Rain Mane (ft. CH-Rom Charlemane)

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
Hans Zimmer gets an Optimum GlobeFi® triple-threat facelift; Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are pleased with this development. Electrolytes cover the keyboards in the jam room Mom built out of the old office. "Better the boys do this sort of thing under a roof I can trust," and just then her eyes would roll sideways and her mouth would contort in grotesque shapes, opening to transmissions she knew were within her but never wanted Dustin or Hans to hear. "Upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs…" she went on for hours, and then: "Le mane, le mane, le rainmane, le rainmane, le rainmane the mane.." This was the meaning of the visions in Cruise's dream diary: whether he liked it or not, Tom was the destined conduit for the Rainmane's energies—the trying ordeal of transcombustion was before him.... To be continued

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Rain Mane (ft. CH-Rom Charlemane)

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