 21

Social Critique of Madison

I've always enjoyed the B-52s to some degree. I've never bough their records or anything, but I really just enjoy the vocal pairing of Cindy Wilson and Fred Schneider. The Hussy takes that wonderful style and spreads it thick on top of wonderful fast-paced garage rock bliss to make some fucking incredible jams. They have a split 7" coming out next month with the Zygoteens on Minnesota based Big Action Records.

MP3 ::
The Hussy - Social Critique of Madison
The Hussy - Winter Daze
The Hussy - Head Set
The Hussy - One Time

Failures Selected By God

The folks over at Split Tapes release exactly what you'd think: split tapes. Their first release pairs Meth Teeth with Mazes, and finishes things off with a new track from recent Sub Pop signee Male Bonding. They were kind enough to send over one of the Meth Teeth tracks as well as that Male Bonding jam, both of which are delightful. Head here for the to grab a copy, and watch out next month for their Rapid Youth/Bipolar Bear split.

MP3 ::
Meth Teeth - Failures Selected By God
Male Bonding - Dino

Cool Waves

Mount McKinley makes the fuzzed out catchy lo-fi gems that we've become accustomed to this past year, and they do it quite well. Their songs seem to swirl around your head like murkiness in a dirty pool. Grab some tunes below and cross your fingers for some sort of full release soon.

MP3 ::
Mount McKinley - Cool Waves
Mount McKinley - Juliette


Wear You Thin

A couple of years ago Pocahaunted and Robedoor got together and released the split Hunted Gathering, so it makes sense that members of both groups would actually start a project of their own. My pal Laura describes Topaz Rags as "Stoner Soul" and there really isn't a better way to put it. The heavy drone/psych jams are the perfect soundtrack to a chilled out blaze session. Check out these tracks from their first LP, Capricorn Born Again, available here from Not Not Fun.

MP3 ::
Topaz Rags - Wear You Thin
Topaz Rags - Sightings

A Decade of Flying Lotus

Fling Lotus, who is easily one of the best producers of our time, dropped this mix of old and new unreleased gems on Christmas. It was mixed by the Gaslamp Killer and sounds fucking nuts. It's obvious that the mix spans a length of time, but everything still remains coherent, held together by the tiniest strands. The new Flying Lotus album, Cosmogramma, drops this April on Warp. Hopefully we'll get some more sweet mixes on the lead up.

MP3 :: A Decade of Flying Lotus Mixed by Gaslamp Killer


Underwater Peoples Winter Review

Here it is, my favorite Christmas present this year! Head on over to Chocolate Bobka and scooop it up while it's still available, and relax while you listen to another amazing mix of tunes from the dudes at Underwater Peoples.

Download :: Underwater Peoples Winter Review


Christmas Off The Coast

With Christmas about 24 hours away (according to EST) most of us are in the spirit of giving, so here is my gift to all of you. I asked a few friends to put their own spins on some Christmas classics and even managed to get a couple of originals along the way. Hopefully this mix helps get you in the mood for eggnog and all sorts of drunken Christmas debauchery!

MP3 ::
Woodsman - Little Drummer Boy
Memoryhouse - Warmer (Christmas Song)
Weed Diamond - Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)
Wasters - Holidays
I Am The Dot - Blue Christmas


Grippers Nother Onesers (At Slimer Beach)

Available here from Olde English Spelling Bee, this is a re-release of the Lamborghini Crystal's 1992 Cool Runnings Holiday, under its original artist name and title. The video medley of tracks from the album really says it all, so I'll just suggest you grab this LP asap.

E & R

Stephan Ilnyckyj recently sent over some tracks for the new Smile album, and they're pretty fantastic. Right now the idea is to have 26 tracks total, each named for a letter in the alphabet. Here are tracks "E" and "R", with "R" being the most recently completed.

MP3 ::
Smile - E
Smile - R

Merry Christmas, Baby (Please Don't Die)

Stereogum just dropped this new Christmas jam from Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls to remind me why I love Christmas. All I want this year is to see you smile.

MP3 :: Crocodiles x Dum Dum Girls - Merry Christmas, Baby (Please Don't Die)

I Kept It Real

Toronto's Wallscenery Demos make psych folk jams that easily keep your head bobbing. The lyrics seem to play more on fun than anything, with the opener to their newest album, "I Kept It Real" being an obvious tell. Don't let this fool you, however, as there are a few sentimental tearjerkers that are certainly not lost in all the fun. Check it out below, and grab Check This! here if you're feeling it.

