The Calm Before The Sword

My homies over at Deathbomb Arc just sent over this rolling epic journey of a jam from Captain Ahab. It comes from their recent adventure of a record, The End Of Irony, which you can head here and snag now on LP or CD.

MP3 :: Captain Ahab - The Calm Before the Sword (edit)


Favorite Maze

My pal Judson loves sending me his friends' songs, and he never fails to find tracks that just blow my mind. Evenings crafts some of the most beautiful beats I've ever heard, using unconventional sounds to carry you through an enjoyably fucked up haze of eager nostalgia. We can expect an EP titled North Dorm in July digitally, and these jams will be on there. Hopefully someone can make a physical release happen soon after.

MP3 ::
Evenings - Favorite Maze
Evenings - Still Young

Lifted EP

Warm Waves just sent over this magnificent glowing wonder of an EP for our listening pleasure. These jams retain the glisten of glo-fi and yet seem to bring the pulse down in a way that is impacting to say the least. Grab the Lifted EP here for free and bliss through the rest of Sunday.

Download :: Warm Waves - Lifted EP

Video :: Sambassadeur - I Can Try


Ready For The World

I'm already an huge fan of the intricate beauty of How To Dress Well's "Ready For The World," which is finally coming out on wax thanks to the awesome cats over at Lefse, and now that Twins has gotten ahold of it I can't stop listening. The original and remix on repeat for a bit. Real heady blaze session recommended.


I Can Try

This incredible sunny pop gem comes from Sambassadeur's most recent album, European, Sweden's Labrador. The band apparently started out as a bedroom recording version of something like Abba. It totally makes sense, and I'm glad that somewhere down the road someone gave the band a full studio to play with.

MP3 :: Sambassadeur - I Can Try

Love (Love/Lust)

D/R/U/G/S have permeated their way into my brain with their swamp infested jungle tribe stompers that have been cut to ribbons and pieced delicately back together. These jams will be perfect for tonight's party no matter where you are, so go ahead and let it spin once, twice, thrice...

MP3 ::
D/R/U/G/S - Love (Love/Lust)
Radiant Dragon - Preseli (D/R/U/G/S Remix)
Raw Moans - Aqua Net (D/R/U/G/S Remix)


Brooklyn's Sweet Bulbs just finished recording their first full length record and are now just waiting to find someone to release it. On the band's myspace a subheader reads "post-apocalyptic dystopia." I'd say that fits it about right, though it's the type of dystopia that would be fun to explore, like in Judge Dredd or something.

MP3 :: Sweet Bulbs - Springstung


Coral Legs recently sent over this tropical bliss jam from their upcoming self-titled EP/DVD. I'm told it will be ready by the end of the month so I'll be looking forward to that. Until then we can all groove on this tasty little gem.

MP3 :: Coral Legs - Recess


With all the glo-fi gems floating through our spirits lately it feels like lo-fi summer garage shredders have taken the backseat a bit. Fortunately Ghost Animal isn't willing to let the fuzzed out dream die so easily. This is what you listen to during the crazy parts of summer, when you're being chased by the father of a girl you met on vacation or blowing things up with fireworks long after Independence Day has passed.

MP3 ::
Ghost Animal - Dreams
Ghost Animal - California Summer pt. 1

Download ::
Ghost Animal - Frater Ave Atque Vale
Ghost Animal - Through Your Eyes


Cough Cool just sent over this pacifying drudged out jawn with the promising note "should be on an upcoming tape?"

MP3 :: Cough Cool - Sucker

Gravity Taste Test

My homies over at Royal Rhino Flying just sent over this killer new track from Devices Disguised, off their newest EP, True Tides. It drops in CD form on June 22 and will go up for pre-order this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled.

Smoke and Mirrors

Youth Sounds new EP, The Bit Parts, is a brief, hazy whirlwind of beauty. Dreamy vocals guided by striking chords and keys draw you in fast and hard and leave you wanting more. Hopefully the wait won't be too long for a full-length.



This new jam from Teen Daze is a glo-fi romance banger born in a jungle in the early '80s. It sinks into you like a new soul poised to guide you to a utopia filled with massive fluorescent flora. This delightful tune is one of several beauties on the new mixtape, Small Summits, recently dropped by The Road Goes Ever On.

I Will Be

Dana Jewell just sent over some info on the newest release from Wild Animal Kingdom. Pario Marty is an early solo project of Martin Courtney IV, and The Black Hole of Fun is actually a reissue. More than anything I'm blown away at the fact that it's a solo effort. The songs are filled out wonderfully and this is a beautiful tape for those lazy beach daze.


Stream Julian Lynch's Mare Entirely

I'm not going to take too much time on this post, other than to let you know that this is easily my favorite album that I've heard this year. Hopefully you'll like as much as I do.

