Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
As the barista faces off in unrefined contest against the pleasures of gazing at the sun, you sell him an escape: "Dad could do that you know". Instead one might opt for taking the estate benefits instead and just get with the program. Lets strategize: as we all know and have been told, there are cheaper forms of caffine and more personal forms of natural highs; Naturalhigh.biz.co.us So drop xylitol sweeting, eject the seatbuckle and ask for an exchange reversal. We refund all toxic encounters with the law. Tanks.

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Ejerct