Retrosexual Moments: I Would Set Myself on Fire for You

A Post-Modern Look at Past Hardcore Endeavors by Brian Cox
They came from Georgia and roamed the earth from 2001 until 2007.

Slowly your cheeks fill with blood, until you can feel the burn. That kind of burn where you don't know if you want to yell, or scream, or fight, or cry. And it pulses, and it pulses. So you light your cigarette, and you let it hang limp, like a malignant fuse. That's when you dance, you dance catharsis, and you dance rage, and you dance joy. Will it save you? Will it kill you? Does it matter?

I would set myself on fire for you. I would.

MP3 ::
I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - Twelve
I Would Set Myself on Fire for You - Nine
Try :: Believes In Patterns


Premiere :: No Better

Everything kept flickering. This large ominous figure towered above me. He resembled an owl of sorts. We were in a jungle and then a swamp. We were buried in the sand and my lungs burned. We were falling for what seemed like forever and then nothing was there at all. He was screeching above me now and on the raised side of a spoon, scrambling to hold my footing as if it mattered. Then we were in an alley and the owl had filled the sky. I was done for and then once more there was nothing. And nothing returned.

MP3 :: White Car - No Better
Website :: White Car
No Better EP available August 31 via Hippos in Tanks

,...the lemon houses.

The trees ripped apart. It was all at once. I'd never seen a more wretched thing. Spirits poured out we saw every knowledge they owned. We were all taken aback. The boy especially. His eyes grew wide with delight and I was sure he would be the end of us all. I'd later find out I was very wrong. His sister was still around then, and her reaction that day was certainly among the stranger. The strangest, I believe, was that of one of the elder men, who had tried to bury his head in order to see no more. He would have died had the boy not stopped him.

Stream/Purchase :: Hunting Hat - ,...the lemon houses.


We'd been watching him run through the pipes for hours before anyone decided to help him. Not that any of us were much help, but effort did need to be made. The clouds were hanging awfully low, scraping the heads of some of the taller gentleman, and this thoroughly upset me. How was I to account for this later? They would only tell me I should have placed them higher. And I kept seeing that lemur sweeping about. I was certain it would eat the man if we didn't get him out soon. Then someone started the engine and he came rocketing out. He ended up on an older woman's hoop earring, though not before hitting a pool float and bouncing onto the roof, where he fell calamitously before hitting the golden ring and giving the woman's ear a polite tug.

MP3 :: Ikons - Afrika
Website :: Die Neu Mythologen



I'm still processing it as it's happening. Somehow I can feel them around me for minutes before I can even see them coming close. Time shouldn't move like this. Fragmented. At times I see multiple streams and I'm not sure which will happen, if any at all. We're in an ice cream parlor and the people keep just appearing and disappearing. I'm not sure if the ice cream is even real. I'm afraid to try it. I haven't slept in days. I need to get some rest.

MP3 ::
kohwi - rem
kohwi - play with me

For Ash

[Photo Credit: Rob Spicer]
There has always been that persistent drive for them to just run and run and run. The old people in the town would swear that the horses could fly, though the number of them who had actually seen it was pretty unremarkable. Still, there was certainly something majestic about them. They way they ran in harmony was almost a dance. It was an art form. I dreamt of following them to icy glaciers that rang with every color there was and even ones that were not. I dreamt of tearing through pastures with them as other creatures would drop in and out of the pack. It was a shame that I never actually had that drive to run and run and run the way that they did.

MP3 :: Marnie Stern - For Ash
Website :: Marnie Stern
Marnie Stern out October 5 on Kill Rock Stars



Every winter there seems to be at least one night that I go out to the beach and randomly end up seeing fireworks, and it's always one of my favorite experiences. Something about fireworks puts a warmth in my heart that I've never fully understood, but I've always appreciated it. These days I find myself wondering if they've had that pleasure. She sits up there in the sky, and the rest of them are always moving, never taking the time to enjoy this burden. It doesn't really unsettle me. I just miss their company.

MP3 :: Tennis - Baltimore
Website :: Tennis
Pre-Order Limited Edition 7" via Underwater Peoples

I Am You

Everything rests gently along the cliffs, hanging upside down. Though I'd hardly call it hanging. They do seem rather in place. Memories whip throughout the rocky caverns playfully. It engages the light in burst of energy, while at other times quietly resting and enjoying it's presence, though only for a moment. Then it's back to the games and each afternoon continues on like this. I've only been there once and I've always longed to return, and yet never had the opportunity.


Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)

As he glides across the rink, backward the entire way, he basks in the envy of the other kids. This is his night. He moves to the center of the rink and begins to bust some moves. And the floor is gone. And he is gone. Now air is gone and we are gone. Suddenly vines are whipping about pavement islands that float around each other, never quite making contact. Cities are built upon them with some even permanently bridged. A new home is ours and here we will make do.

MP3 ::
ArnHao - Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)
Holygrailers - Rosa
Website :: ArnHao // Holygrailers
Pre-order :: Split 7" via Denmark Records


Sleep Ranger (+Blissed Out's Lindsay Lohan Fuck U Edit+)

Lights are blinding. They hardly exist at all. They flicker across the sand delicately, warping in and out. All you think about is diving into the ground. You feel nothing at all, and yet everything is suddenly part of you. The sound of the water as it rinses over the crystalline stacks soothes you and you begin to bellow. Time doesn't matter here. Nothing is in a hurry so we just take it slow.

MP3 :: Pink Priest - Sleep Ranger (+Blissed Out's Lindsay Lohan Fuck U Edit+)
Website :: Blissed Out // Pink Priest


In Shrouds

Ghost Animal recently sent over this dark, frantic jam from his upcoming fall EP. It'll first be available digitally, and later we'll have the chance to own it on wax. This one is definitely for lovers of shredding garage psychedelia.

MP3 :: Ghost Animal - In Shrouds


Photos :: Ed Sharpe + The Magnetic Zeros

My friend Meagan is in Savannah, GA for a few weeks and caught Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros at Trustees Theatre on July 11. These are a few killer photos she captured.

Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs

Totem Pole just sent over their new EP, Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs, and with one listen it is an instant favorite. It shines in it's perfect instrumentation and wonderfully layered vocal melodies. The best part is that it's entirely free, so grab the EP below and cozy up in your papasan, because this truly is bliss.

Download ::
Totem Pole - Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs


Gold Dust

South Carolina's Sean Neuse has been in various bands throughout the past four years, all the while nursing his solo project, Backseat Dreamer, into full blossom. His debut album, The Colors of Dreams, They're in You, drops tomorrow on Stickfigure Records, and you can snag a few lazer cut dreamy disco jams from it below.

MP3 ::
Backseat Dreamer - Gold Dust
Backseat Dreamer - Consider



RxRy recently put up his newest album of work, Vaeiouwls, for free on his blog, along with this nearly tear jerking open letter to the internet. He also recently put up stems to a couple of his songs with an interest in hearing people's remixes. I can't wait to hear what people come up with, but until then just coast with me on this incredible album full of atmospheric nostalgia as it weaves each delicate environment we encounter along the way.

Download :: RxRy - Vaeiouwls


Premiere :: Running Up That Hill

A while back I mentioned that railcars is covering all of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. Aria has sent me various demos, but last night he sent over a final mix of "Running Up That Hill" and it has since refused to stop playing over and over in my head. The added intensity he places into the song is what really drives it home, almost convincing you that he means these word more that Kate Bush ever did. Also check out this killer demo from his upcoming non-Kate Bush LP. There aren't as many details on that one yet, but it almost goes without saying at this point that it will be awesome.

MP3 ::
railcars - Running Up That Hill
railcars - Sink No Ships (demo)


Summer Heart

For the past few weeks Blackbird Blackbird has been sending me some of the most dreamy glofi jams I've ever heard. On top of that, he did a stunning collaboration with Neon Canyon, and Coolrunnings and Kohwi did some killer remixes for the track "Pure". You can grab his full album digitally here, and hopefully we'll see it on wax soon because this is one I won't stop spinning.

MP3 ::
Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart
Blackbird Blackbird - Hawaii
Blackbird Blackbird & Neon Canyon - We Have To Know
Blackbird Blackbird - Pure (COOLRUNNINGS MIX)
Blackbird Blackbird - Pure (Kohwi Remix)


[photo credit: Meagan O'Brien]
Sunsquints just sent over another new track, with the promise of even more very soon. An ode to the oldest surviving "ethnic group" seemingly hell bent on destroying itself, or perhaps just a corruption of the sun bathers term for soaking up the rays, either way the song glows and feels just right on a breezy summer day.