Stream :: Julian Lynch - Mare


Will Patterson has been using the moniker Sleep Good for a while now; but the new album, Skyclimber, is the first for the project as a full band. Skyclimber captures some of the best dreamy, classically-styled pop that I've heard in quite a long time. The album is available now digitally, and will be available in vinyl and CD format on August 24 via Autobus. The band is also working on putting together a VHS version of the album with accompanying visuals, and an RPG based entirely around the album. Did I mention how ambitious they are?

Stream :: Sleep Good - Skyclimber

Click Shaw

Reporter is poised to drop their new album, Time Incredible, on Holocene Music. The first cut from the album is a glistening 80's synth-rock banger with groovy futuristic electro tones to kick it into high gear. Keep an eye out in the next month for some stellar remixes to surface as well.

MP3 :: Reporter - Click Shaw


This one has apparently been around for a minute now, but Eric at Gravity just turned me on to this amazing cover that Cibelle did of Raymond Scott's "Lightworks," which was also sampled wonderfully on J Dilla's Donuts. Her version of the classic appears on the recently released Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel, which you can grab here on a lovely double-LP.

MP3 :: Cibelle - Lightworks

Light Up (Rikers RMX)

My dudes over at the Fader just posted up this remix to the Drake & Jay-Z jam "Light Up". In this version Weezy literally phones in on the track from Rikers Island. You have to listen a little carefully but every line is as ill as ever, letting everyone know that all Rikers means to him is another story to weave into his legacy.

The last time I posted a Drake joint on here I got a DCMA takedown, so if you click the link below it will take you to the Fader. They're a little more legit and a lot more at freedom to distribute the track.

MP3 :: Drake feat. Jay-Z & Lil Wayne - Light Up (Rikers RMX)

Recession Proof ($40 Paycheque)

Last night D'EON sent over this new summer club rocker from his upcoming album and totally blew my mind. The song runs just over seven-minutes and throws everything it can at you to keep your feet pulsing fluidly along the hardwood floors of your old high school gym, where after school when the basketball team wasn't practicing you would practice moon walking, never quite getting it the same way as the King of Pop. And let's be honest, these days we all dream of being recession proof. I just wish we all wrote such wonderful jams because of it.

MP3 :: D'EON - Recession Proof ($40 Paycheque)


Video :: Woodsman - Balance

As a quick reminder, Woodsman will be playing at Gravity Records tomorrow evening. Doors are at 8pm and we hope to see you out there.


Father/Daughter Records just sent over some jams from a couple of upcoming 7" releases. The first is the delightful catchy archival pop brilliance of Family Trees, which drops at the end of this month. The second track is virtually the opposite, with the dark, chilling dancewave of tooth ache. That one won't be out til August, so I'm glad we've got something to hold us over until.

MP3 ::
tooth ache. - Skin
Family Trees - Dream Talkin

Video :: Active Child session w/ Yours Tru.ly

This is so beautiful. Watch more here.


Premiere :: Fire

Nude Beach just sent over this dark brooding soul jam and I'm pretty much obsessed with it. The high notes and syrupy leads craft one of the best bayou friendly jams of the year.

MP3 :: Nude Beach - Fire

Cyanide Sisters

AMDiscs just sent over the mindblowing new Com Truise EP, titled Cyanide Sisters. Epic chillwave goodness that booms into your headphones and drenches you in cool, rushing chlorinated water. The albums is certainly refreshing and the perfect addition to an already budding collection of summer jams.

Download :: Com Truise - Cyanide Sisters


Here's a dreamy new jam from Hooray!

MP3 :: Hooray! - Up

Video :: Coasting - Kids

[by Alice Cohen; via Gorilla vs Bear]


Volume 1

Star Slinger is a hip-hop producer from Manchester influenced by J Dilla & Pete Rock as well as shoegaze, soul and funk. He just dropped his first album, a collection titled Volume 1, and you can can snag it here free. Every song seems perfect for a scorching summer in the city, slinking from one side of the building as the day goes on to move with the shade, occasionally cursing yourself for not holding onto the little room fan from last winter's unexpected move. Don't worry though, a cold glass of lemonade and Volume 1 on repeat will coast you through those long hot hours.

Download :: Star Slinger - Volume 1

Whats Wrong With Me

Twins just sent over a new jam that is "about a mystery medical condition i've been dealing with for almost 10 months now in which I've had a sore throat THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY!!! talk about a fucking nightmare - the best the doctor can come up with is acid reflux...which is a bummer, but I've finally gotten my insurance worked out so I can now go get it checked out properly and hopefully get it healed."