MP3 ::
Wallscenery Demos - I Kept It Real
Wallscenery Demos - Ain't Got Nothing To Say


My buddy Nate over at Weekly Tape Deck recently forwarded me some info about intensely mellow psych/drone heavy project Deep Magic. Put simply, this is vicodin + weed in music form. This is what meditation feels like. This track comes from his unfortunately sold out cassette Balance, but fear not, as the dude has several releases coming up on DNT, Not Not Fun, Wet Merchants, Scotch Tapes and Moondial. Seems we'll not have a shortage of these brilliant jams for a while, and I couldn't be happier.

MP3 :: Deep Magic - Peace

Causers of This

The debut Toro Y Moi album we mentioned last month has apparently had the release date pushed up two weeks, which is good news for all of us. We'll now see the album drop on February 2, 2010, and I'll use that as an excuse to repost this lovely track.

MP3 :: Toro Y Moi - Blessa


You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll

Dean over at True Panther just sent me the low down on the Hunx and His Punx LP, Gay Singles, which drops February 9, 2010. Technically there has already been a limited LP release of the album a few months ago, but the new release will be more widely available with CD and MP3 versions as well. Hunx's sound is easily a merger of Phil Specter and The Ramones in all the best ways. Basically, if you can't dig this you don't like rock 'n roll.

MP3 :: Hunx and His Punx - You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll

Underwater Peoples Winter Review

Our boy Sawyer over at Underwater Peoples posted this video today to clue us in to the Underwater Peoples Winter Review, the much anticipated winter comp in the same vein as the summer one we adored so much. This time it'll be dropping free on Chocolate Bobka on Christmas day. According to Ari it'll only be up for a couple of weeks, so make sure to grab it while you can.

Boneless (Machu Picchu Remix)

Panda Bear and Grizzly Bear have both already taken stunning shots at remixing The Notwist's "Boneless", and now Providence native Machu Picchu is giving it a go. Machu Picchu takes the original whirling synths and layers them with some tropical thuds and an overall blown out sound that rings amazing. Peep more remixes and some original jams here and here.

MP3 :: The Notwist - Boneless (Machu Picchu Remix)


railcars just sent over this wonderfully warped cover of "Dreams" by The Cranberries. Their version retains the original feel of the song, while also bending it and distorting it in every possible way. Now I'm feeling it even more.

MP3 :: railcars - Dreams



Our pal William Cody Watson, aka Pink Priest, has finally dropped his debut LP on one of my recent favorite new labels, La Station Radar. Honeysuckle comes to us in an edition of 300 on a beautiful red translucent vinyl, so hurry up and grab a copy here before they're all spoken for. Until that arrives just peep some tracks below from two future Pink Priest releases.

MP3 ::
Pink Priest - Quilt Covered In Feathers
Pink Priest - Vanishers


All Packed Up

When James Friley sent me a link to his tunes under the moniker of Idiot Glee with a description that simply said "if you like doo wop, Pet Sounds, etc" I was immediately intrigued. Then I listened to the tracks and was blown away. Both of these immediate favorites will be featured alongside two other tracks on a 7" dropping sometime in February. As always, I'll give you more info on that once I have it. Also make sure to check out the little mix James recently put together for our friends at YANP's ongoing Mixmas series.

MP3 ::
Idiot Glee - All Packed Up
Idiot Glee - It


Natalie Barney Dance Scene

Julian Lynch just posted this new jam on his blog that is part of an album of tracks he's doing to accompany a new film from director Amy Ruhl. If you remember, Ruhl did the video for Lynch's track "Seed". The film is about Mata Hari, and this track accompanies a particular scene where Mata Hari dances for American writer Natalie Barney. Now I just hope the wait for this movie isn't very long.

Stream ::
[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]Julian Lynch - Natalie Barney Dance Scene


Carve Your Initials Into the Walls of the Night

Bradford Cox just put up a full download of this old Deerhunter CD-R from 2005. It features only him and bandmate Moses Archuleta, apparently at the heart of the weird era. While everything seems very rough around the edges, and some of it almost sounds like club bangers, it's very easy to see how the band has transformed. Full tracklist and a bit more info on Bradford's blog, here. This is definitely a must have for the Bradford obsessed.

Download :: Deerhunter - Carve Your Initials Into the Walls of the Night


Stumbling 22nd St.

Erik Johnson (of Wooden Shjips fame) and Sanae Yamada, better known as Moon Duo, are prepping for their first full length LP on Woodsist. The album is titled Escape, and the first single from it is a 7-minute killer jam. It's repetitive grimy guitar and drums manage to keep you hooked even after the song has ended. The album drops in February, so be on the lookout.

MP3 :: Moon Duo - Stumbling 22nd St.

Teenage Gluehead

Waylon Thornton and The Heavy Hands seem to never stop churning out fast paced short garage punk jams. Having already released one album a couple of months ago, Waylon already has another album planned, and this is our first glimpse. Waylon also sent me a tune from his side project, Mean Moon. The tune is very different from the Heavy Hands stuff, taking it a bit more slowly and letting the music do all the talking.

