Deathbomb Arc has a new compilation already available here digitally, and available tomorrow in CD form. 2010 CE features tracks from Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Coyote Clean Up, Run DMT, Tan Dollar and many others. Stream the whole thing here, and go ahead and grab the Run DMT and CCU jams below.

MP3 :: Run DMT - Methamphibian (Excerpt)
Previously :: Coyote Clean Up - Pollution Shampoo
On a slightly related note, the first GOTC presents show with Blissed Out and Run DMT is tomorrow night at Gravity Records. Things kick off around 8pm and if you're in the area I hope to see you there.


Island Summer

Jacksonville, Florida native unouomedude (you know you owe me dude) is clearly influenced by every bit of beauty you'd associate with the Sunshine State. His tunes obviously fall into the glo-fi category, glistening as brightly as cleanest beaches and as warm as June 21, though he takes a more hyperactive route than many of his peers. These jams are from an upcoming unnamed EP.

MP3 ::
unouomedude - Island Summer
unouomedude - Dream Home

Video :: Coma Cinema - Only

Video :: White Car - The Bridge

[by Thunder Horse]


Floating Underground With The Stars

I've seen Caged Animals name tossed around the interweb a bit lately and after listening to their new self-titled album I can see why. Blissful fuzzrock that reaches out to any ear that will listen. The album drops June 1, which is this coming Tuesday so make sure to grab a copy.

MP3 ::
Caged Animals - Floating Underground With The Stars
Caged Animals - The Way It Feels To Be Hunted

What I Say Isn't What I Mean

Lost Sound Tapes just updated me on their newest release, a split cassette from Andrew Mello and weakness. Each side is a full album from each band, and both albums can be downloaded below. I'm gonna leave you with the label's description of the cassette because I feel it's quite accurate, but before I do, please, even those these downloads are free, buy this cassette if you enjoy it.
Andrew Mello has often been compared to the Unicorns. He plays all the instruments and does all the recording/production. weakness I often describe as sounding like Weezer but with a lot more distortion.
Download ::
Andrew Mello - What I Say Isn't What I Mean
weakness - WEAKNESS

Gameboy Camera

The dudes over at Harding Street Assembly Lab just sent over word on a couple of recent releases. The first comes from Goodwill Falcon in the way of a double-a side cassette release. And by double a-side I mean the program repeats on either side. Because it's that damn good with its glistening, gooey synth goodness and dreamy vocals. Pick up a copy here. The second is another cassette release, this one from Richmond rockers White Laces. Fuzzy ambient rock that stay beautiful throughout. Grab that one here.

MP3 ::
Goodwill Falcon - Gameboy Camera
White Laces - Motorik Twilight


Video :: RxRy - AAIEI

Shred Tactics

Houston duo Female Demand create noisy fuzz rock that really just kicks ass. It's full of energy and sure to perk you up on a rainy day. They just dropped a 12" EP on clear vinyl, which you can pick up here. Peep the first track from the EP below.

MP3 :: Female Demand - Shred Tactics

Black Cars

Nihiti's album Other People's Memories drops October 5 on Lo Bit Landscapes. This band is still a mystery to me but the album is wonderful so stay up on that.

MP3 :: Nihiti - Black Cars

Video :: RxRy - EUUIO

Zebra Crossing

Offset Recordings is a new label from the dudes behind Offset Festival. Their first release in a killer 7" from Fiction. Peep the b-side below.

MP3 :: Fiction - Zebra Crossing

GOBBL'D Volume 1

GOBBLE GOBBLE recently finished up the final track for his upcoming cassette from Scotch Tapes titled GOBBL'D Volume 1. It's a collection of eight remixes that are all incredibly fun and danceable. I feel obligated to let you know that I did the art for the cassette, but I do genuinely enjoy these songs. Also check out this rad mix of new artists GOBBLE GOBBLE feels people should be up on via Living Ears.

Download :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - GOBBL'D Volume 1

Broken Boy

Tonspender is not famous, yet. He's been producing music since 2003, though only when moving toward a more ambient dance soundscape did he feel he'd really figured out what he wanted to do with music. I'm glad he figured it out. I'm sure you'll agree.

