Video :: Ryan Hemsworth - Richard Shaw

Run The Heart (RUN With DRUGS) (Ensemble Economique REMIX)

Ensemble Economique recently sent over this doom laden remix of Sleigh Bells' "Run The Heart". The remix is built on a pitch black atmosphere. Something about it feels distinctly like an endless free fall with a totally fucked timeline. As checkpoints are crossed the speed of the fall continually changes. Definitely run this one with drugs.

MP3 :: Sleigh Bells - Run The Heart (RUN With DRUGS) (Ensemble Economique REMIX)


Video :: Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much

Video :: Games - Strawberry Sky (ft Laurel Halo)

[via Gorilla vs Bear]

Favorite MP3s 2010

This is the first year that I've compiled a favorite mp3s list, and it was pretty hard to do. There are a lot more mp3 singles listened to in a year than there are albums. As with the albums list, these are just my favorite mp3 from this year, and in no way am I saying these are certainly the best. I just really fucking like them. Now, here we go (catch the rest after the jump):


The rad folks over at Moon Glyph recently sent over the dirt on their newest release, the second full-length album from Food Pyramid. II is a beautiful smörgåsbord of persistent futuristic beats dripping in washes of synth, even daring to mix in live instrumentation at points. I imagine in a space odyssey (like a happier version of the World of Tomorrow) Food Pyramid would be legend. Head here to grab a copy now, and make sure to peep the opening track below.

MP3 :: Food Pyramid - Cloudscape

Manet Monet

This past September I had the awesome pleasure of touring for ten days with GOBBLE GOBBLE. During this time Edmonton's Calvin McElroy, one of GBL's live members, showed me an unfinished solo jam he was working on under the moniker Kuhrye-oo. At the time I was blown away, and have since been practically dying to hear the finished product. Now I am glad to finally have the track in it's finished glory to share. As a gesture of fair warning, somewhere just before the 3-minute mark the entrancing track explodes into an all out danceathon.

Steel Diamond Part 4

The skies open up to nothing. I'm still working out how I know it's opened, but there is something there. Pulling. Gnawing at the edge of my conscience. It wasn't there before and I know for certain the source is somewhere above me. The gravely terrain is littered with blood from my feet. I just have to keep running, even if I never figure out what from.

MP3 ::
CD and digital versions of Midnight Laser Warrior are available now from Solina Records, with the vinyl drop coming this Spring.

Premiere :: Reeling The Warmth

A couple of weeks ago my pal Kohwi sent me his new album and asked me if I'd do the artwork for the release, which I was delighted to do. Then he asked me if I'd write up some sort of prose to accompany it like I do some songs, and I was beyond thrilled. Hidden Trees drops in January via the homeboys at Wonder Beard Tapes, but you can go ahead and grab the digital drop for free today. Peep that prose after the jump.

MP3 :: Kohwi - Reeling The Warmth


Video :: MillionYoung - Calrissian (unofficial)

Video by Cameron Shields. Guess I'm not the only one feeling that Christmas vibe that this track oozes of.

Short Film :: Memory

Music by Panda Bear | Film by Pedro Maia



They put this way better than I ever could:
In the name of the freshly minted Cyber War, a war on information and the impending collapse of new media, TASSELS offers NEWS as a free download on Bandcamp. Verily and forsooth, this is the soundtrack to the dark times ahead. W/ the audio from Wikileaks video Collateral Murder, and an entire speech from Senator Bernie Sanders, NEWS is, if anything, a tribute to these courageous voices.
Download/Stream :: Tassels - News

Video :: Free Spirit - HOV Lane

Video by Mike Collins.

