Go Outside + Forest Family

My homeboys from Weekly Tape Deck and Gorilla vs Bear just started up their own record label called Forest Family. I'm very excited for them, and they have great taste in music so I'm even more excited to see what's up next.
Their first release is from an apparently mysterious duo that seemingly everyone but myself has heard of. Cults 7" single is limited to 400 copies pressed on yellow vinyl and you can head here to pre-order it now.

MP3 ::
Cults - Go Outside
Cults - Most Wanted


Hustlin Daze

This new track from Cop Magnet is absolutely nuts. At this rate he may be added to the ranks of Young Money at any minute. I spend my days in a haze getting money.

MP3 :: Cop Magnet - Hustlin Daze

Exclusive :: Eggs in Carrion (Ghostape Remix)

My homeboy Ghostape recently decided to do a sweet little remix of the final track on GOBBLE GOBBLE's wonderful first album, Neon Graveyard. The result is a thrilling combination of tropical minimalism and glitchy pop that is tough to take off repeat.

MP3 :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - Eggs in Carrion (Ghostape Remix)
Download :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - Neon Graveyard


On May 15 Anticon will be dropping the new Tobacco album, titled Maniac Meat. Peep the first single below. Stellar cut up sweater jams.

MP3 :: Tobacco - Sweatmother

Stream Hippies

For those of you that haven't yet heard Harlem's debut release on Matador, Hippies is now streaming in its entirety over at the band's myspace.

Dead Sun (Museum of Bellas Artes Remix)

The incredibly rad dudes over at Force Majeure just dropped off this fantastic new remix of "Dead Sun" by Liquid Vega. Museum of Bellas Artes takes the already over five-minutes of slightly tropical exploration and turns it completely into their own eight-minute journey through the heart's valves at a steady pulse-like pace.

MP3 :: Liquid Vega - Dead Sun (Museum of Bellas Artes Remix)

Video :: Small Black - Despicable Dogs


Cali Hills

Guilty Simpson is all set to drop his next album, OJ Simpson, on May 18 via Stones Throw. And if that doesn't get you excited enough, Madlib produced the entire album. Peep "Cali Hills" below, where Guilty gives you a brief run through of his beginnings.

MP3 :: Guilty Simpson - Cali Hills (Produced by Madlib)


I Wonder

From it's opener, "Living In America," all the way to the last track, "I Wonder," DOM's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods is a quick contender for album of the year. It's a perfect whirlwind of fuzzy synth pop to keep you moving. Peep that last 'shameless pop' jam below, and look out for the album on tape or CD from Burning Mill Records on April 1. Vinyl lovers will have to wait til May 1, though I promise it's worth the wait.

MP3 :: DOM - I Wonder

Everything Is Working

Last week while I was in Austin Games sent this track over. I wish it hadn't taken me this long to get to it. This song is perfect.

MP3 :: Games - Everything Is Working



Here are some angsty new garage jams from Golden Girls upcoming EP, titled U L T I M A T E F R E E D O M on the new but already killing it Burning Mill Records.

MP3 ::
Golden Girls - Newports
Golden Girls - Dreams

Spring Break 2011 (Summer In Space Mix)

Railcars recently did this sweet remix for Philip Seymour Hoffman, and has assured me he's hard at work on the next Railcars release. If I'm to understand this correctly he is covering Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. If anyone can make that work it's definitely him.

MP3 :: Philip Seymour Hoffman - Spring Break 2011 (Railcars Summer In Space Mix)


Tyler Newbold, aka Boas just stepped into the electronic ambiance battlefield with his debut self-titled release, but he's already a heavyweight contender. He also realizes the power of giving away his first album. I'm pretty sure we'll all be back for round two, even if it costs a few bucks next time.