MP3 ::
Waylon Thornton & The Heavy Hands - Teenage Gluehead
Mean Moon - I Saw You Drowning


Favorite Albums :: 2009

I started Get Off The Coast about a year ago, with my first post being my top 20 albums of 2008. My how things have changed. Here we are a year later and I'm pretty proud of what I've done with everything. I've had some crappy designs at times, but I'm proud of it now. They grow up so fast. You know, all that stuff. Anyway, I'm gonna stick to last years format of the album and an mp3, with no description. Most of these artists I've talked about on the blog plenty, and will continue to do so. Let the mp3 be your descriptor. And away we go!

20. Weed Diamond - Sweater Kids
MP3 :: All Of Denver Is Wasted

19. M. Pyres - Apart The Echo
MP3 :: Sea As Myth

18. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Eating Us
MP3 :: Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise

17. Wavves - Wavvves
MP3 :: So Bored

16. Kurt Vile - Childish Prodigy
MP3 :: Hunchback

15. High Wolf - Gabon
MP3 :: Gabon Pt 1

14. Box Elders - Alice & Friends
MP3 :: Jackie Wood

13. The Fresh & Onlys - Grey-Eyed Girls
MP3 :: No Second Guessing

12. Desolation Wilderness - New Universe
MP3 :: Boardwalk Theme

11. Washed Out - High Times
MP3 :: Belong

10. Mountain Man - Mountain Man
MP3 :: Animal Tracks

09. Julian Lynch - Orange You Glad
MP3 :: Seed

08. Ducktails - Landscapes
MP3 :: Landrunner

07. Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange
MP3 :: Rainwater Cassette Exchange

06. Woods - Songs Of Shame
MP3 :: Rain On

05. The Almighty Defenders - The Almighty Defenders
MP3 :: All My Loving

04. Girls - Album
MP3 :: Hellhole Ratrace

03. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
MP3 :: Two Weeks

02. Real Estate - Real Estate
MP3 :: Green River

01. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
MP3 :: Summertime Clothes

I feel I should note 2 compilations that came out this year as well. I decided to do the above list with only full releases from artists, but if I had not then these two would easily have made my top 10.

Underwater Peoples Summertime Showcase
MP3 :: Pill Wonder - Wishing Whale

BUTTERxFACE presents Chum Onah
MP3 :: Toro Y Moi - Human Nature

One last huge thanks goes to every reader and artist who has made 2009 amazing. You rock hard.

Your Lies Brew Trouble

Andrew Gideon Thomson, or just AGT for short, crafts "tropicalfolk electrosurf hiphoptranced disco" jams for your pleasure. I really don't know what the hell that means, but I know that I really dig this jam. For some reason it reminds me of when I was 11 and hung out at the skating rink, though the music there sounded nothing like this. If you're not really getting what I mean just check out the track below and use your imagination. You'll come up with something.

MP3 :: AGT - Your Lies Brew Trouble

Piece Of Cake

This new tune from His Clancyness takes things real slow. Everything is far away but almost within reach, while Jonathan's ethereal vocals are even further off almost begging to be reeled in. This is what happiness sounds like in the winter. Apparently the song was inspired by the above photo from Giulia Mazza.

MP3 :: His Clancyness - Piece Of Cake

Video :: Woodsman - Sunglass

Directed by Trevor himself. Fantastic. This track is on the Collages LP, available at Mexican Summer.


Friendly Ghost

One of my favorite albums from 2008 was Harlem's Free Drugs. Now after having been picked up by Matador they'll be releasing their follow up, Hippies, on April 6 of next year. Peep the awesome album art above. Matador has been kind enough to hook it up with the first peak at the album. It may or may not be a song about Casper.

MP3 :: Harlem - Friendly Ghost

A Funeral Dressed As A Birthday

Minneapolis natives We Are The Willows is actually just one fellow by the name of Peter Michael Miller. Miller has an unusual knack for high range vocals that definitely sound a bit like an eleven-year old boy and lyrics that play nostalgia like few others can. His first full-length, A Collection Of Sounds And Something Like The Plague, just dropped on Amble Down and it's pretty damn fantastic. Grab it here and check out the second track from the album below.

MP3 ::
We Are The Willows - A Funeral Dressed As A Birthday

Hungary Turkey

This track from Conncet9 actually brings me back to the rainy day, but in a way that is more relaxing than frustrating. The tranquility throughout the song just draws you into a trance, almost like a lullaby of sorts, while subtly slipping in glitched out whirs and false stops here and there to let you know that while everything is alright, it can't be that way forever. Reality in music can actually be refreshing at times, and this track certainly proves it.

MP3 :: Conncet9 - Hungary Turkey