Gravity Records + GOTC prsnt: tooth ache., Toby Aronson, Mike Dillon + Jason Ward

tooth ache.
Toby Aronson
Mike Dillon (of Gross Ghost)
Jason Ward

Doors @ 8PM, Show begins around 9PM. Come hang out, and also celebrate Get Off The Coast's 2nd birthday with us! See you there! w/ ♥

PBUH002: Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles

Here's another Crash Symbols release for you, folks. When I first heard the new Hear Hums album a few months back I was blown away. Then I was told they were looking for someone to release it with and I knew I had to get behind this. Psyche Cycles would have certainly made my year end list were it not something I was putting out. But, in case you're skeptical due to my ties, the band has been cool enough to let us give the full album away digitally. You can grab it below, and make sure to grab the tape if you dig it.

Pre-Order/Stream :: Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles

Chasing Planets

My peeps over at Altered Zones and the now defunct [:'(] The Road Goes Ever On recently co-premiered this new sticky jam from Campfires. Jeff Walls, frontman for the band, told me "It's coming off what will hopefully turn into a full length pretty soon. I think some 7"s might be in the works too..." After rocking this one a good 10 times already today, I can't wait to hear more.

MP3 :: Campfires - Chasing Planets

Waking To...

Ambient extraordinaire Asonic Garcia recently sent over this new EP of tracks from his upcoming album Waking To.... With odd spaced out twitchiness stacked into ethereal waves of sound, the tracks are oddly soothing even while blasting you with mechanical whirs and bleeps. The full album drops February 22 so this will have to tide you over until then.


Video :: Teen Daze - Beach Dreams (Unofficial)

This unofficial video collage comes from Cameron Shields of Wilmington visual collective WE▲K||D▲ZE.

Mixtape Premiere :: Aeronautical Dance Committee (mixed by Sumsun)

Stellar homeboy Judson Rogers, aka Sumsun, sent over this banging mixtape a while back. I've been slack on getting it up and a few of these tracks are no longer exclusive, but it's still got a few surprises, and Judson's mixing work is spectacular. Grab the whole thing below. Tracklist after the jump. And if you haven't already done so, make sure to snag a copy of Samo Milagro from the rad fellows at Leaving Records.

Download :: Aeronautical Dance Committee (mixed by Sumsun)


Video :: Solar Bears - Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind

Round House

Here's another tune that sounds like Christmas, albeit Christmas in 2040 (I expect fast advancements in technologies y'all.) Aux Arc is comprised of Marshall Trotter and Elgin Bradin, otherwise known from Hula Hoop and Baby Jazz respectively. Their upcoming EP is being produced by Samuel Cooper of Sunglasses. I certainly can't wait to hear it.

Winter in the Pub

Denver's Kissing Party recently sent over this seasonably appropriate track. Don't let the Christmas chimes shining in the background fool you; this is a sad song. It's not just about drinking through the cold. It's about drinking through the loneliness that Winter always seems to describe so perfectly. Don't let that scare you away though, it's still one helluva beautiful song.

Smooth Brew

The rad dudes over at fifty* just sent over word on their newest drop, a sick little beat tape from Bug Eyes. Smooth Brew has its chill moments alongside its Cadillac cruiser moments, all the while giving you a fucked up view that splits and warbles in true kaleidoscopic fashion. Right now the album is only available digitally, but I'm told we can look forward to a physical drop pretty soon. Go ahead and put me on the waiting list.


Premiere :: Perfect Eyes

I'm admitedly growing tired of the mounds of chill wave that now pile into my inbox. MillionYoung, however, is one band I still can't seem to get enough of. Their new record, Replicants, drops physically on February 15 as a joint release via the rad folks over at Old Flame and Rix Records. I've been lucky enough to spend some time with the album and it's one of the most delightful listens I've had in a while. Grab one my favorite tracks below, and snag it as a 7" in January, also courtesy of Rix and Old Flame.

Video :: o F F/GR†LLGR†LL - in the bed Parts I & II (Live)

Part 1

Part 2


Late Summer

Seapony's brilliant Dreaming 7" from Double Denim Records recently sold out, so the band is giving away the last track from the record. If you missed out the 7" at least do yourself the favor and grab this mp3. Slowed paced dream-pop will be throwing nostalgia at you around every corner.