MP3 :: Twins - Whats Wrong With Me


Doldrums have been getting mad notoriety in Toronto and beyond lately. Now they're doing the ultimate cool move and releasing a beautiful VHS mixtape, titled Parrot Talk, on Ministry of Truth Records. Matching a live recorded session with beautiful imagery, the entire tape is a wonderful visual trip hellbent on making sure your ride is nothing but wild. You can head over here to order the VHS, and act quickly as it's limited to only 50 copies. If you miss out, fret not; they've also hosted the videos on youtube here.

MP3 ::
Doldrums - Tantrum pt 1
Doldrums - Tantrum pt 2

Playing Filter (The Sookie's Game)

At SXSW earlier this year, while watching His Clancyness set up for his gig at Karibu, a friend of his came up to me and handed me a CD-R. The first time I listened to Wolther Goes Stranger I was fascinated. The CD had just a few covers he had thrown together, but his own talent certainly shone through. Now the folks at Secret Furry Hole are putting out a limited 3" CD-R titled Dandies Play In Office Time. You can snag the first track below, and head here if you'd like to order a copy.

MP3 :: Wolther Goes Stranger - Playing Filter (The Sookie's Game)

Video :: Dum Dum Girls - Bhang Bhang

[via GvB]


Red Buffalo Check

The Late Virginia Summers' new album, Porcelain, is an ambient cosmic ride, touring all the planets and stars and leaving nothing out. You feel all the universe move around you as you're pulled in. Grab it here on marbled 12" vinyl (limited to 100) courtesy of Harding Street Assembly Lab.

MP3 :: The Late Virginia Summers - Red Buffalo Check

Cathedral With No Eyes (Philip Seymour Hoffman Gas Huffing Remix)

Aria Jalali, aka railcars, just sent over this lovely remix that Philip Seymour Hoffman did for him. Apparently it was supposed to be on the remix album but was lost in the shuffle at some point. I guess it's a bummer that it was left out, but I'm just glad it was found.

MP3 :: railcars - Cathedral With No Eyes (Philip Seymour Hoffman Gas Huffing Remix)

Even If It Worked Out

Cloud Nothings has a new 7" single titled Didn't You dropping June 24 via Old Flame Records. Below is the b-side, a raucous, infectious little jam about a dying relationship that wouldn't have worked anyway packed with emotion.

MP3 :: Cloud Nothings - Even If It Worked Out

Video :: Wonder Wheel - Future Home

Wonder Wheel has a tape dropping on Hobo Cult Records. The folks at Hobo Cult picked their favorite tracks from Wonder Wheel's first twenty album and compiled them into this neat best of type of deal entitled Natural Selection. All the songs are fantastic and it's a great summary of how neat and moving his music continues to be. Head here to order a copy now.

Thunder / Language

RxRy just sent over this entrancing cut that he made one night as the sky turned to smoldering blackness and filled itself with the terrifying shrieks of thunder. It sounds to me like a syrup induced ride through the bonus levels of Sonic the Hedgehog.

MP3 :: RxRy - Thunder / Language


The dudes over at The Decibel Tolls just turned me on to Secret Colours, a band that creates 60's style psychedelic garage jams with such perfection that it's impossible to ignore. They're self-releasing their self-titled album on August 3, and you can go ahead and take home a couple of lovely tunes from it below. Keep your eye on this one; it's an absolute must have.

MP3 ::
Secret Colours - Jellybean
Secret Colours - Western

Liquid Elvis

McG calls Taterbug "a psychedelic warrior with the spirit of Daniel Johnston (or the Devil.)" That description really couldn't be more appropriate. Soulful crooning over minimal tunes and gap-filling fuzz guides this tape through the late night and welcomes the rising sun on those nights where sleep never even pretended to be an option. It looks like his new cassette, Boys of a Feather, may already have sold out, but fortunately there are a handful of other Taterbug releases to check out from the fine folks at Night People. Thankfully Chocolate Bobka has hooked it up with a digicopy of Side A from Boys of a Feather so we don't miss out entirely.

MP3 :: Taterbug - Side A of Boys of a Feather

Post Acid

Here it is y'all, the moment we've all been waiting for. Wavves new single has finally dropped and we can all really decide which side of the fence we're on. As for me, this song kicks ass. More than anything I'm impressed with the vocals. It's not Usher level, but it's still impressive. Now someone get me the rest of the album? Anyway, you can grab the tune over at Green Label Sound for free, or just snag it below if you're not down with all that extra-site traveling.

MP3 :: Wavves - Post Acid

Video :: Veux - Late Key

Video :: SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits

[Created by Salad Fork]



Datahowler may only just now be dropping his first single, but this dude clearly knows a thing or two about creating some lucid glo-fi gems. He also seems fond of crafting rad mash-ups, which you can check out here if you're interested.

MP3 ::
Datahowler - Estate
Datahowler - Black Swans

Late Key

My boy matthewdavid recently got together with Dog Bite to record this beauty. It's another summer barbecue jam, and I'm pretty sure there is more where this one came from.