MP3 :: Tonspender - Broken Boy

Dream Boat

Ok, it's been a few days and I've got a lot that I want to tell you guys about. Expect a lot of brief posts today that get straight to the info and the mp3. This is just for today. I promise my usual whacked out ideas of how the songs would manifest themselves physically will return. I may even slip some in today. Without further ado, I want to start things off today with this incredible new odyssey from Vacation Dad. It comes from his upcoming split cassette with Many Mansions, Panda Teeth and Birthdays. I'm hard-pressed to believe that this won't be the best split of the year.

MP3 :: Vacation Dad - Dream Boat



The dudes over at Leaving Records just sent over their newest release, a beat collection from Oscar McClure. McClure uses everyday found sounds and field recordings to craft super chill meditative jams. Keep it tuned to Leaving for the cassette drop of Compost very soon.

MP3 :: Oscar McClure - Leaves


Radiant Dragon just sent over his first single, a Utopian dubstep odyssey, from his upcoming album. The album doesn't have a title yet, but is slated to drop in October via his own record label, Cloud Factory. He also sent over a remix in which Nowa Huta seeks to remove all Utopian notions from the track. They achieve it while leaving the song still wonderfully fascinating.

MP3 ::
Radiant Dragon - Preseli
Radiant Dragon - Preseli (Nowa Huta Remix)

Pelham Island Road

This new jam from Oneohtrix Point Never plays like an ambient boat ride over dark haunted oceans with no other person in site. Editions Mego is dropping his new LP, Returnal, later this month, but you can pre-order it here.
[via Chocolate Bobka]

MP3 :: Oneohtrix Point Never - Pelham Island Road



Belgium based Hazey Jane just sent over his new EP of corroded carnival pop jams titled Spring. Go ahead and light up a bowl for this one or you might get left behind at Cloud 8.

Download :: Hazey Jane - Spring EP

Pet Milk

Pet Milk is a new twee-pop shoegaze band that features members of Brown Recluse and Paint it Black. They just finished up their first demo tape, which you can purchase a physical copy for only $4 here. This is another one that is showing up just in time for the beginning of summer.

Download :: Pet Milk - Demo Cassette

Lookin' For A Boswell

Funny/Not Funny just sent over word on their newest release, an incredible split cassette from Andrew Cedermark and Drunk Tigers. I've been waiting for Andrew Cedermark to really catch everyone's attention and if you get this tape you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. It's a whirlwind of hazy fuzzpop with a folk tinge that keeps you hooked throughout. Drunk Tigers speed things up a bit with a more garage punk vibe that forces you to jump out of you seat and dance about the room chaotically. Well, that's what it did to me. Head here to order a copy now. You don't want to miss out on this one.

MP3 ::
Andrew Cedermark - Lookin' For A Boswell
Drunk Tigers - Matchbook Tricks

Video :: Lonely Galaxy - Time


Family Record

The Whitehaus Family Record just sent over news about their new double-LP compilation, the Family Record. The compilation features killer jams from Rene, Prince Rama, Truman Peyote, Many Mansions and loads more. Order the 27-track double-LP here for only $12.

Stream :: The Whitehaus Family Record Family Record

Someone Has Foiled Our Plans

The Cloud I'm Under takes a minimalistic murky approach to music in general. You almost get the sense that his life has constantly played out in slow motion leading to perpetual sadness at never being able to move forward quick enough. His new EP, Someone Has Foiled Our Plans, is swamp-fi if we're going to give this one a label and an incredible listen either way.

MP3 :: The Cloud I'm Under - Someone Has Foiled Our Plans
01 Bonnie and Clyde
02 Number 1 Girl
03 Get a Grip On Reality
04 Someone Has Foiled Our Plans
05 In The Shape of Yummy

In Living Colour

Lands & Peoples just sent over this preview of their upcoming album in the form of the first track we've heard from it. The delicate blown out sound almost makes you woozy at times. Also keep an eye out for the bands upcoming "split" tape project.

MP3 :: Lands & Peoples - In Living Colour

Blooming Summer

My pal Cecil has been telling me for the past week to listen to Blue Hawaii, and after listening I understand the immediate compulsion to tell everyone to listen to it. Minimal tropical vibes under lush airy vocals guide Blooming Summer in a vibrant way that holds true the album's title. You can download it for free, and if you're really digging it like I am grab a cassette copy via Arbutus Records.

