Heavenly Taco Midnight

I made this mix for the February edition of Wild Animal Kingdom's Monthly Mix-Tape Club, and now that February is coming to an end, here it is for free download. This is the first in a series of mixes I'm starting. I'm going to try to have a new mix every 2 months. If anyone would like to order a CD-R packaged in a 5"x5" sleeve with handmade collages on each side just paypal $5 to jherievans@gmail.com and I'll fire that your way. Peep the tracklist and download below.

Tracklist ::
01. Julian Lynch - Red Hot Chili Peppers
02. Campfires - Royal Orange
03. Wild Safari - Your Bruise
04. Kevin Greenspon - The Ride Home
05. Pink Priest - Teenage Passion
06. BONES - The Kids Are All Wrong
07. M. Pyres - Gyser I & II
08. Wonder Wheel - Come Over Here-Warmth
09. GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives
10. Ghostape - Sometimes

Download :: Heavenly Taco Midnight

Video :: Hard Mix - You Are Gold

New Hard Mix is wonderful.


In Teen Dreams

Richard over at Half Machine Records just sent over mp3s of their latest release, an awesome split 7" with Ancient Crux and Weed Diamond. Both tracks are fantastic, and the artwork (above) is incredible. You can bet I'm hitting this pre-order.

MP3 ::
Ancient Crux - In Teen Dreams
Weed Diamond - Nothing to Write Home About

On n On (Visions of Trees Remix)

Visions of Trees takes Comanechi's already grimy thumper to the jungle with this killer remix. Liten to the original at their space. You can grab Comanechi's Crime of Love here, thanks to Merok Records.

MP3 :: Comanechi - On n On (Visions Of Trees Remix)

Nite Delights

Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things jam out spacey psychedelic haze over murky desolate worlds. What makes them even cooler is that they give it away for free.

Download :: Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things - Nite Delights

Invisible Sex

The folks over at Clan Destine Records recently sent over a couple of tracks from their newest release, an EP from Ouija. Sunny fuzz pop that lives on it own time plane. It's continuous building and rebuilding is magnificent. The 7" drops March 23rd, but you can pre-order it here.

MP3 ::
Ouija - Invisible Sex
Ouija - Sarah Tonin

Micro-Pixel-Rites Presents

An Unofficial SXSW House Party

The ladies of PIXELHORSE, Vistiation Rites, and Microphone Memory Emotion are throwing an unofficial SXSW 2010 House Party. I'll definitely be there.

Beer, BBQ, and Babes
1204 Salina St
Thursday March 18th, 2010


Video :: Railcars - There Is Ice; It Is Blue

From the fine folks at They Shoot Music.

Cloud Dog

Leaving has really been on their game lately. First they scooped up Sumsun, and now they are putting out an EP this summer with dreamy space-trip jams from Tamma's Music Box. Tamma also has a future release dropping on Wigflip, the fly label behind Run DMT and Happy Family.

MP3 :: Tamma's Music Box - Cloud Dog

Cool Enough For School

The rad dudes over at Breakfast of Champs just sent over some news on their newest release from the Craters, Teenage High School. Their fuzzed out intimate songs could slowly guide you through a deep heavily wooded marsh on a humid summer day. Head here to grab a copy, and while you're you're over there grab the pre-order for that Truman Peyote split with Turtle Ambulance.

MP3 ::
The Craters - Cool Enough For School
The Craters - Hi Five

Video :: Diamond Black Hearted Boy - No Ghost Just A Shell

Fucking with your breakfast and shit.


Never Yours

Irish psychgaze rockers Low Sea recently sent over this tune from their new cd, Las Olas. The CD comes in a cool little tin, and can be ordered here. I'll let the song do the convincing, but if you need more then check out their cover of Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" at their space.

MP3 :: Low Sea - Never Yours


Wouldn't Mind

Ridgewood (Jersey) dudes Big Troubles recently dropped a new EP on Blackburn Recordings. Check out the final track below and grab a copy here.