MP3 :: Veux - Late Key

Don't Want It

A rough cut for this Cascaders jam from his self-titled cassette on the Curatorial Club appeared on Eskimo Taco, but we now have an updated version that sounds amazing. Throw your headphones on and fall headfirst into this one, then head over here to hear the rest and order a copy.

MP3 :: Cascaders - Don't Want It

Catch Pool

Teams new EP, Catch Pool, is just the type of thing to perfectly soundtrack a birthday cookout or a day of slip and slide and poolside lounging. Super ambient electronic jawns that inspire the happiest of thoughts, and it's completely free.

Download :: Teams - Catch Pool

Life For Future Travel

Here's a new glistening summer pop album from Sky Stadium, meant to accompany his most recent effort put out by Wolf Tapes, titled Life For Future Travel. This blissed out beauty fits nicely alongside Spring Escape to Oceania, and it will definitely guide some hazy days for me. Also keep an eye out for his upcoming split with Cough Cool on Scotch Tapes.

Download :: Sky Stadium - Life For Future Travel


My homies from M Pyres, now with the Season Creeps, just hit me up with a new jam and rerecord of a slightly older one. The band is hard at work on their new album, Mountain Pacific, and will be putting the finishing touches on it after their short stint with Woodsman. We can't wait for it.

MP3 ::
M Pyres & the Season Creeps - Concord
M Pyres & the Season Creeps - Gravity Deluxe


Sucker Punch (Kohwi Remix)

In this remix of Coma Cinema's whistful strummer "Sucker Punch" Kohwi takes it straight to the moon. Filled with glistening synths and powerful whirs this one might just be the coolest remix I've heard this year. Totally makes me weak in the knees.

MP3 :: Coma Cinema - Sucker Punch (Kohwi Remix)

Video :: How To Dress Well - Ready For The World (Laurel Halo Remix)

Shaman Shit

Austin natives Watch Out For Rockets just sent over their newest EP, Shaman Shit. It's full of loud, ruckus oriented punk-garage jams that are certain to punch some energy into your day. Fear not mellow dudes, there are a few slow jams as well. They're giving it away for free, and if you want more get a whole grip of jams here.

Download :: Watch Out For Rockets - Shaman Shit

City Lights

Apparently Daybehavior has been around since 1993, though in very limited form. The band released an album in the mid-90's, and their follow-up to it wasn't until 2003. I suppose on that timeline it is about the right time for their turn. And I find it nescessary that once again the Swedes get some claim to this as the singer is half-Swedish. It's like beautiful, classic pop with an early 80s synth bend is in embedded in their genes.

MP3 :: Daybehavior - City Lights

Outer Limits

Here's a new pitch black at the center of the earth love making jam from SLEEP ∞ OVER. They'll be dropping this lovely piece on a 7" later this summer with our friends over at Forest Family. [via Chocolate Bobka]

MP3 :: SLEEP ∞ OVER - Outer Limits


The folks over at Bmore Musically Informed just dropped the premiere of Wigflip Records' first compilation, featuring new jams from Run DMT, Semya, Happy Family, Winks and several more Baltimore greats. The compilation is titled SUN SUN SUN in case you were wondering if it's fit for summer, and you can peep the tracklist after the jump.

Download :: Wigflip Records - SUN SUN SUN


ʎǝuoɯ plo

Royal Hideouts recently began working on his upcoming EP, titled Coral Casino. According to Mike "it's new material that I started one weekend recently when I was housesitting, listening to new wave, and drinking too much coffee." The first song is fantastic, seemingly absorbing every bit of caffeinated vibrance that was poured into it, and I'm definitely eager to hear more.

MP3 :: Royal Hideouts - Old Money

Hexes Volume 1

Last night Pink Priest sent over this free remix EP of sorts, titled Hexes Volume 1. It features fucked up bangers from the likes of Twins, Mater Suspiria Vision, Dem Hunger, Balam Acab, GR†LLGR†LL and more. Get ready for the summer of darkness y'all. Things are getting swampy.

Stream/Download :: Pink Priest - Hexes Volume 1


Japanese label Sixteen Tambourines Records just sent over word on their newest drop, a mind-numbingly good single from Toronto's Little Girls. The b-side features a cover of "10 Mile Stereo," originally performed by Beach House. The 7" itself, which you can order here, has some fantastic packaging deals. You have the option of choosing from two different covers or getting the special edition package for only $13, which includes three different cover options and a 7-track cassette. Like all things good in this little niche industry it's limited to only 100 copies, with 400 copies of the less special edition available as well.

MP3 :: Little Girls - Delaware


Here's a new old one from Banjo or Freakout that didn't make the album, though that may only be the case because he forgot about the track until recently rediscovering it on his hard drive.

MP3 :: Banjo or Freakout - 75