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Our pals over at Weekly Tape Deck and Gorilla vs Bear have both posted videos from this mysterious iamamiwhoami, and now yet another one surfaces. To be honest, I'm less concerned with who it is and more concerned with when can I get a full album of it. Also, the video's only description this time is a link to a slightly terrifying educational video.

EDIT :: Chris over of GvB just pointed out to me that this is the first video, but that goat birthing footage was cut out and now there is a link to the source, I believe. I'm assuming the owner of the footage asked them to remove it.



The mysterious RxRy just hit me with this exclusive premiere of two new tracks. The first is a droning space epic from his upcoming EP, titled SNWMLTR, which will be dropping digitally in February. That's the album art above. The second is a stellar take on 2 Portishead tracks, "Cowboys" and "All Mine".

MP3 ::
RxRy - PRTSHDbngr

Slept Away

Spirit Spine immediately calls to mind Person Pitch, though in a way that seems to be furthering the sound more than copying it. If this first single is any indicator for Jungle Bridges, which is only available digitally right now, then there is a masterpiece on our hands. Grab it along with the Surfhunter EP below. Also head to Rough Trade now to order a copy of the Crashers 7", which drops February 15.

MP3 :: Spirit Spine - Slept Away
Download :: Spirit Spine - Surfhunter EP


For Ex-Lovers Only

Slumberland has announced that they are releasing all 10 previously known Black Tambourine songs along with 6 previously unheard tracks, four of which are new. Black Tambourine is easily noted as one of the biggest influences behind the current movement of lo-fi pop outfits. This release is perfect for old fans and new alike. Grab it March 30th, and keep this one on blast until then.

MP3 :: Black Tambourine - For Ex-Lovers Only

Hearth's Hymn

The funky rhythms behind White Car's lush vocals call to mind something immediately dark and new wave. If Prince had a more tragic outlook on love he might very well have sounded like White Car. Their self-titled debut EP, which drops February 16 on Rainbow Body Records, is insanely thrilling and incredible. Stream the the final two tracks below and get hyped.

Stream ::

White Car - Hearth's Hymn

White Car - The Bridge


Mount McKinley is non-stop killing it with this new track. "Rainsand" starts as a slow, sorrowful climb and quickly becomes a crashing tale of the fear of being too real.

MP3 :: Mount McKinley - Rainsand

End of Days

I've been jamming to GOBBLE GOBBLE for just over a month now and I can't get over how good it is. This new tune is super glitchy and packed with sugar. On top of that, every box comes with a free decoder ring. Also included here are two older GOBBLE GOBBLE track, from his out-of-print first album, Neon Graveyard. If you dig it don't fret, a re-release is in the works.

MP3 ::
GOBBLE GOBBLE - Meteor Eschat


You can also peep a new GOBBLE GOBBLE jam on the next installment on the WAKR monthly mix-tape club, which is curated by myself and will be sent out in a week or so. If you haven't got in on that, head here to do so now, before you miss out. It will also feature new/unreleased tracks from Julian Lynch, Campfires, M. Pyres, Wonder Wheel and more.

Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 3

Our pal Ian over at Friendship Bracelet just dropped another one of his stellar Friendship Bracelet Club mixes. This one features the likes of Family Portrait, High Wolf, Pink Priest, Boneless and many more. It's the cure for the common cold.

Download :: Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 3

On the Sage

This delightful pop odyssey comes from Iowa City's Horsepital. "On the Sage" is a tropical journey that eventually moves it's way to space and ignites everything around it. It's a contained flame that is beauty without chaos.

MP3 :: Horsepital - On the Sage

Video :: Woodsman - Golden Leaves

These guys just don't stop killing it.


Unit 16 (Electronic Music in a Large Room Pt.2)

Ethereal beat master AGT recently sent me these insane jams and I'm stuck. His endless layering in tracks allows them to continually build and deconstruct and build again. It's a seemingly endless beauty that never lasts long enough. This is what the spaces between time sound like.

MP3 ::
AGT - Unit 16 (Electronic Music in a Large Room Pt.2)
AGT - Programmers Lament



If there is one thing you can always rely on with Waylon Thornton, it's getting a fantastic album that is never long enough. This time, however, his side-project Mean Moon does surprise us with a far more experimental album than he's allowed us to grow accustomed to. And it's still fucking brilliant. Bravo.