Download :: Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer

Always Mist

I've already posted both of these His Clancyness tracks before, but it's been a while and it comes with great news. Always Mist is finally available from the moist dudes over at Mirror Universe. Head here to order a copy ASAP as it's limited to 100 copies.

MP3 ::
His Clancyness - Vampire Summer
His Clancyness - Ottawa Backfired Soon

Hopscotch Music Festival

Wouldn't it be cool if you could catch Public Enemy live one night, with No Age and the Love Language opening for them? Suppose Raekwon was gonna be there, kicking it with the dudes from Woods. Perhaps you'd like to witness Best Coast finally playing the Carolinas? Well Hopscotch Fest, which goes down September 9-11 in Raleigh, NC, is for you, though who am I kidding? Hopscotch Fest is for all of us. Head here to check out the full three-day lineup and grab tickets.


Video :: Hooray For Earth - Surrounded By Your Friends

MP3 :: Hooray For Earth - Surrounded By Your Friends

Girl, I'm For Real

The Young Sinclairs seem to have quite a busy summer ahead of them. On top of a small run of tour dates with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, they're dropping an LP (Chimeys on Chimney Sweep), an EP (We Spoke Our Minds via Planting Seeds), and a cassette (O Bummer from Funny Not Funny). The band was generous enough to send over some tracks from each release for previewing, so throw on a good set of headphones and groove to some fantastic garage pop jams. They're easily one of my favorite bands of the moment and the perfect way to start out summer.

MP3 ::
(From We Spoke Our Minds EP)
The Young Sinclairs - Girl, I'm For Real
(From Chimeys)
The Young Sinclairs - Forever After
The Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her
The Young Sinclairs - Future Man
(From O Bummer)
The Young Sinclairs - Up Against The Wall
The Young Sinclairs - They're Not Writing

The Psychiatrist

Here is yet another Hooray! track for us to preview. I swear this kid doesn't stop y'all. He's like some kind of cyborg designed to just create ambient beats all day long.

Stream :: Hooray! - The Psychiatrist


Milk Tooth

Waylon Thornton recently sent over these new psychobilly freak-fuck jams. I love everything Waylon sends me, and I dare you sit still the entire time when you hear "Who Cares". Even if you succeed I'll have so much fun dancing I really won't care that was wrong about your inability to groove.

MP3 ::
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Milk Tooth
Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Who Cares

Video :: Farms - We Gotta Box of White Tape Snakes

Daily Mirage

Yesterday Dream Cop sent over this glistening beauty. If you could live inside of music this song would be my home. I'd stay true to it's small hollowed out form, forgoing furniture for glowing crystalline stacks that emit heat with a warmth so strong it incurs immediate joy.

MP3 :: Dream Cop - Daily Mirage

Slow Motion

Bologna, Italy's Husband recently sent over this hyperactive jam that is certain to start your morning out just how it ought to be. Crashing and frantic like a failed circus whose initial fire jugglers have already set the tents ablaze and the clowns won't stop trying to put it out with seltzer water flowers pinned to their chest. At this point you might as well abandon hope and enjoy yourself. You'll be stuck here for a while.

MP3 :: Husband - Slow Motion


Seizure to the Metronome

GOBBLE GOBBLE recently sent over this track from the upcoming Royal Rhino Flying compilation titled The Queen's Jew. The mix drops May 18 digitally and in limited CD run. With every track GOBBLE GOBBLE sends my way I am continually blown away. In this jawn he covers paranoia, relating with people and castration. You know, nothing but the basics. I've had the privilege of watching Cecil just fuck around with digital noise for a second and the dude is goddamn genius. Prepare to not want to listen to anything else today.

MP3 :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - Seizure to the Metronome

AAIEI (Alpha Reply Dagger Signal)

I swear every month is seeming like some ever-expansive amount of time more and more lately. Because of this SXSW seems like it happened last year, and it feels like even longer since new jams from RxRy have surfaced. Fortunately last night he dropped a couple of nuggets from his upcoming album titled, Vaeiouwls, into my inbox, and with great pleasure I pass them along to you.