MP3 :: Big Troubles - Wouldn't Mind


Daniel Cundiff of Eternal Summers just sent over some news about his other music project, The Young Sinclairs. They've released five albums in the past five years and now Kindercore is putting together a sort of best of, titled The Songs of the Young Sinclairs. If you've never heard them before then this is a great introduction to an absolutely incredible band. The Young Sinclairs will also be releasing a new album on Chimney Sweep this summer, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

MP3 ::
The Young Sinclairs - Darling
The Young Sinclairs - Up Against The Wall
The Young Sinclairs - Help You Decide


It's certainly no wonder why this new jam from Mathemagic is titled "High". It immediately lifts you with it's sparkling synth, and the vocals couldn't float any higher. This is the soundtrack for a magic carpet ride above a South American rain forest.

MP3 :: Mathemagic - High

Red Sky

Devices Disguised just hit us with some new tunes that are absolutely mind blowing. Hopefully we'll get a full release from him soon. He's thinking March. He is also working on new side project with Woven Tales. Celebrate?

MP3 ::
Devices Disguised - Red Sky
Devices Disguised - And They All Said
Devices Disguised - Ending Scene

Video :: Best Coast - Crazy

Yours Truly along with p4k hooked up some sweet footage of Best Coast jamming out some live songs and browsing through a record store. Check out part one above, and then head here for part two.


Video :: RxRy - Edvrd Rvrfy Guitr

Got a grinder today. Put that to use and this RxRy video has owned my night.

2nd Love Song 2

Our pal Dana Jewell just dropped off a couple of new tunes with the attached note: "Here's some sad songs. She's gone." While I don't like seeing Dana bummed out, it's hard to argue with such beautiful songs. As always it's just him and a guitar, and yet he gives you more emotion than many full bands can. Chin up Dana, just keep writing good songs.

MP3 ::
Dana Jewell - 2nd Love Blues 2
Dana Jewell - Learned to Write A Song

Might Mountain

Oh Fortuna have a delightful pop nature that fills itself with whirling synths and tranquil thuds to create a perfect hooked out fantasy world. This is nearly spiritual music for those of us without spirits. Big things are happening in Gainesville, FL, and Oh Fortuna is right at the center of it all.

MP3 :: Oh Fortuna - Might Mountain


Video :: Pill Wonder - Wishing Whale

Pill Wonder's LP is finally dropping February 28, for those that missed the cassette when it dropped on Wild Animal Kingdom. Luckily Underwater Peoples know a good thing when they hear it and put it down on wax.


Sight Prayer

His Clancyness just dropped by with a floating new track. The tune is part of a 12" dropping on Secret Furry Hole this Spring, and it is the soundtrack for an art exhibition of the paintings of Ester Grossi. His Clancyness also has a cassette dropping in March on Mirror Universe, so look forward to more new music.

MP3 :: His Clancyness - Sight Prayer


Recent favorite Emily Reo just sent over this fantastic cover of Built To Spill's "Car". I loved this song in high school so I was definitely thrilled. Emily gives it her typical slowed down tape-organ sound, while her vocals bring the proper emotion to the song. I'm sure BTS would be proud.

MP3 :: Emily Reo - Car (Built To Spill Cover)

Golden Cypress

The awesome dudes over at Harding Street Assembly Lab recently sent over the b-side for their newest 7" release. This is the first release from The Late Virginia Summers since becoming a 2-piece. Listen to the sun ripen the air in this one. Shoot an email to hardingstreet@gmail.com to order a copy of the 7" for just $5.

MP3 :: The Late Virginia Summers - Golden Cypress


Rad Fest

Local punk enthusiast Chason Huggins has put said enthusiasm to some awesome work with this one. Rad Fest will include bands such as Leatherface, The Menzingers, Photoclub and many more. Head here to grab tickets for just $25, and a t-shirt designed by Joshua Mikel. Also, if you're new to Wilmington Chason has even put together a nice guide to our finer attractions here. Lastly, head here for a full list of all bands playing.

Little Nums

In Every Room just sent over some new tunes the other day with that hedonistic jungle fever intact. These infectious jams will make you pull out your tribal mask and start dancing through the vast, dark reaches of space.

