You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll

Dean over at True Panther just sent me the low down on the Hunx and His Punx LP, Gay Singles, which drops February 9, 2010. Technically there has already been a limited LP release of the album a few months ago, but the new release will be more widely available with CD and MP3 versions as well. Hunx's sound is easily a merger of Phil Specter and The Ramones in all the best ways. Basically, if you can't dig this you don't like rock 'n roll.

MP3 :: Hunx and His Punx - You Don't Like Rock 'n Roll


  1. Saw him at Gonerfest in Memphis and he brought the house down. These singles are indeed 'gay' but the guy knows how to hit that bubblegum punk thing out the of the park. If you dont want to wait there is a tape version out over at Burger...

  2. Ahh, thanks for the reminder Johnny! I actually already have the tape, but for those who don't I'd totally recommend it. Just be careful over at Burger. I'm prone to drop $30-$40 at a time there.