Chilt Milk

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
(continued)....Of course, Eywa takes as Eywa gives, and so Cruise would be blessed with the milk of the mind as reward for his conductive efforts. This is the Na'vi's sacred 'Chilt Milk', procured from the Tree of Life, available only once a year under a waning moon during the Annual Na'vi Palmpilot Traders Festival. Speculations say Pandora soon to be renamed after Hans Zimmer's firstborn, Journey. When asked about this development, Tree of Life spokesmen could only point to Dustin Hoffman and shake their heads in confusion. Then everybody started throwing up. This communal fit of involuntary vomit is said to go on as long as 'Chilt Milk' and 'Rainmane' are available for download; a giant leap for interplanetary social responsibility.

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Chilt Milk


Rain Mane (ft. CH-Rom Charlemane)

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
Hans Zimmer gets an Optimum GlobeFi® triple-threat facelift; Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are pleased with this development. Electrolytes cover the keyboards in the jam room Mom built out of the old office. "Better the boys do this sort of thing under a roof I can trust," and just then her eyes would roll sideways and her mouth would contort in grotesque shapes, opening to transmissions she knew were within her but never wanted Dustin or Hans to hear. "Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs…" she went on for hours, and then: "Le mane, le mane, le rainmane, le rainmane, le rainmane the mane.." This was the meaning of the visions in Cruise's dream diary: whether he liked it or not, Tom was the destined conduit for the Rainmane's energies—the trying ordeal of transcombustion was before him.... To be continued

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Rain Mane (ft. CH-Rom Charlemane)

History of the Loop Digga

Madlib's fifth in the Medicine Show series drops May 25 and this time he's going back in time for us. He's collected some of the best of his early work from various beat tapes and such onto this banger that clocks in at just over an hour. On top of that the vinyl release comes with "34 minutes of vocal & instrumental material not available on the CD or digital release, and one-of-a-kind individually screened covers by Hit+Run." So preview a couple of cuts from the album below and make sure to order a copy next month when it drops.

MP3 ::
Madlib - Static Invazion
Madlib - Episode XVI

Pollution Shampoo

Deathbomb Arc just sent over word on their upcoming compilation featuring tracks from Coyote Clean Up, Run DMT, Kiss Kiss Fantastic and more. The collection of tunes is just in time for the sunnier weather's return to grace. Pre-order the comp here and peep the first track below.

MP3 :: Coyote Clean Up - Pollution Shampoo

Space Balloonz

Our pal Ben Wagner, aka Hooray, just sent over this moist new jammer that I could only complain is too short. It's build is fantastic, allowing you to wrap yourself entirely into the song, only to have to exit shortly after. But knowing Ben he'll complete several more tracks today and I'm sure it will all fit together nicely. Oh, and here is Ben's reason for the song:
When I was a youngster I would go out to eat to a place called Fuddruckers and after each meal you could get a free balloon.. Once I received mine and left the building, I instantly let it go, sailing off into space. Later I would head outside on my porch and look up believing the stars were all the balloons that hundreds of kids had set free.
MP3 :: Hooray - Space Balloonz


Merlin from Radar Maker recently sent over this sweet Seams track along with a couple of remixes from the 12" single release. Sounds from a run-over Sega cartridge sparkle and warp through Seams seven-minute journey. Shells keeps their take on it short with stellar drumming, while our boy D'EON decides to put a little more dance in it's pulse. Head here to stream the other remixes and order a copy of the 12" now.

MP3 ::
Seams - Nightcycles
Seams - Nightcycles (Shells rmx)
Seams - Nightcycles (D'EON rmx)


Endless Luv (CCU Simple Dub)

A couple of weeks ago Pink Priest sent over a couple of killer Coyote Clean Up dubs. "Endless Luv" moves from the swamps to the jungles in an effort for more time to do it's thing, while "God Of Blues" finds himself dancing in a fit of joy as a massive negation of his own name.

MP3 ::
Pink Priest - Endless Luv (CCU Simple Dub)
Pink Priest - God of Blues (CCU Dance Dub)

Female Singer

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
First they said this:
Welcome to the Dreamcast Central Limited. Please unload all saturated lvl. 9 items in the collection bins. Remove shoes and any fake language. That was until J***y tipped over the trimmings receptical onto Dcast floor. It was uh oh. Dad got angry so we ran like hell.

They even asked that nice jingle lady out the place. It was like damn. L**z**y drooled on her shirt - we said "what". Either way, it was better than Uncle singing "hey".

Oh well. Hells wins I suppose. Dang, now I feel all feasty inside.