MP3 ::
In Every Room - Little Nums
In Every Room - Untitled

Bark Of A Cedar

Wolf In A Spacesuit make eclectic danceable tunes that are reminiscent of recent of Montreal. Very groovy. Their new 7" drops later this month on the newly launched Hi-Scores Recording Library. What's cooler is that if you order the 7" you will get a free download of the groups 17-track EP, Pink Slip. Peep the a-side below and head here to order.

MP3 :: Wolf In A Spacesuit - Bark Of A Cedar


Kites Sail High just dropped this fantastic little EP in our laps recently. It's full of slow whirs and bright spasms. You can download Alone for free below, and pick it up in cassette form on Life's Blood soon.

Download :: Kites Sail High - Alone

Hemp Scented Body Lotion

This email just arrived asking me to give you guys some VD, which is short for Vacation Dad. His stomping psychedelia melts around your brain and fills in all the gaps. Eternal bliss?

MP3 :: Vacation Dad - Hemp Scented Body Lotion

Video :: Tan Dollar - The Turning Point

So wonderful!

Hexa Goner

Prince Bedtime makes lazy daydream music full of hisses and squeals. Apparently it's called magician pop. You can grab his debut cassette, Wildnight Dream Throne, from Spooky Town now.

MP3 :: Prince Bedtime - Hexa Goner

Vulture Funk

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands are returning to form with Vulture Funk, dropping next month. Peep the jarring title track now.

MP3 :: Waylon Thornton & the Heavy Hands - Vulture Funk


Bong Voyage

After hearing our pal McGregor constantly sing the praises of Run DMT, I finally packed a bowl and gave it a listen last night. I obviously had no clue what I was missing. If you could fly at the Earth's core this would be the sound track as flecks of molten rock were picked away from you skin. Peep a couple of mixes below, and head to Chocolate Bobka to grab a few others.

Download ::
Run DMT - Bong Voyage
Run DMT - Get Ripped or Die Trying

GvB was just delivered another one of these bizarre videos from iamamiwhoami. You can see her a lot more in this one, which has only proven to me that I really have no clue who it is.

Video :: Mountain Man Live On A Hill




[VIA] // [VIA] // [VIA]

Dance Of The Seven Veils

Julian Lynch just upped this short new tune from the soundtrack to How Mata Hari Lost Her Head and Found Her Body, a short film by Amy Ruhl. Ruhl's apartment was recently burglarized and much of the equipment she was using was stolen in the incident. In order to refinance the film she has started her own Kickstarter Project. Please help out if you can, and let's see this film get finished!

Stream ::

Julian Lynch - Dance Of The Seven Veils

No Age on Daytrotter

New No Age jams on Daytrotter. Need I say more?

Stream/Download :: No Age - Daytrotter Session

Les Bull (A Pre-Causers Toro y Moi Mix)

This fantastic mix of Toro Y Moi songs comes from a new duo out of Frederick, Maryland that goes by the name Spirit. It features material not on Causers Of This, his new LP from Carpark Records, though for all we know some of these tracks may appear on his second LP, dropping sometime this August.

Download ::
Toro Y Moi - Les Bull (Spirit Mix)

Electric Shithole

Our pal's over at Leaving Records just sent over the new Dem Hunger album and it is amazing. This sweltering, grimy collection of insanity lives inside it's own moment. It's limited to a 100 cassette run that also includes some limited tracks and a small art book, so get on this asap.

MP3 :: Dem Hunger - Electric Shithole


One Thing

Hard Mix definitely lies in the Glo-Fi category that fellow South Carolina natives Toro Y Moi and Washed Out have become icons in. Instead of using his own vocals, however, he samples A Capella tracks from the likes of Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake and more. They're not really remixes though, as he only uses fragments of the vocals and the music is created first.

MP3 ::
Hard Mix - One Thing
Hard Mix - Ballin'
Hard Mix - All The Time

Keep The Faith

D'EON just sent over some tracks for us to check out. Blaze through a tunnel of love to this.

