I am incredibly excited to present to you the second in my bi-monthly series of taco mixes, ESKIMO T∆CO. I am amazed by how smoothly this mix went. Almost all of these tracks are exclusive to this mix and all of the artists involved were very quick in getting these tracks to me. So go ahead and download it below, with the tracklist and info on purchasing CD-Rs after the jump.

Download :: ESKIMO T∆CO

As with the last mix, if you'd like to purchase a copy of the mix on cd-r in a custom collaged sleeve, just shoot $5 to jherievans@gmail.com via paypal. I'll also be including a DVD-R of the Emily Reo and Gobble Gobble videos for their contributions, plus an M Pyres video that will be exclusive to the DVD.

Tracklist ::
01 M. Pyres & the Season Creeps - Garage Storm
02 DOM - Crazy Gurl
03 GOBBLE GOBBLE - Wrinklecarver
04 D'EON - Nothing Else I Can Say (Lady GaGa)
05 Fossil Cities - Kim Deal
06 Emily Reo - Above Ground And A Golden Cloud
07 Weed Diamond - Twins
08 Young Prisms - Dreamcatcher Panoramic (Live)
09 Kiss Kiss Fantastic - reLAX
10 Banjo Or Freakout - Slider
11 Cascaders - Don't Want It
12 matthewdavid - Mountain Magic/Highland Morning
13 GREM - Black Skull


  1. dom, gobble gobble, KKF, emily reo, weed diamond alone make it wonderful. Stoked to hear the rest of it :)! Thanks!

  2. what exactly is a .rar file? how can i get it to mp3 files? is it similar to a .zip? is there any way to find this as a zip or already broken into mp3's?

  3. fucking awesome.

  4. This is some hot shit, buddy. Thanks so much! Radical.

    PS - you should def. check that video I posted of Grubby Little Hands... I gave you a nod. :)

  5. Anon 9:28pm: A .rar is very much like a .zip. If you're using a windows computer download winrar (for free) and use that to extract the files. I'm not sure what the best option for mac users is, so hopefully Steve Jobs will dash over and help you out if so.

  6. Oh, an er'body else, mas thanks for the love. I'm glad you guys are digging the mix. Make sure you leave comments on the bands' myspaces or something so they know you're digging it too.

  7. For a mac download UnRarX, its free and works great.

  8. this is unreal!!!!! The tracks are amazing.

  9. this is too fucking good!

  10. you can also use 7zip, it extracts rars and zips and is free i use it and it works pretty well, pretty rad mix

  11. banjo or freakout and dom jams are great!

  12. The download link is dead! Nooo! Please re-upload? :) :)