Girl, I'm For Real

The Young Sinclairs seem to have quite a busy summer ahead of them. On top of a small run of tour dates with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, they're dropping an LP (Chimeys on Chimney Sweep), an EP (We Spoke Our Minds via Planting Seeds), and a cassette (O Bummer from Funny Not Funny). The band was generous enough to send over some tracks from each release for previewing, so throw on a good set of headphones and groove to some fantastic garage pop jams. They're easily one of my favorite bands of the moment and the perfect way to start out summer.

MP3 ::
(From We Spoke Our Minds EP)
The Young Sinclairs - Girl, I'm For Real
(From Chimeys)
The Young Sinclairs - Forever After
The Young Sinclairs - You Can Have Her
The Young Sinclairs - Future Man
(From O Bummer)
The Young Sinclairs - Up Against The Wall
The Young Sinclairs - They're Not Writing


  1. herrro. flipin' love this shit

  2. Damn, I'm only halfway thru the first track and yeah - spot on! Love this!!

  3. This is really good!
    thanks for sharing and thanks to the Sinclairs.

  4. thanks for posting this...
    i have one or two tracks and I've been wanting to hear more. awesome.