Download :: Mean Moon - Songs

Timed Pleasure (Body Language Remix)

This fantastic official remix of Toro Y Moi's "Timed Pleasure" comes from Brooklyn's Body Language. Body Language has a remix version of their first EP, Speaks, dropping soon, and on it Chaz will be returning the favor, so keep an eye out for that. If you haven't heard Speaks yet then do yourself the favor.

MP3 :: Toro Y Moi - Timed Pleasure (Body Language Remix)



Boneless just sent over this new glimmering tune. It's pretty like a black eye and shines like one too. Float to this. In other Boneless news, the dude recently did a little three-song collaboration EP with I Am The Dot, which you can grab here. It's insanely good and perfect for the winter.

MP3 :: Boneless - Hymn

Sometimes it Kills

Visions of Trees are finally dropping their EP on Royal Rhino Flying, and it sounds incredible! You can go ahead and pre-order the cd here. The first 25 24 orders get this awesome poster. Peep the second track below and hurry up and get this.

MP3 :: Visions of Trees - Cult of Cobras



Another new track from Julian Lynch has popped up on his blog. This one is called "Stomper" and it's a bit more theatrical that usual, I think. At least for the first half. The second half brings the first part to a screeching halt and manages to still delight.

Stream ::
[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]Julian Lynch - Stomper


Lucky Me!

The Great Valley has a great western garage sound, complete with with whistles and bells. They just dropped a split 12" with Prince Rama on Spooky Town, available here. These two tracks come from their upcoming album titled Holiday, Holinight.

MP3 ::
The Great Valley - Lucky Me!
The Great Valley - Under Beach

Video :: Sunglasses - Whiplash

Trippiest/scariest video ever?

And Then What (Sumsun Remix)

Chris over at Gorilla vs Bear reps Gucci Mane a lot, so I figure I'm gonna start a feud with him by getting behind Young Jeezy. It's what the blogosphere needs. Actually, Judson from Sumsun did this fantastic little remix and I had to post it up. No feud necessary.

MP3 :: Young Jeezy - And Then What (Sumsun Remix)

Sitting Softly in the Sea

Just yesterday I had the great pleasure of debuting some new Golden Ages tracks. I was apparently mistaken in calling Golden Ages a group. It's just one guys, which I find to be quite impressive. Anyway, I stumbled upon this free EP that he gave out last and figured I'd spread it around.

Download :: Golden Ages - Sitting Softly in the Sea

You Know You're Not Alone

matthewdavid, the main man behind Leaving Records, just sent sent over a couple of short, glitchy tracks he's been working on. Both are delightful. Hopefully we'll soon be hearing an album of stuff like this seamlessly threaded together. Also head over to Leaving's headquarters to hear the more blissed out "Carousel Reel".

MP3 ::
matthewdavid - You Know You're Not Alone
matthewdavid - Fernwood Flash


Everything Will We Alright

Jessi over at the Goldest Egg just sent over these mind blowing jams from Philly's Golden Ages. Both tracks will appear on the groups upcoming full-length. Details are still being worked out for a release date, but I'm told it should be in next couple of months. Until then groove to these and head to the myspace for a few more.

MP3 ::
Golden Ages - Everything Will We Alright
Golden Ages - Be Cool

Woozy Viper

If one thing remains evident about me, I hope it's that I absolutely love dirty, bluesy garage-rock. I don't get why anyone wouldn't. Woozy Viper gives us exactly that. Their name is their sound. This is poison that goes down smoother and slicker than anything you've ever encountered. And they're giving away their first album for free. Drink it on down.

Download :: Woozy Viper - Woozy Viper

My Name Is Not Mud

Dana Jewell recently sent over this delightful track from Olympia, WA natives Moon Runners. Dana's own Wild Animal Kingdom Records has just released a cassette version of the bands debut full-length, which you can grab here. It's limited to only 50 copies, so get it soon or miss out on some truly amazing skateboard angst jams.