MP3 :: Sunsquints - Basque


Lake Loops

Portland's Ryan Carter, aka Cassowaries, creates dark, murky holographic dreampop jams in his bedroom while surrounded by magical plants. Day in and day out he is a slave to a tireless grind that forces him to continue to appease the plants with his heartbroken music. Should the day ever come that he fails to do so, he will be assimilated into the foliage while it waits for the next brilliant victim. Head over to his myspace for info on how to purchase these releases.

Download ::
Cassowaries - Lake Loops (Pt 1 & Pt 2)
Cassowaries/Pssprtt - A Ghost With Teeth

The Fourth Magi

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta have an incredibly rare and special power. From the moment their new album, Jet Set Siempre 1°, begins you are rocked to your feet and locked into a groove that you never want to stop. The only way to get the album is on cassette, but Mr. Tanaka was kind enough to let me rip a couple of songs from my copy to share. Enjoy these personal favorites until your feet ache, and then head over here and order a copy to start owning the night at every throw down opportunity.

MP3 ::
Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - The Fourth Magi
Clive Tanaka y su orquesta - I Want You (So Bad)



I've known Jose Rivera for a couple of years now and he's an absolutely awesome dude. I did not, however, know about the minimal spaced out mindfuck jams he creates under the moniker camplikefire until a few nights ago. I am thrilled to see something like this coming out of Wilmington, and even more excited to share it. Here are a few demos he sent over. He's currently working on touching up some old tracks and crafting some new jawns to give us an album of psych thrills stripped to the core.

MP3 ::
camplikefire - Moogwai
camplikefire - whatitdoes
camplikefire - shortinstache
camplikefire - borrisplease

Love Dreams Love

Numbers Game seamlessly merges grungy punk with dance and it's a wedding I couldn't be more happy to attend. If you dig what you hear head over to his website for a whole grip of other jams in various demo forms and some pretty rad videos.

MP3 ::
Numbers Game - Love Dreams Love
Numbers Game - Cold Cold Cold

Terror Management

Psychobuildings recently sent over this new 80's synth slinger that grooves in all the right places. Our story begins with a young boy breaking into an a high security corporate building to steal files that will bring down the company that was responsible for his father's death. It's unfortunate that Terror Management knew all the right ways to eventually sway him to their side. He could have been the one to finally pull their thumb away from us.

MP3 :: Psychobuildings - Terror Management


Short Film :: Pink Priest x Geoffrey Sexton - Goddess

Video :: Tennis - South Carolina

Ready For The World (Twin Sister Remix)

Here's the b-side to that How To Dress Well 7" that I mentioned last week. Twin Sister does an absolutely stunning job with this one. Pre-order it from Lefse here.

MP3 :: How To Dress Well - Ready For The World (Twin Sister Remix)

Video :: Hooray! - Glow

Independence Day is my favorite y'all. Cookout, good jams and fireworks are always a good time.

Silent Rooms

Ben Wagner, better known for his project Hooray!, recently sent over a new jam under the moniker Teen Spirits. The new project is meant to be more beat driven, and Ben clearly knows his way around beats. Slightly dark vibes wash this one into your blood stream and take hold immediately, pulling everything into perception without any need to acknowledge one bit of it.

MP3 :: Teen Spirits - Silent Rooms


heRobust just sent over a stream of his new album, Albumin, which will be available soon in physical formats. It's fueled by barely anything at all, choosing to harness the air's existing vapors and bend them into his own shapes, allowing his mind to control your destiny until the headphones slide away, leaving a faint taste of something beautiful to always keep you coming back for more. "Triceratopless" and "Boss Frog" are personal favorites, but the entire thing is an absolute winner.

Stream :: heRobust - Albumin

Machu Picchu

Sunsquints recently sent over this reverb heavy summer banger that samples Big Tuck and Gucci Mane's club thumping "Not A Stain On Me". They grab the sun with a lasso and use it as a skip it while sipping blue kool-aid and throwing back starbursts in the scorching heat and then bliss out a beautiful, danceable jam that I will be bumping frequently at parties. I definitely can't wait to hear more from these guys.

MP3 :: Sunsquints - Machu Picchu