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Female Singer



Dash Jacket recently sent over word on their upcoming cassette on their own Ultravivid Recordings. High Spirits is currently being dubbed and packaged and should be available to purchase very soon. Until then keep it tuned to Ultravivid and jam out on the first track from each side of the tape.

MP3 ::
Dash Jacket - Pheromones
Dash Jacket - No Way Girl


From the source:
Welcome to PEACE, the first music atlas in the net.

PEACE, a unique initiative co-produced by Buffetlibre and Amnesty International Catalunya, is finally available, including more than 180 exclusive and unreleased songs by artists from more than 50 countries. The compilation is digitally available worldwide here and can be downloaded after making a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya. The collected money will be used for AI’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world.

All the songs included in PEACE are available for streaming here as well as information on all artists participating in the project. The full compilation, downloadable through a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya, includes all the songs in 320Kbps mp3 format.

MP3 :: Crocodiles - Nothing To Be Done (The Pastels)

Video :: Gauntlet Hair - I Was Thinking

When The Morning Comes

Way back when (a few months ago) Woodsman dropped their incredible album Collages via Mexican Summer. When the band sent me a copy they included an unlabled cassette chock full of some amazing jams. It turns out that it was the aptly named Mystery Tape EP. It's now available for pre-order in beautiful vinyl format from Lefse, so go ahead and grab that and preview the second track from the EP below.

MP3 :: Woodsman - When The Morning Comes

Skin Fox

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
Skin Fox is that southernplayalistichondmusic for your trunk. And Im talkin bout that flying 2030 caddy with the auto-pilot and the interplanetary nav screen mane. This one's on some space odyssey baller's ball. For real though, a lot of producers chop up motown stuff. But they cant chop grains and drop nuts like us. The advocates agree HK&CP are profiling the game with new product. Biz.net .

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Skin Fox


Used To Sail

For those of you who are just as eager to hear the upcoming M. Pyres album as I am Matt has provided Fabled Farm with a new EP of collected demos from the past couple of years. I didn't even realize some of these had never been released and this EP actually collects some of my favorite M. Pyres jams. Also, for anyone still looking to take advantage of the Patient Sounds tape bundle special they have going on right now, I'm told it ends Friday so hurry up and jump down on it.

Download :: M. Pyres - Used To Sail EP

Mall Talk

My pals over at Mirror Universe just sent over this brief new Cop Magnet track from his upcoming cassette, Babe Magnet. It's the typical hip-hop track about going to the mall, getting some new kicks and getting arrested for using the girls room. It even features some new music from Rene in case you weren't sure how smooth it would go down.

MP3 :: Cop Magnet - Mall Talk (Prod. Rene)


Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
As the barista faces off in unrefined contest against the pleasures of gazing at the sun, you sell him an escape: "Dad could do that you know". Instead one might opt for taking the estate benefits instead and just get with the program. Lets strategize: as we all know and have been told, there are cheaper forms of caffine and more personal forms of natural highs; Naturalhigh.biz.co.us So drop xylitol sweeting, eject the seatbuckle and ask for an exchange reversal. We refund all toxic encounters with the law. Tanks.

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Ejerct



I am incredibly excited to present to you the second in my bi-monthly series of taco mixes, ESKIMO T∆CO. I am amazed by how smoothly this mix went. Almost all of these tracks are exclusive to this mix and all of the artists involved were very quick in getting these tracks to me. So go ahead and download it below, with the tracklist and info on purchasing CD-Rs after the jump.

Download :: ESKIMO T∆CO

Premiere :: Castles (No Age Remix)

Randy from No Age just finished this remix for railcars a few days ago, in which he takes a slightly more mellow paced out approach than the original without losing any of the noisy flavor. The remix is part of a collection of remixes that railcars asked some friends to do. Other remixes from the upcoming album (which I believe he'll be giving away next week sometime at ariajalali.com) come from Xiu Xiu, Truman Peyote, Lucky Dragons, Jeans Wilder and more.

MP3 :: railcars - Castles (No Age Remix)

The Kiss

If one thing can be said of Swedish people it's apparently that they know how to make glowing dreamy pop tunes that never fail to leave you in a dazed state of euphoria. Pallers layer sweeping synths on top of ever pressing melodic beats that eventually leaves you skateboarding somewhere through a coral reef with Sebastian. Labrador slates the release date for this one as May 26, though I'm not sure what format. I'll post back as soon as I find out.