Download :: Boas - Boas

Video :: Erykah Badu - Window Seat

[via GvB]

Free Inside A Plan

The first time I listened to Paean's upcoming album on Act So Big Forest, Songs For Us To Sing, I was immediately aware of their resemblance to Bright Eyes. More than anything I was worried that people might just right this band off as just some folks that want to be Bright Eyes, when the truth is that they are already so much more. Beyond the vocals the similarities thin out quite a bit. The instrumentation is what carries this record through, while the lyrics themselves provide it's integral structure. The true beauty of such an incredible folk album is culled from the near eighteen months of work it took to complete and the obvious dedication each person involved.

MP3 :: Paean - Free Inside A Plan

Video :: Active Child - Wilderness (Live)

[via Yours Truly]


See Birds

This one has apparently been all over the blogosphere, but I just heard it today when my buddy Cecil mentioned it. Balam Acab definitely fits into that "drag" genre seemingly created by Salem, but he is levels above. I might even be willing to crown him king. Head to his myspace to hear more bone melting jams.

MP3 ::
Balam Acab - See Birds
Balam Acab - See Birds (Coyote Clean Up Dub)

I Want Content

Weed recently dropped this four song EP of demos from his upcoming LP. After listening the LP is definitely towards the top of my most anticipated releases. I'll be sure to keep you posted when more info is available.

Download :: Weed - LP Demos

Channel Spirits Thru VHS

Our pal Kieron from Wolf Tapes just got at me to let me know that Wolf Tapes is now not only his artistic moniker, but also the name of his new cassette label. That might get a bit confusing. Sky Stadium's Spring Escape To Oceania, their newest release, is a spaced out trip through narrow tunnels of light and sound. You can order the cassette here, and preview a couple tracks below.

MP3 ::
Sky Stadium - Channel Spirits Thru VHS
Sky Stadium - Dreamsprite


Here are two more syrup-laden bangers from the mysterious Stalker. I'm not sure anyone can get on this level, what with the wolves advancing from every corner, and wraiths preparing to steal your soul with every slight mistake. No, I'd say it's best to leave this level for the Stalkers of this world while we sit comfortably to the side and watch our gladiators go.

MP3 ::
Stalker - Nausea
Stalker - Intro

Tropical Fantasy Edit

The homies in Blissed Out just sent over this stunning new jam. They're planning on dropping a full-length soon, and this is our first glimpse. It should go without saying that I'm excited. If you need more (you will need more) blaze it to this flicker fest of wonderful imagery.

MP3 :: Blissed Out - Tropical Fantasy Edit

Snow Bear River Fire

While I was at SXSW I ended having the awesome privilege of hanging out with all eight members of the group Candy Claws. It still astounds me that that every one of them is just so genuinely nice and fun to be around. Unfortunately before then their music had somehow eluded me. They played almost all new material from their upcoming album on TwoSyllable titled Hidden Lands, and the video above is a little teaser for that. Below is their take on Shel Silverstein's The Bear, The Fire, and The Snow. These guys never stop playing on my dream island.

MP3 :: Candy Claws - Snow Bear River Fire


Rise and Descend the Mountain

Matt over at Patient Sounds just sent over their newest release from a friend of his by the name of Littoral Drift. But don't think the friendship is what convinced him, the tunes speak volumes for themselves. Patient sounds really is the best way to put it. The songs draw themselves out at a leisurely pace and give you a scenic tour through stormy desert scenes from western films to the blackest depths of the ocean to the inside of the world's most deadly lawn mower. You'll definitely want to order a copy on cassette, but you can download and listen to it first below.

Download :: Littoral Drift - Rise and Descend the Mountain


It's finally starting to significantly warm up around here, which is perfect timing for these groovy new surf jams from GOTC favorite High Magic. These tunes are perfect.

MP3 ::
High Magic - Moon/Ruin
High Magic - Cosmic w/o Logic
High Magic - S.O


The mysterious Stalker has begun taking the internet by storm with his liquid dark jams. I'm hearing a lot of this sound lately, but Stalker manages to wrap you into his following until you'd rather die than quit coming back from more. It seems that each day he is uploading a new song to his website. I'm not sure how long that will go on, but hopefully he doesn't quit anytime soon.