MP3 ::
RxRy - AAIEI (Alpha Reply Dagger Signal)
RxRy - EIIOA (Flint Rasp Export Defect)



This is hands down my favorite song that Ben Wagner, aka Hooray!, has shared with me, and Ben has been sending me music for quite a while now. He recently made the decision to take a year off from higher learning, so hopefully we'll start to see even more tracks flooding the blogwaves soon.

Stream :: Hooray! - Homee


New Orleans noise-pop duo extraordinaire Caddywhompus recently dropped their new album, Remainder, on DIY label Community Records. It's limited to 500 12" vinyl copies and 500 CDs in hand-made cases. Head here to order a copy, but if you're too broke or too late feel free to download it below as well. How can you support the artist then? Head here, peep their tour dates, and if one is near you they'd better see you there.

Download :: Caddywhompus - Remainder

Video :: Ghoul Poon - Gold Water


GOTC + Gravity Records Present :: Woodsman Live at Gravity Records

Woodsman are taking a pretty extensive tour (you can view the dates here) and we're lucky enough to have them playing at Gravity Records on June 15. As always, we hope to see you there.

MP3 :: Woodsman - When The Morning Comes


GOTC + Gravity Records Present :: An Evening With Julian Lynch

I can hardly begin to tell you guys how excited I am to be presenting this show with my pals at Gravity. Julian's new album, Mare, is my favorite album I've heard this year and this goes down the day after my birthday so I'm kinda treating myself here. If you're in the area come hang out. We'll miss you otherwise.

MP3 :: Julian Lynch - Just Enough

Crown On The Ground

Emily over at the Wholly Roller just reminded me that the debut album from Sleigh Bells comes out today. I only recently started getting into Sleigh Bells, when "Crown On The Ground" started playing regularly on a radio station we listen to at my job. I haven't heard the entire album yet but if it keeps the same energy that this track keeps then I'd say it's definitely worth running out and grabbing a copy. If you're unsure though head over to NPR and stream the whole thing first.

MP3 :: Sleigh Bells - Crown On The Ground

The Peak

Jeff Roman of Sky Stadium just sent over some work from his side project Pool Games. The Peak, though short, is a year in the making, continuously taking the backseat to school and other music projects. While phasers are still set to stun on this one, things are a bit more fuzzy, soaked more in emotion than laser dust. I can't wait to hear more from this one.

Download :: Pool Games - The Peak


Video :: How To Dress Well - Suicide Dream 2

Midnite Cobras

My homies in Tonstartssbandht are finally dropping some vinyl goodness on us in the form of a 7" for their jammer "Midnite Cobras". While the song is actually from last year I believe, this is a new recording of it, and the b-side will feature a track exclusive to this release. Head over to Psychic Handshake grab a copy now.

MP3 :: Tonstartssbandht - Midnite Cobras

Sucker Punch

Coma Cinema writes good honest music that reminds me of equal parts Beach Boys, early Weezer and Coconut Records. His new album, Stoned Alone, shows Mat Cothran seemingly putting his mind out there for us to see while he's stoned and alone. It's a basic concept that may never have worked as well as it has for him. Stoned Alone has some of the most endearing, heartfelt songs I've heard in a while. It drops June 1 on cassette via Arcade Sound Ltd so make sure to pick up a copy then.

MP3 ::
Coma Cinema - Sucker Punch
Coma Cinema - Bath Of Time
Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone

Video :: iamamiwhoami - u-2

Pussy Bow

One of my most fond memories from SXSW was hanging out with female grunge duo Coasting. Fiona and Madison are both really awesome and write some of the catchiest jams I've ever heard. This one stuck in my head the entire week I spent in Austin. Head here to grab it in 7" format via M'lady's Records. Also head over to their myspace and check out "Snoozefest", which is actually anything but. [via Microphone Memory Emotion]

MP3 :: Coasting - Pussy Bow
Link removed by request.

Back To The Money (Remix)

A couple of days ago LilWayneHQ posted this new remix of BG's "Back To The Money" featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman and Magnolia Chop. I guess it's to celebrate BG's return to Cash Money records. Wayne's verse is pretty short and he just brags a bit but it's still good, and the whole track is fucking solid.