MP3 :: Pallers - The Kiss

It Won't Take Long

Drifting out of the burgeoning Jersey/NY music scene is Arches, and their new track is just as dreamy as the few others I've had the privilege of hearing. The songs title is very fitting. The song itself isn't long enough (though they seldom are for me.) The music, however, perfectly captures that feeling of waiting for a build up that never seems to come, despite the promises of how "it won't take long".

MP3 :: Arches - It Won't Take Long

Summer Majestic

We're eagerly awaiting His Clancyness' upcoming cassette on Mirror Universe, titled Always Mist. Fortunately while we wait Jon has been kind enough to send over this lovely new track he recently wrote in hopes of luring out the sun and banishing the constant rain over in Bologna, Italy.

MP3 :: His Clanyness - Summer Majestic


I Hope Yr Favorite Color Is Everywhere

Vacation Dad recently sent over a couple of cool tracks. This first is a twenty minute excerpt from a live show that is great for spacing out while blazed. The second is a bouncy little joint he wrote for a girl whom he says is the best. Dude has several cool releases coming up, including splits with Panda Teeth, Pawlic, and Philip Seymour Hoffman amongst others and a full-length album sometime down the road, so keep your eyes peeled cause he'll be here all summer.

Mp3 ::
Vacation Dad - Live Improv Shit

Vacation Dad - I Hope Yr Favorite Color Is Everywhere


Sunbeam Show

Since hearing this song a few different times at SXSW I've been dying for a recording of "Sunbeam Show" by Candy Claws that I could listen anytime (all the time?). Today my dreams have come true. Might yours have as well?

MP3 :: Candy Claws - Sunbeam Show

Get Off The Coast Presents :: Blissed Out + Run DMT live at Gravity Records

Tuesday, June 1st, I, along with the always rad dudes over at Gravity Records, am thrilled to present Blissed Out and Run DMT live at Gravity Records. It promises to be an incredible show, so come hang out and have a great time with some even greater jams.

MP3 ::
Blissed Out - Rain Stream
Run DMT - Spruce Bringstein

Video Collage :: Blissed Out - Rain Stream

I'm going to emphasize that this is not the official video because the band has a cooler more official one coming out soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that one for sure. Also, sorry for the lack of post the past few days. Work has kinda been killing me. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


Left to Right

SolarSolar might just have crafted one of the most haunting jams I've heard in some time, negating the sunny image their name might have inspired within you. A sorrowful widow bent on revenge, carried about by pixelated demons, might be the more appropriate vision to assume.

MP3 :: SolarSolar - Left to Right

Video :: The Barnacles - Thumbtack

[via Space Mountain]

Metal Confection

Laurel Halo just sent over some new jammers chock full of hazy synths and her wistfully beautiful voice. These two tracks will be featured on her upcoming EP titled King Felix, which she describes as "a collection of pulsating sci-fi fantasies." I certainly can't wait to hear more.

MP3 ::
Laurel Halo - Metal Confection
Laurel Halo - Embassy


Patient Sounds Bundle Package

My homies over at Patient Sounds just told me they only have only one Smelly Magic cassette left in their 5 tapes for $30 deal, and then the above deal goes into effect. If you haven't gotten ahold of these you need to do so now. One of them was even recently named in Pitchfork's "Ten Recent Tapes Worth Seeking Out", if you need that kind of persuasion. Also keep in mind that these guys can only put out cassettes as fast as we buy them, so lend a hand.

Acker Bilk

"Chad Valley is a sampler, a delay pedal, lots of reverb and a stack of records." I'm not sure if this is his tribute to the famed clarinetist or not, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful things you will listen to today. The song is absolutely perfect. And if this one isn't enough to whet your appetite make sure to check a few more out at the myspace.

MP3 :: Chad Valley - Acker Bilk


Oh Appalachia (railcars remix)

Railcars just sent over this incredible remix of Seamonster's "Oh Appalachia" to perfectly accentuate that post-work bowl you you just smoked.

MP3 :: Seamonster - Oh Appalachia (railcars remix)

Video :: Titus Andronicus + Cassie Ramone - Undone (The Sweater Song)

[via p4k]

Thinking Highly of You

Here's a new tropical love jam twisted with some urban sprawl from our boy Cop Magnet, accompanied by his freshened up version of Beach Fossil's summer hit from last year.

MP3 ::
Cop Magnet - Thinking Highly of You
Beach Fossils - Daydream (Cop Magnet Remix)

Premiere :: You & the Sun

This June Sweden's Force Majeure will be releasing Bandjo's self-titled debut album, and I couldn't be more excited. We've seen several dream pop bands hail from Sweden as of late, though few have taken the darker new wave approach, and even fewer have taken to it quite so well as Bandjo. The label was kind enough to send over this new cut from the album, easily the most beautiful and elegant thing I've heard from Bandjo to date.