MP3 ::
Stalker - PRELUDE


My buddy Lou over at Salad Fork has started up a kickstarter to fund his new project called #mixtapesforhaiti. The basic idea is you can buy a cassette featuring wonderful unheard tracks from RxRy, Memoryhouse, Woodsman and more and at the same time help with the rebuilding of lives in Haiti. Dig it.

Geeked Out

On this thud heavy banger our boy Ryan Hemsworth got on some extra syrupy shit and threw it down with Cop Magnet, and in the last minute Rene stepped it up with some whirling synths to merge the dirty south and the glo-fi jungles.

MP3 :: Cop Magnet - Geeked Out (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth & Rene)


Dream Shake

I'm home! SXSW was a total blast. Keep an eye out in the next week or two for a full write-up on that. Unless you're ADD. Then it probably won't be your thing. But I'll keep this one brief for you and focus on the tunes. Cool World hails from Providence and their new Tape is available now from DŒS ARE. For those unfamiliar, DŒS ARE is Edwin from Tonstartssbandht's label. Need I say more?

MP3 ::
Cool World - Dream Shake
Cool World - Cabana Boys
Cool World - Heavy Pets



Alright kids, I'm heading to SXSW on a bus in an hour or so, and I'm leaving the computer at home. I may try to update with pictures with someone else's computer or something, but there probably won't be much to see here for the next week. Terribly sorry about that folks.


Round and Round

This little gem dropped into my inbox this morning as I was heading to work and I completely forgot about it until now. This funky pop jam from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti comes from their forthcoming album on 4AD. A 7" drops on April 26 with the b-side "Mistaken Wedding". I've long been a big Ariel Pink fan, and his constant evolution never ceases to amaze me. This is easily one of the best tracks he's ever written.

MP3 :: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round

Video Premiere :: Weed Diamond - Snowmelt

I got blazed earlier and put together this video for the incredible new Weed Diamond track from their 7" single on Transparent. The band liked it so much they decided to make it the official video. Hope you enjoy! Oh, the clips come from a brief documentary called Hippies in het Vondelpark, 1973.


Aqua Net

Raw Moans just sent over a wonderful new track from his upcoming we want it beautiful NOT REAL EP, a collection of covers or recreations of "90s ghetto jams." This soulful one is his take on "He's Mine" by Mokenstef.

MP3 :: Raw Moans - Aqua Net


Games is the collaboration of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Joel Ford (Tigercity). This song is amazing. I'll let the groups explanation give you the right idea.
This track began as a video concept in which Joel and I are 90s high tech corporate dads, except our cubicles are party jam stations comprised of drum machines and synths and tactical flowcharts on how to make the best possible music ever. We meet by the water cooler and I give Joel a folder that says PROGRAM A JAM on it and i point at my watch, like ‘Get it done by 5 dude or my goose is cooked.’ later on Joel bumps into a ~really~ fine girl in the hallway and her folders fly everywhere. She ends up taking the PROGRAM A JAM folder and he takes one that says TOP SECRET KGB STUFF on it. He takes it back to his desk and send me links to hot pics of said babe getting railed by the boss in the boiler room. We go to Chilis at some point probably. The babe keeps getting hotter/more naked and is seen programming hot jams with a Jupiter 8 after-hours. We are wearing uncool jeans and corporate fleece pullovers and have salt & pepper beards. Content at a job well done, we respectively drive off into the sunset in matching Camrys.

MP3 :: Games - MIDI DRIFT


Terror Bird spits out some of the most glamorous lo-fi jams I've heard in a long time. The first track comes from the groups self-titled LP dropping on Night People & Adagio 830 this spring. The second one is a bit weirder and comes from an upcoming cassette titled No Fi Evolution.

MP3 ::
Terror Bird - Cemetaries
Terror Bird - Evening Gown

Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank)

Some songs really just seem to sum up the lowest, darkest moments you've ever had. Rarely, though, do such songs make you feel comfortable, even if not alright, inside of such actions. Howling Owls turn you into a ravenous killer in just under four minutes before snatching the feeling back away, just as it would have gotten out of hand. Now go home and clean that blood from your teeth.