MP3 :: Seapony - Late Summer


Video :: Memoryhouse - Heirloom

Directed by Jamie Harley.

Dance of the Lantern People

The sun is almost down. I hear the band getting ready. Stories of the band who play only for creatures of the night had traveled far, eventually to our own ears. I immediately knew I had to hear it. I never expected that the creatures were as real as the music. They didn't mind our presence as they scuttled up and down the trees, grabbing more fruit with every trip. Never before had I seen such beauty shrouded in shadows.

Stream/Download :: Mirador - Verdant EP


PBUH001: Foot Village - World Fantasy

I'm stoked to finally give you guys the pre-order for Crash Symbols' first release. World Fantasy was originally released as a 10" on Not Not Fun in 2005 and is the only Foot Village album to not have seen a cassette release before now. I've been a long time fan of Foot Village and it is an extreme honor for us to be putting this one out. Hopefully you guys dig it as much.

Video :: Catholic Spray - The Ghost From My Grave


Video :: Future Islands - The Ink Well

Directed by Theo Anthony. Future Islands/Lonnie Walker Split 7" available now via Baltimore beauts Friends Records.

Nikki (I Am Not The-Dream)

I honestly believe that GOBBLE GOBBLE, can't make a bad song. He just sent over this cover of The-Dream's "Nikki" and it has completely thrown me through a vortex of the most beautiful WTF. Cleverly tagged with "I Am Not The-Dream", this take on the song paints a colorful landscape covered in the unfathomable and then laces it with ecstasy. Keep an eye out for the puppets; I'm not sure yet of their intentions.


Premiere :: LQD GLD ~ (RxRy Remix)

If you didn't already know, our buddy Tom Pavlich over at the Great Pumpkin also recently took the dive into the cassette label race. His first drop on Fight The Future is a magnificent EP from an artist we've been loving for a while now, I Am The Dot. Bridges will be shipping out at the end of the month, but you can go ahead and pre-order a copy now. Only 100 were pressed so don't miss out! If you still need persuasion you can preview a few tracks below, including this blown out remix by RxRy.

MP3 ::



Our pal RxRy just dropped his third album this year last night. Ω picks up where VAEIOUWLS left off in an almost unexpected way. Where before he was producing vast soundscapes, now he is filling them with things plucked from his own memories. The tracks on Ω jump and move more quickly, and exploration feels more necessary. Part of me also wants to race go-karts to this.

Download :: RxRy - Ω

Meet The Fantasies

Northampton duo Brett and James, aka The Fantasies, craft the kind of catchy psychedelic surf jams you'd expect to hear in a Tarantino film. This is music for late night cruises down the boulevard in an old beat up convertible. The duo just dropped their first double a-side single, Meet The Fantasies. I better see you on your feet for this one.

MP3 ::



Wonder Bear's new EP, titled G A L A, is a concept piece about four Alaskan teenagers. What the duo captures is a feeling of desolation I usually apply to the desert; though what is Alaska if not an icy desert? In these songs I would imagine that only those four teenagers exist in all of the world, and something mystic leaves them self sustaining. Perhaps it's their soundtrack?

MP3 :: Wonder Bear - G A L A

Video :: How To Dress Well - Date of Birth

Directed by Ezra Ewen, with supplemented audio from the tape diary of Ewen's Grandfather in the before his death.


Video :: Toothache - Skin

Skin 7" is available now via Father/Daughter Records
[via Chocolate Bobka // Altered Zones]

Video :: No Joy - Hawaii

[via Gorilla vs Bear]

Cassette Label :: Crash Symbols

Lovers of music, I present to you Crash Symbols, a new cassette label (there just aren't enough, y'know) from myself and Dwight Pavlovic (Royal Rhino Flying Records). To start things off we present to you Dope Mountain Fuck, a mixtape of exclusive tracks from artists we love and will/hope to be working with. Catch the tracklist after the jump. It is also our pleasure to announce our first three releases, available soon for pre-order.