MP3 :: BG - Back To The Money (Remix feat Lil Wayne, Birdman and Magnolia Chop)



Just over 24 hours ago, which really seems like so much longer ago, my pal Mike Dillon sent over a slightly rough demo of the new Gross Ghost track "Leslie". It was around 5am and I'd been up all night thanks to a green & syrup blend so as soon as this dreamy track started playing my mind just surrendered itself. This early summer jammer will almost certainly be guiding your top-down cruisers to cool water and endless volleyball jawns.

MP3 :: Gross Ghost - Leslie


Wizard Oz just sent over a digital copy of their most recent cassette. These are tunes sure to keep you high on fairy dust and dynamite as you coast through pixelated clouds. The dudes also got "buzzed" one night and recorded a little EP of random tracks that fall more along the psyched out garage side of things.

Download ::
Wizard Oz - Summer
The Knights of Regret - Night of Regret

The Return of Kind Ropes

MP3 :: Nihiti - The Return of Kind Ropes (Laku Noc, Dusan K)


Our buddy Jack at Transparent just sent over word on their newest release, a thud-heavy 7" from New York natives Psychobuildings dropping on May 31. As per usual the 700 will be limited to only 300 copies, but don't worry your little heart out; you can go ahead and grab both tracks below and work on your dance moves before those vinyl-only kids get theirs. This summer's dance-off is all you!

MP3 ::
Psychobuildings - Portrait
Psychobuildings - No Man's Land


Video :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Vulture Funk

Party With Children

It seems like every time I get in the mood for new Ratatat material they release a new album. This new track sounds like a Ratatat song, and that's really all you can say about it. If you like Ratatat (and I do) then this one is definitely for you. LP4 drops on June 8 via XL.

MP3 :: Ratatat - Party With Children


Video :: iamamiwhoami - u-1

Dream Over

On May 25 Light Lodge will be dropping a split 7" from Austin's Pure Ecstasy and Sleep Over. They were kind enough to give away both tracks as mp3, so enjoy the beautiful woozy haze.

MP3 ::
Pure Ecstasy - Dream Over
Sleep Over - Your World is Night

Tie Dye Flowers

Blissed Out just dropped this awesome news that our favorite tape making homeboys at Mirror Universe will be putting out their first full-length album. White Triangle sees the duo moving from the lo-fi sound of cassettes to a digital sound that, as exhibited by "Rain Stream" and "Tropical Fantasy" previously, much more clearly shows off their ability to create some of the most trance inducing beats out there. The tape drops June 2 and will be limited to 100 copies, but you can pre-order it here.

MP3 :: Blissed Out - Tie Dye Flowers

Video :: Terror Bird - Shadows In The Hall

[via Delicious Scopitone]

All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds Coolrunnings Rmx)

Coolrunnings just keeps on bringing it like it's never been brought before. Fresh off the heels of their newest EP they've just dropped this killer remix on the already incredible Twin Sister track "All Around and Away We Go". Enjoy.

MP3 ::
Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go (No Merry Go Rounds Coolrunnings Rmx)
Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go



Katrina Stonehart's blown out fuzz-fi takes you on a ride through a lazy river on the sun, where lazy unfortunately just meant a little less than the speed of light. Spirited flaming gazelle leap about you and pterodactyl fly overhead. As you rocket along the sun's molten surface on a rock innertube you just can't help but to drift off when "WAKE UP". You're not going anywhere, especially not your own mind. We've got work to finish here.

MP3 ::
Katrina Stonehart - japaneseloveshow
Katrina Stonehart - sundaysunday

Hide Yourself

Blanket Truth just sent over an amazing new track complete with all your dual ukulele and beat boxing needs. The track comes from an upcoming cassette compilation, I Know Why They Call It Pop, via Rok Lok Records.

MP3 :: Blanket Truth - Hide Yourself


La Station Radar recently dropped this killer compilation CD featuring tracks from Jen Paul, Cloud Nothings, Ancient Crux, Dead Gaze and many more. They were nice enough to send over mp3s for two tracks from the compilation by A Grave With No Name and Cough Cool. Enjoy those below and head here to grab a copy now to enjoy all twenty-five songs featured. It should also be noted that "Sofia" is easily one of my favorite songs now after ten straight listens. It's good y'all.

MP3 ::
A Grave With No Name - Sofia (Big Love)
Cough Cool - Flower Reading