MP3 :: Bandjo - You & the Sun


Wolf Tapes certainly is wasting no time on his transition from one man ambient beat machine to stellar tape label. Hot on the heels of their Sky Stadium release is the next in their slew of killer tapes, this one by noisy pop duo Rayguns. Head here to order your copy of Chillin now.

MP3 ::
Rayguns - Ornithopter
Rayguns - Sunglasses

Ooh Mommy

Thick Shakes are everything psychedelic garage rock should be. If you didn't know any better you might even swear you'd heard a few of these tracks on the Nuggets compilation. Adding to the collection of wonderful free EPs being spread around the past month or so, head here to stream and download their current EP Ooh Mommy now for free.

Download :: Thick Shakes - Ooh Mommy


Can't See My Own Face

Here it is, the much awaited seventh EP from dark soul master How To Dress Well. Easily some of his best and most intriguing work to date, I get more excited about his songs with each release.

Download :: How To Dress Well - Can't See My Own Face

Get Off The Coast Presents :: Travelers

When my pal Jeff from Sky Stadium hit me up recently asking if I'd be down to post a mix he was puting together that featured what he felt were some of the finest new acts from Ney York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania I was thrilled to do so. I was even more thrilled when he said he wanted me to present it. So anyway, here it is, in all it's fuzzy soundscaping glory. Peep the tracklist after the jump.

Download :: Travelers

Invisibility : Nonexistent

In this new jammer Kurt Vile sheds his typical lo-fi garb and allows his songwriting prowess to control more of the track. If there were any doubt before, this one proves that Vile is a more than capable song writer who clearly pulls his own without the need to piggyback ongoing trends. Pick up his new EP of post-Prodigy tunes, Square Shells, May 25 from the nonstop killing it dudes at Matador.

MP3 :: Kurt Vile - Invisibility : Nonexistent

Video :: Best Coast - When I'm With You

[via mtvU]

Dream Club

A few nights ago I had the awesome pleasure of hanging out with Jon of Chrome Wings, as he just recently had some family move to Wilmington. One thing is certain, the chill slightly woozy vibes of his music match him to a "t". These new tracks come from his upcoming cassette release on Stunned Records, titled Time Patterns.

MP3 ::
Chrome Wings - Dream Club
Chrome Wings - Wave Life


Video :: Best Coast live at Knitting Factory

I Want To

Something In The Way

Make You Mine

So Gone

[via the Great Pumpkin]

Skinny Cloud

Sometimes it's best to just let my dudes at Peace Age explain what's going on, so here we go:
It doesn’t matter when, where, or how — some things are worth totally abandoning. It induces an overwhelming sensation, that tender vulnerability of the self, and in this moment… one can only utter, YES! Fantastic Lands coming soon.
MP3 :: Best Hits - Skinny Cloud

No Summer

My pal Georgia just clued me into these rad tunes from No Joy. Apparently it's just two girls shredding away, though I think the astonishing part is that only two people are creating this reverb soaked melancholy, and not so much that they're girls. I can't wait to hear more.

MP3 ::
No Joy - No Summer
No Joy - No Joy


Twenty-two albums in and Paul Rosales, better known in these parts as Wonder Wheel, is still giving away each album. Untouchables is one of his darkest mind-warping ventures to date, with death troopers guiding you through the entire thing. The most frightening thing about it is that Paul seems to be having a lot of fun with each body.

Download :: Wonder Wheel - Untouchables

Video :: iamamiwhoami - O



Here's a new romancing slow jammer from Raw Moans. It's the latest addition to the already fantastic tracklist for their upcoming EP, we want it beautiful NOT REAL.

MP3 :: Raw Moans - Nectarine

Video :: LA BIG VIC - Fao Schwartz (Live)

Full screen, volume up. [via Pixelhorse]


Coolrunnings is amongst the many giving out free EPs right now, though they certainly shouldn't get lost in the fold. Buffalo seems to me like what would happen if Brian Wilson and Ariel Pink started a project together. Stay tuned for info on their upcoming cassette on Arcade Sound Ltd.