- PBUH-001: Foot Village - World Fantasy
- PBUH-002: Hear Hums - Psyche Cycles
- PBUH-003: Beggars in a New Land - Teething EP

Download/Stream :: PBUH-000: Dope Mountain Fuck


Video :: Sex Worker - Tough Love

Waving Goodbye is available now on Not Not Fun

Fire Flame (Remix ft Lil Wayne)

Oh Wayne how we have missed you. Them folkz at LilWayneHQ just dropped this remix to Birdman's new cut with Tunechi hitting two verses on the record. The patient wait for Carter IV has officially begun. Head over to LilWayneHQ to listen to and download the track now.

Floor Length Hair

The homies over at the Scion A/V Garage recently sent over these two garage bangers. A-side player Kid Congo Powers has been doing his thing for a long time (The Cramps, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), so it's likely that he's an influence on b-side glam queen Hunx and His Punx. Both songs kick ass in very different ways that stay on that fuzzy garage spectrum both have mastered, with Kid Congo leaning dark and Hunx shining bright.

Favorite Albums 2010

Another year, another list. But hey, this year I finally got off the coast, and several times at that. I'm gonna be brief and get to the tunes. Same as the other years, album and a track, though I thought it'd be good of me to actually let you know who put the records out this time. Anyway, keep in mind these are my favorite albums from this year, not necessarily the best. I'm not qualified to judge that sort of thing.

25. Twins - The Other Side Of (Ruralfaune)
MP3 :: Waiting

24. Lush Cola - Lush Cola (Patient Sounds)
MP3 :: Teaching a Bull How to Sit and Stay Sitting

23. Dem Hunger - Caveman Smack (Leaving)
MP3 :: Horse Stomach

22. RxRy - VAEIOUWLS (RxRy)
MP3 :: AAIEI (alpha reply dagger signal)

21. Sumsun - Samo Milagro (Leaving)
MP3 :: Wind Stone

20. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today (4AD)
MP3 :: Round And Round

19. Truman Peyote & Many Mansions - Peaced Together (Whitehaus Family Record)
MP3 :: Truman Peyote - Magentadoor II
MP3 :: Many Mansions - Ocean Temple Pt. 1

18. Emily Reo - Witch Mtn (Breakfast of Champs)
MP3 :: Blue Canoe

17. GR†LLGR†LL - GR†LLGR†LL (Disaro)
MP3 :: I.U.

16. Ensemble Economique - Physcal (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Real Things

15. Woods - At Echo Lake (Woodsist)
MP3 :: Suffering Season

14. Twin Shadow - Forget (Terrible)
MP3 :: I Cant Wait

13. Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal (Editions Mego)
MP3 :: Nil Admirari

12. High Wolf - Ascension (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Solar System Is My God

11. Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut
(Olde English Spelling Bee)
MP3 :: Two Days Of Rain

10. Julian Lynch - Mare (Olde English Spelling Bee)
MP3 :: Just Enough

09. D'EON - Palinopsia (Hippos In Tanks)
MP3 :: Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand

08. Velvet Davenport - Warmy Girls (Moon Glyph)
MP3 :: Warmy Personal Routine

07. Dylan Ettinger - New Age Outlaws (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Rico's Pawn Shop

06. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (Universal Motown)
MP3 :: Baptism

05. Pocahaunted - Make It Real (Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Save Yrself (Its Nice)

04. Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - Jet Set Siempre 1°
(Tall Corn Music)
MP3 :: I Want You (So Bad)

03. LA Vampires & Zola Jesus - LA Vampires meets Zola Jesus
(Not Not Fun)
MP3 :: Bone Is Bloodstone

02. Toro y Moi - Causers Of This (Carpark)
MP3 :: Blessa

01. How To Dress Well - Love Remains (Lefse)
MP3 :: My Body

As always, a huge thanks to everyone who keeps coming back here, and to the artists who are constantly working and creating this music for us to selfishly enjoy. w/ ♥