MP3 :: Howling Owls - Snake Charmer (No Money In The Bank)

Video :: Real Estate - Suburban Dogs

Via p4k // via Pixelhorse

Shake Some Action SXSW Sampler

If you somehow haven't heard yet; Friendship Bracelet, Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent, Indie-Verse, Yours Truly and Underwater Peoples have teamed up to bring us the coolest free party at SXSW, and it last three days! Even cooler is that Ian put together this cool mega mix of tracks to give you a taste of what the three days will be like. It even features a few unreleased exclusives from the likes of Sleep Over, Rangers, Fergus & Geronimo and more. Hopefully I'll see you next week at Karibu.

Download ::
Shake Some Action Sampler Part 1
Shake Some Action Sampler Part 2


I Was Gone

This one comes from Woods' upcoming album on Woodsist. It's titled At Echo Lake and we can expect it May 11.

MP3 :: Woods - I Was Gone

Psychedelic Baby

The folks over at Soundway recently dropped their much awaited Nigeria Special: Volume 2. If you've not checked out their previous Nigerian music collections, or their collections for various other Afrikan and tropical musics, I'd highly recommend doing so. Check out a few clips below.

MP3 ::
Fubura Sekibo – Psychedelic Baby
The Don Issac Ezekiel Combination – The Lords Prayer
Etubom Rex Williams & His Nigerian Artistes – Isip 2

Video :: Big Boi (feat. Too $hort & George Clinton) - Fo Yo Sorrows

Hat tip to Ian over at FBUS for suggesting I check this one out.

Sleep Paralysist

The folks over at Green Label Sound just sent over this new Neon Indian track. The track is co-produced by Alan Palomo with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor so you know it's good before you even hit play. Oh, and are you bummed about missing SXSW? Well Green Label Sound will be broadcasting their whole showcase here on Friday March 19, so make sure to check that out.

MP3 :: Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist


Blue Canoe

Here's a lovely new tune from Emily Reo. I can't put into words how much I love her songs. They're just magnificent.

MP3 :: Emily Reo - Blue Canoe

Manual Control

Beko keeps killing it with their digital single series. This week Woodsman gives us two very spaced out mega jams. "Manual Control" is one of the dreamiest tunes I've ever heard. It sounds like falling in love, or maybe losing it. Such a fine line. "Chants" clocks in at just over nine minutes, and keeps its charge the entire time. Some middle of the desert shit.

Download :: Woodsman - Beko 34

Video :: Toro Y Moi - Talamak


Track 7

Pitchfork recently hooked it up with this untitled Washed Out jam off his new tour-only CD-R. Very blissful, though definitely too short. Hopefully I can snag one of these next week at SXSW.

MP3 :: Washed Out - Track 07

Video :: Summer Camp - Ghost Train

This song couldn't be more perfect. Hat tip to GvB.

Have a Heart (Active Child Remix)

Our pal Jack over at Transparent recently sent over this Lonely Galaxy track remixed by Active Child, and wow is about all I can say. The tune sounds like it could soundtrack an eighties slasher film in all the coolest ways. Transparent is releasing a 10" EP with Lonely Galaxy soon, which you can pre-order here. Also make sure to grab their Active Child 7" here if you haven't already.

MP3 :: Lonely Galaxy - Have a Heart (Active Child Remix)


Pebbles in Thyme

Our boy Gem Jones (previously Horsepital) just sent over this new track off his upcoming split with Part Time Cruiser. We'll definitely keep you posted on the release of that.

MP3 :: Gem Jones - Pebbles in Thyme

Video :: Attachedhands - Shape/Mode

This track comes from the fantastic Fucking Friends Forever compilation on Post*Records. Post*Records also released Attachedhands new cassette single, which you can grab here, and they'll be dropping a split with Truman Peyote in June.