Download :: Coolrunnings - Buffalo

Mountain Man Fest

Wouldn't this be an amazing show to experience? So many great bands. If you weren't at the Underwater Peoples Ranch for SXSW then let me tell you, when those guys are in charge it's nothing but fun and chill vibes. Here's the deal: Shane and Gabe (the two dudes who dreamed this all up) need $65,000 in a month to make this happen, so head to their Kickstarter to see how you can help launch a great music festival and reserve a ticket at the same time.


Video :: DOM + Golden Girls at Cake Shop

DOM - Living In America

DOM - Burn Bridges

Golden Girls - Dreams

Golden Girls - 16 Candles

[via my pal Tom at The Great Pumpkin]

Video :: HEALTH - We are Water

I might have been too high for this.

The Red/Blue Shift

Kiss Kiss Fantastic are, well, fantastic. They are a shining star amongst the dreamy lo-fi movement with an obvious knack for song writing. You can grab their recent EP, The Red/Blue Shift, for free so no excuse for missing out on this incredible duo.

Download :: Kiss Kiss Fantastic - The Red/Blue Shift EP

Coca Coca

This track is almost nine-minutes long. Nine-minutes! On top of that, Gucci claims "Cocaine is my girlfriend" all throughout the chorus. The whole damn thing is just nuts. [via The Fader]

Stream :: Gucci Mane feat. Rocko, Nicki Minaj, Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman - Coca Coca


Video :: Ducktails - Pizza Time

The Foam

Here's another stellar new one from AXL. I listened to it while watching this on mute. Peace Age is definitely on it lately.

Mp3 :: AXL - The Foam

Video :: Trae feat Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Inkredible

Tell the cops I know all my rights. Got choppers, I don't mean Harley bikes. Drop 'em like a bag of ice. [via LilWayneHQ]

Hot Asphalt

Color TV just sent over this incredible new jam that fit it's title quite perfectly. Melting asphalt continuously dribbled upon, endless impressions upon it's surface. A few dudes even manage to surf through the melted mess of blacktop as gnarly waves beat fervently around them.

MP3 :: Color TV - Hot Asphalt

Video Collage :: Lush Cola - Lush

A new, slightly nsfw video collage. Enjoy.


Lush Cola

The always incredible Patient Sounds just hit us with another brilliant release. Lush Cola is Weed Diamond before Tim Perry took a sunnier outlook on things. It is dense fog rolling through a bent and torn jungle swamp. Head to Patient Sounds now to pre-order a copy of the tape now, as it's limited to only 100 copies, so it will probably go quickly.

Download :: Lush Cola - Lush Cola

Video :: Julia Holter - Shimmer

A nearly 20-minute live sneak peek of Julia Holter's upcoming album Greek Tragedy on Leaving Records, accompanied by glow-motion video. My part part is around the 14-minute mark. Also grab the first track released from the album below.

MP3 :: Julia Holter - Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art

Beach City / Carol I Know

Earlier today Dream Cop sent over this floaty little jam that samples lyrics from Beach Boys' "That's Not Me" and "Caroline No", which was originally penned as "Carol, I Know". As a little bonus he also hooked us up with another more energetic new track called "Marooned".

MP3 ::
Dream Cop - Beach City / Carol I Know
Dream Cop - Marooned


Whiskey Loving Twenty Somethings

Panda Teeth just sent over this paced out jawn that starts with a bite, ends with a bark and increases altitude all along the way. By the time we're done here you should be swimming on the sun with a never ending blunt just hanging from your mouth.

MP3 :: Panda Teeth - Whiskey Loving Twenty Somethings

Small Thing To A Giant

The ill dudes over at Lil Wayne HQ recently posted up this mind stunting new track from Gudda Gudda, featuring Weezy killing it on the middle verse. Even better, there's no whack ass DJ hollering and blowing airhorns all over it.
I'ma smother the game cause no air kills, and for the money I eat beats up like Bear Grylls.
MP3 :: Gudda Gudda - Small Thing To A Giant (feat. Lil Wayne)


Walking into your own backyard has never been so scary. One second the sprinklers are there, doing their thing. All of a sudden massive plant life looms overhead as some tribal dudes start chasing you with spears. Their masks are at least three feet in length. You're not getting away from this one. Next thing you know they're leading you through some some pixelated rip in time and slamming your face into microchips until your vessels tear apart. Breathing stops here. Wake up.

Download :: Kites Sail High - Secrets



Fossil Cities creates delicate fuzzy folk gems fueled by beautiful and even more delicate female vocals. They then layer found sounds and such into the tunes to give them even more depth. The duo is giving away their new EP, titled Oxidation, and capturing hearts along the way. Do not let this one pass you by.

Download :: Fossil Cities - Oxidation