MP3 :: Moon Runners - My Name Is Not Mud

Video :: Sky Juice - Hard To Kill

Our pal Todd over at OESB has gone and put together another amazing video. This one features a sweet medley of tracks from Sky Juice's Hard To Kill. Apparently about 15 copies of the LP are still collecting dust at the OESB headquarters, so head here to grab a copy quickly, and jam on some more Sky Juice tracks while you wait.

MP3 ::
Sky Juice - Can't Cross The Border
Sky Juice - Empty Grave
Sky Juice - Slimescape (For James Ferraro)

Haiti 2010

Hopefully by now everyone is aware of the disastrous earthquake that struck Haiti. It's a sad thing and a lot of folks are stepping up around the world to lend a helping hand, including a group called the Monome Community. They've just dropped this wonderful album of 27 tracks from artists all over the world at a pay-what-you-want price, with all benefits going to Médecins Sans Frontières. Good music for a good cause. I'd say it's worth it.

Stream :: Monome Community - Haiti 2010


Weed Makes Sex Weird

Winks' psychedelic paced out jams are certainly some of the best weed music I've found. Their songs are deep, long explorations of the mind. Grab the first two tracks from their amazing self-titled full length. More info is soon to come on that.

MP3 ::
Winks - Weed Makes Sex Weird
Winks - Gold Mine

Video :: I Am The Dot - Love Song for Camus

All there is is you and I Am The Dot.

Video :: Phil and the Osophers - Well Being

Such a wonderful video!

Don't Leave Me On The Speaker

The first time I listened to Eat Skull was on the recommendation of Kurt Vile. If that's not a good enough reason to listen I don't know what is. Now the brilliant minds over at Woodsist have added Eat Skull to their roster. First up is a new single that drops on Tuesday. Grab the first b-side below.

MP3 :: Eat Skull - Don't Leave Me On The Speaker

Dead Horses

With the abundance of weed names floating around right now, simply going by Weed seems so simple. Perhaps simple is best to get to the music quicker. Regardless, Willy Anderson, aka Weed, has been jamming through my headphones for the past week and I doubt I'll be putting it to rest any time soon. Listen to a couple jams below and then head to the dudes myspace to grab the cassette for just $5.

MP3 ::
Weed - Dead Horses
Weed - Shift


Our pals from Woodsman have gone and started up their own record label called Fire Talk. Their first vinyl release will be a split 7" that features this incredible space jam from Denver native Tjutjuna, with Fissure Mystic taking over the flipside.

MP3 :: Tjutjuna - Collider



This incredible pop jam just popped into my inbox today and it's sure to see plenty of spins. Fuzzy, warm, and just super groovy, you just can't help but to dig DOM's classic pop sensibility. Check out "Jesus" below and pray for more jams like this from these guys soon.

MP3 :: DOM - Jesus


In The Dark

Mount McKinley just finished up this distorted sensation of a track and sent it over. Its playful fuzzy charm captures you immediately, asking for your attention. The tune is almost perfect and it'll stick with you for hours. Just let it finish.

MP3 :: Mount McKinley - In The Dark


Faces on the River Side

I just received these haunting drone heavy tracks from Yukon native Broken Deer. The music screams of a lost soul that can't tell you what it needs. It's beautiful and tragic. Grab her first album, Our Small Going, from Gandhara Records in mp3 form for whatever price you choose.

MP3 ::
Broken Deer - Faces on the River Side
Broken Deer - White Woman


Video :: Alice Cohen - Memories of Glaciers

This is easily the best video I've seen in a while. The animation was done by Cohen herself, and features the last track on Walking Up Walls, released last summer by Olde English Spelling Bee.


Girls FM

King Tuff's Was Dead cassette has seen it's fair share of abuse from my cassette deck, and Eric over at gravity has completely worn his out. Naturally I'm pretty excited about his upcoming full band album under the name Happy Birthday, dropping courtesy of Sub Pop. Chris over at Gorilla vs Bear got the exclusive on this new jam that pretty much sounds like King Tuff with a backing band, and that's all I could ask for.

MP3 :: Happy Birthday - Girls FM

Video :: Girls - Morning Light

Because that stuffed dog is just adorable. The single for Morning Light drops on February 22 over in Europe via Turnstile and Fantasy Trashcan.


