Chilt Milk

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
(continued)....Of course, Eywa takes as Eywa gives, and so Cruise would be blessed with the milk of the mind as reward for his conductive efforts. This is the Na'vi's sacred 'Chilt Milk', procured from the Tree of Life, available only once a year under a waning moon during the Annual Na'vi Palmpilot Traders Festival. Speculations say Pandora soon to be renamed after Hans Zimmer's firstborn, Journey. When asked about this development, Tree of Life spokesmen could only point to Dustin Hoffman and shake their heads in confusion. Then everybody started throwing up. This communal fit of involuntary vomit is said to go on as long as 'Chilt Milk' and 'Rainmane' are available for download; a giant leap for interplanetary social responsibility.

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Chilt Milk

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