Get Off My Ladies' Dick

It's come to my attention that after the ladies over at BUTTERxFACE posted their guidelines the other day they've been getting some flack for it. Before I say anything about the fact that people are giving them flack, let me just note that those guidelines have always been written on the side of the blog. Now they just have 'em on a pretty little image. I get why people would be put off by the guidelines and such, but fuck that. If you don't dig their vibes just go to another website. If a band wants to just send out a few tracks, there are plenty of blogs like me and most of the one's in my blogroll that do that. Just go to those blogs. BxF is for bands that are comfortable with allowing people to hear the entire album before buying it. People who buy music will still buy those albums if they truly appreciate them. So dig on that for a bit and let the ladies just do their thing.


  1. Jheri,

    You have a bed in the mansion
    any night of the week


  2. sorry for yalz metaphorical penis(es)

  3. i appreciate this post! and i will follow your advice. and i will also speak my mind whenever i want because i can, so i did. :) i do appreciate your attitude toward it, though. live and let live, right?