Skin Fox

Ok y'all, my homeboy C Powers, one of the genius dudes from Peace Age and also one half of Mane Mane along with groove god heRobust, is gonna be dropping a new Mane Mane jam on us each day this week and leaving their own little write ups. So, without further ado:
Skin Fox is that southernplayalistichondmusic for your trunk. And Im talkin bout that flying 2030 caddy with the auto-pilot and the interplanetary nav screen mane. This one's on some space odyssey baller's ball. For real though, a lot of producers chop up motown stuff. But they cant chop grains and drop nuts like us. The advocates agree HK&CP are profiling the game with new product. Biz.net .

MP3 :: Mane Mane - Skin Fox

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