Video :: The Fresh & Onlys - Vanishing Cream

I posted this one a few days ago, but it seems the dudes over at p4k gave the wrong info on the release. Straight from the source:
This great clip has been made by Eyebodega, a collaborative project of visual artists from New York. The track "Vanishing Cream" is the A-side of The Fresh & Onlys upcoming 7" on a new french label , Plastic Spoons Records (not Woodsist as wrongly indicated on Pitchfork).
Out on April 1st
500 copies onlys :
450 for the regular edition
50 for the limited edition (different cover , screenprinted & hand-numbered )
Check our myspace for availability in the next weeks ...


Deep Blue

Judson of Sumsun recently suggested I check out Arae. I'm not really sure who Arae is yet, but I haven't really looked much. I just knew I couldn't hold back these incredible worlds from you guys. I'm just gonna copy my reply to Judson because I was supaman high and couldn't have put it any better. "It's super future soundscaping, but like, in the Netherlands. So I just see beautiful planes and sleek windmills that float to maximize space. Maybe homes are just, like, pods that put you in a virtual zone. Just, very tranquil, but still a little threatening. It's probably not as peaceful as it is trying to seem."

MP3 ::
Arae - Deep Blue
Arae - Grey


A long time ago (last year) His Clancyness dropped his debut cassette and I went nuts for it. Now Secret Furry Hole is reissueing it on CD-R. Get some!

MP3 :: His Clancyness - Dream Tune


Jimi Bleachball

When an artist is likened to both Bradford Cox and J Dilla before you even know who is, he is certainly doing something right. A few days ago I got an email from some reader about these two songs he'd found on the music boards of 4chan, but no one knew where the tracks really came from. I listened to the songs and fell immediately in love. Unfortunately I had no clue who the artist was. Yesterday that all got sorted, however, when he stumbled upon the tracks himself and stepped forward as Foxes in Fiction. Even better, those two incredible tunes were from a free album. This is one album you do not want to pass by. Also catch the very pleasant home-made video for "Jimi Bleachball" here.

Download :: Foxes in Fiction - Swung from The Branches



Here's a new banger from one of our favorite beat wizards Ryan Hemsworth aka Specter of Ryan Hemsworth aka DJ Uncle Phil.

MP3 :: Ryan Hemsworth - Rain

Rose Bath

Raw Moans is Joseph Vorachack of San Diego. His spaced out soul-fuzz is immediately enamoring. His tunes almost seem to wrap themselves around you, taking complete control. Let's hope this isn't some scheme to take over the world, because it just may work. *Ha, Chris just figured out that "FuCK That Day" is a cover of this Snoop Dogg track, though he seems to just use Snoop's first verse. Very cool.

MP3 ::
Raw Moans - Rose Bath
Raw Moans - FuCK That Day

Mr. By & By

How To Dress Well just sent over a new fuzzed R&B jam to check out. This one sounds influenced by death and video games, but what the hell do I know? Either way, it's quite fantastic.

MP3 :: How To Dress Well - Mr. By & By


Golden Age

NY rockers Beat Radio claim they write "teenage anthems for the drunken boat," and that really sounds the most accurate. Grab their newest single below, part of a monthly series of free singles dropping this year. Head over here for a few more tracks, and keep an eye out for the next tune.

MP3 :: Beat Radio - Golden Age



Ben Wagner, aka Hooray!, just sent over this incredibly dreamy tune that is taking me to the nicer side of Jurassic Park right now. Very good. Can't wait to hear more like this.

MP3 :: Hooray! - Daydreamm

Wish Me Well

No Monster Club's tropical garage-pop is immediately soothing to the ears. I feel like I'm at a luau in the late 60's. It definitely becomes more intriguing when you find out that such wonderful beachy vibes are coming from one dude in Dublin. His new a cassette, Tropical Decibels Volumes One and Two, drops in a few weeks on cass/flick. Come back in a couple of weeks for a free download of Volume One, and jam to these tunes from Volume Two until then.

MP3 ::
No Monster Club - Wish Me Well
No Monster Club - Flying Colours

Burn Bridges

DOM sent over this stream of a new track to day, and as is usual it's incredible. Lush crystal sounds reverberate through you as you listen. After you check this one out head to the myspace for another new tune that is a bit grimier.

Stream ::

DOM - Burn Bridges