The Business

Something about these funky tunes from Shrur calls to mind the incredible Toe Jam & Earl, and the hours of fun I had playing it as a kid. I'm not sure what else could be said to better describe these awesome jams, so I'll just leave it there.

MP3 ::
Shrur - The Business
Shrur - Danzo

Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles

So our friend Philip Seymour Hoffman sent me these tracks a few weeks ago and I've been sitting them like a mother goose. I've no clue why I kept these brilliant beauties hidden from you guys so long, but nevertheless, here they are.

MP3 ::
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Everything In My Cupboards Is Moldy

Animal Battles

How To Fight Records has an awesome 7" series started up called the Animal Battles, in which they ask an artist to record an a-side and then under a pseudonym record a b-side in a style not typical of there band. The first in the series has VOICEsVOICEs using the pseudonym Gold Ether. Grab the a-side below and head here to grab a copy of the 7".

MP3 :: VOICEsVOICEs - Tidal


Yours Truly

Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands don't seem to ever slow down. Fresh off the release of Pure Evil they are already releasing another wonderful collection of trashy garage rock. You can grab the whole thing here, and make sure to cop it on tape later this month from White Moon Recordings.

Download :: Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands - Yours Truly

Was It Worth It

Our pals over at Transparent just dropped this stunning new Summer Camp jam on us. The song is a tale of heartache backed by some funky bass and delightfully playful synths. Summer camp certainly does one thing well: leave you begging for more.

MP3 :: Summer Camp - Was It Worth It


The Truth

Gorilla vs. Bear just shined some light on this beautiful new jj tune, from her sold-out From Africa to Malaga 12" single. After hearing this I really can't wait to hear jj n° 3.

Stream ::
jj - The Truth

The Years

Memoryhouse dropped their new EP the other day and it is every bit as amazing as I thought it would be. Now I have to wait out this dreadful cold season for their next release, a cassette dropping on Arcade Sound. Hopefully this will whet my appetite until the Spring arrives.

Download :: Memoryhouse - The Years EP

Allie McRaw

I think you would call Walter Gross heavy grime-hop. I just enetered the business of making up genres! For real though, this is some distorted, noisy, fuzzy as fuck mess with obvious hip-hop influence. This is good. You can order the full-length, titled LA Pink Filth, from I Had An Accident Records now.

MP3 ::
Walter Gross - Allie McRaw
Walter Gross - That Which Can't Be Told

Convertable Babes

This album of gems by the mysterious RxRy (pronounced Rex Ray) fell into my inbox yesterday and I'm spinning it for the third time right now. I'm pretty obsessed. I have no idea who this is, but I wanna shake his hand. Their hand? Shit like this usually ends up just being one person, so we'll see. Super danceable for the dance kids, super fuzzy for the lo-fi kids, super dreamy for the glo-fi/dream-pop kids. This album is damn near perfect. Get blazed and jam to it kids!

Download :: RxRy - RxRy


A Horn Blown Softly Brightening

This two-song EP from Elephant Blue just showed up in my inbox with only this message:
recorded to 4 track 1/8/09.
all songs by elephant blue.

elephant blue has no website or contact information.
future recordings to be release on vinyl and cassette from snapping lighter.
Now, I can't even find any real info on Snapping Lighter, so we'll see what happens. I'm digging these two so hard, though. I also came up with that album art since I hate having no art on iTunes.

MP3 ::
Elephant Blue - A Horn Blown Softly Brightening
Elephant Blue - The Blue Element

Walter TV x Karl Blau Live

I first heard of Walter TV a few months back via Don't Die Wondering. The band just sent over this fantastic live set from the DoS that they recorded with Karl Blau last summer. It's several songs spanning one track just over sixteen minutes in length, and fucking incredible.

MP3 :: Walter TV - Live And Dubbed At The DoS (with Karl Blau)

Synchronize (White Sea Remix)

I just had this incredible remix of Solid Gold's "Synchronize" dropped into my inbox. It comes from White Sea, aka Morgan Kibby of M83 fame. While the original is a danceable delight filled with whirring synths, White Sea's take on it spaces it out into a more ethereal experience, guiding you through stars and asteroid fields. The Synchronize EP drops on January 12th, though you can go ahead and stream it here.