MP3 ::
D'EON - Keep The Faith
D'EON - Prochaine Station


At A Glance (Toro y Moi Remix)

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome pleasure of sharing the Body Language remix of "Timed Pleasure". This time Toro Y Moi is returning the favor with this vibrant, relaxed version of "At A Glance". All this remixing is in support of Body Language reissuing their debut EP, Speaks, with new remixes to accompany it. Along with this lazy drifter it will feature remixes by the likes of Yes Giantess, Machinedrum and more.

MP3 :: Body Language - At A Glance (Toro y Moi Remix)


The Report

I've mentioned this several times on my twitter and tumblr, but for those who don't care for such time-wasting things it's time to get savvy. Our pal McGregor over at Chocolate Bobka has started up a biannual 100+ page journal called The Report. Each issue comes with a DVD and a mix-tape. The journal includes contributions from Dent May, Matt Mondanile, and Sawyer Carter Jacobs amongst many others, and the cassette will come with a digital download of it's tracks. Peep the tracklist and order it here. He'll only be accepting orders for another week or so.


RxRy just sent over a new track. It's the first track he's done with vocals, though it seems he's warped them so much that they just sound like another piece of the beat. If it didn't sound so incredible I might have a problem with that.



Rude as Jude

For those of you that can't get enough of "Jesus", DOM has swooped in with another amazing track. "Rude as Jude" slows things down a bit, though one thing that shines through with each track is that DOM lives life his way, and there is nothing wrong with that. Does that count as punk music?

Stream ::

DOM - Rude as Jude


Jesus (GOBBLE GOBBLE's Straightedge Glowsticks)

GOBBLE GOBBLE just sent over this fun little remix of DOM's "Jesus". It's sounds a like a techno cassette that is severely warped, though still danceable throughout.

MP3 :: DOM - Jesus (GOBBLE GOBBLE's Straightedge Glowsticks)

Video :: Girls - Honey Bunny (Live)

New Girls track, and because there are two True Panther stickers on my desk beside me. [H/T Stereogum]


Midnight Shower

Trailblazer takes the elixir of the gods and digests it, then regurgitates it into something frightening and beautiful. His new EP is available now on Itslips, a new tape label started by James Friley (aka Idiot Glee). Peep the first and last track below.

MP3 ::
Trailblazer - Midnight Shower
Trailblazer - Thank Dio

White Noise & Dead Air

Ryan Hemsworth is a busy dude. When he isn't writing his own blog, titled A Half-Warmed Fish, he's making some pretty thrilling glitched out jams and remixes. Mega cool beans. Also head over to his myspace and grab the link for his EP.

MP3 ::
Ryan Hemsworth - White Noise & Dead Air
DOM - Jesus (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Freddie Gibbs - Boxframe Cadillac (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


Another new album from Mean Moon, because Waylon Thornton has clearly never heard of sleep. As always it's short but totally moist. Formula.

Download :: Mean Moon - Explorers

Peaced Together

The fine folks over at Whitehaus Family Record sent over some mind-numbing tracks from the Truman Peyote split 12" with Many Mansions they are releasing in mid march. Each band contributes four tracks, and all eight songs are amazing. Grab the pre-order here, and peep a track from each side below.

MP3 ::
Truman Peyote - Numbjob
Many Mansions - Sparkly Portal


Metal On Your Skin

Emily Reo makes soft drone pop reminiscent of the winter ocean and Pan's Labyrinth. Her songs are soft and subtle, allowing you to slip into a comfort zone where these jams will decide to live forever. Her new cassette titled Minha Gatinha is available now through A Dracula Records. Totally moist vibes.

MP3 ::
Emily Reo - Metal On Your Skin
Emily Reo - Tell Us All

Crashers (Highs And Lows)

Just a couple of days ago I posted up a new Spirit Spine track, with new of his upcoming 7". Well now we get a chance to hear the first and fourth tracks from said 7". The single is dropping through Make Mine, but you can already pre-order it from Rough Trade here.

MP3 ::
Spirit Spine - Crashers (Highs and Lows)
Spirit Spine - No Psychic