MP3 :: Solid Gold - Synchronize (White Sea Remix)


LSD In 1983

Sumsun is a combination of all those pieces of cheesy pop songs that we actually do love mixed with that glowing, floaty sound that comes from glo-fi labeled acts. These are what a brilliant top 40 writer would pen while blazed and drifting down a lazy river. Their debut album LAKE LIFE drops in the next month or so, and I'd say so far it sounds quite promising.

MP3 ::
Sumsun - LSD In 1983
Sumsun - Listen


She Was A Vision (Pina Chulada Remix)

The cats at Transparent are releasing a 7" of Active Child's "She Was A Vision" a week from today, and it's b-side is easily one of my favorite tracks of last year, "Voice Of An Old Friend". They just sent over this remix of the a-side by Pina Chulada, who also crafted one of my favorite jams of last year. It sounds like it has Sonic the Hedgehog running all over it. Head over to GvB to hear the remix for the b-side from Summer Camp.

MP3 :: Active Child - She Was A Vision (Pina Chulada Remix)

A Woman

Yesterday Bradford Cox added Old King Cole Younger as a contributor to his blog, and Younger's first post was this jam from The Bandits, who shook things up in Marietta back in the '60s, before it was the place to be. Killer jam.

MP3 :: The Bandits - A Woman


Chocolate Bobka just posted up this delightful track from Pigeons. In describing it he referred to Tarantino (Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie) and Neil Krug (peep the background), so naturally I was intrigued. As it turns out the song was written especially for me. At least, it sure seemed that way. Grab the 7" that includes this track and three others here, and jive to rumors of an LP release soon on OESB.

MP3 :: Pigeons - Tendresse


Get Off My Ladies' Dick

It's come to my attention that after the ladies over at BUTTERxFACE posted their guidelines the other day they've been getting some flack for it. Before I say anything about the fact that people are giving them flack, let me just note that those guidelines have always been written on the side of the blog. Now they just have 'em on a pretty little image. I get why people would be put off by the guidelines and such, but fuck that. If you don't dig their vibes just go to another website. If a band wants to just send out a few tracks, there are plenty of blogs like me and most of the one's in my blogroll that do that. Just go to those blogs. BxF is for bands that are comfortable with allowing people to hear the entire album before buying it. People who buy music will still buy those albums if they truly appreciate them. So dig on that for a bit and let the ladies just do their thing.

Four One Once Twice

The music of Dylan Jones, aka Clove Gum is astounding at once, immediately terrifying, and inviting before anything. It sucks you in, refusing to ever spit you out. Check out these two tunes and if you dig message him on myspace to get a copy of the CD, Tim & Davey.

MP3 ::
Clove Gum - Four One Once Twice
Clove Gum - Tirely

Bridgetown Records Winter Sampler

Kevin Greenspon, fantastic songwriter and head honcho over at Bridgetown Records, recently sent over a few jams from recent releases and such. He and I agree that you'll probably be into this. What's cooler is that if you are into it then Bridgetown has a sweet little special going on you'll love even more. You can order all 6 of the CDs these tracks come from now for just $20, ppd. I promise you that's a killer deal. I'll just let the tunes do the convincing.

MP3 ::
Trudgers - Wait For You
Nicole Kidman - I'm In Love With A Jehovah's Witness
Vehicle Blues - Punks On Transit
Cloud Nothings - Can't Stay Awake
Kevin Greenspon + Nicole Kidman - Tyrone
Nicole Kidman - Woman Overload (Malice)


Too Late To Choose

Chris d'Eon, or simply D'EON, crafts smooth R&B washed with psychedelia and synth galore, which has been blasting through my headphones all morning. His recent cassette release on Numbers Station, ÆON, has me totally enamored. It's brilliant club bangers infused with bedroom recorded vocals ring reminiscent of Washed Out, and this guys been doing it for just a while longer. Head here to grab a copy of ÆON. Peep some tracks below and head to his myspace for more jams.

MP3 ::
D'EON - Too Late To Choose
D'EON - The Girl From Koln Is Gone