The Good Things

The sand has never had so much scrawled upon it in the past. I am intimidated by the chore list, but it is relaxing in a sort. The waves ripple behind me and I see the others coming along in a catamaran. It is a great feeling to see them for a bit more. With so many rumblings it feels easy to stay grounded for once, though I suspect that by night's end I will be tumbling through the stars as if I had never returned.

Download/Stream :: Summer Twins - The Good Things
Website :: Summer Twins


Moon Deluxe

Rocks seasoned the earth as we shared our final dance. One last one night stand. So many years ago I branded myself with this day with no real intent of it actually happening. Suffering for the sake of suffering became only too real. I have witnessed and caused more madness than any one person should ever be held accountable for. I'm still unsure where I go so horribly wrong. On these days I become only a bystander, watching myself tear everything apart. I recently learned to step outside and still retain control, but there is no stopping the past. There are far too many books and dwellers in this plane and I want out. I just can't figure out how to take all of me when I go.

MP3 ::
Andrew Cedermark - Moon Deluxe
Andrew Cedermark - Hard Livin'
Website :: Andrew Cedermark
Head here to order Moon Deluxe on vinyl or CD via Underwater Peoples Records, and if you haven't done so yet, check out this incredibly rad panel that Sawyer from UPR has pitched for next year's SXSW.

Videos :: Mathemagic - Breaststroke // Young Prisms - These Daze

MP3 ::
Mathemagic - Breaststroke
Young Prisms - These Daze
Website :: Mathemagic / Young Prisms
Head here to order the Mathemagic/Young Prisms split 7" on vinyl via the fine folks at Atelier Ciseaux.

Hello Paradise

Its wings swung about wildly and I could not help but wonder how it was that the beast could even consider flight. It would snap into the air like a firework, but the explosion at the top always sent it sailing calamitously down. A creature not for failing it, to this day it continues to sporadically burst and pop. I for one cannot commend it for its efforts, as I have spent my time as the sky, and I know the pain it causes to have a flightless wonder thrust upon oneself repeatedly. Violent jabs at the chest that leave only the slightest bruises, all for the sake of finality. A numbing of the entire body that almost controls for the sake letting the worst of it all be forgotten. I have repeated the word goodbye a thousand times and this was not a creature I could support. It brought tears to my eyes with its beauty.

MP3 ::
Celebration - What's This Magical
Celebration - I Will Not Fall
Celebration - Shelter
Celebration - Open Your Heart
Website :: Celebration
Keep an eye out here for the pre-order of Hello Paradise on vinyl from the radical dudes over at Friends Records.


Video :: Autre Ne Veut - Soldier

Head here to order the Autre Ne Veut LP here via OESB.

Premiere :: Pleasures

The clouds were the first thing to burst. A feverish explosion shook them to the ground and vapor hung to our clothes, weighing us down only a little more with each step we took. The chains were unreal and it was too simple for me to ignore the fact that they never existed in the first place. My arms would move freely that day, and so these shackles were the next to go. From here things get a bit more shaky. It is hard to explain where or when, if referring to the large hound with five heads. All I can remember is being amazed at how two noses were always kept to the ground, staying on any and every trail. And there was that frightening bird that sat on its back. A horn grew from the bottom of its beak, piercing through the top part. It was obvious that the obtrusion grew after its birth as the top portion of the beak was still mangled and spotted by its own blood. The mansion was the last thing to go that night. Cupboards darkened by coffee and resin twisted inside of themselves. Splintered stairs ripped to shreds and burrowed deep into the earth. Shards of glass from the chandelier whipped through the air like knives in a circus tent. All the while the dog just stood there grimacing.

MP3 ::
Ghost Houses - Pleasures
Ghost Houses - Division
Ghost Houses - Order
Website :: Ghost Houses

Crumble Before Your Eyes

The sand played delicately between my toes as I leaned so slightly forward. I remember being enchanted by the way your hair danced delicately, playing games with the wind along your collarbone. I could not feel the cold of the water due to the enrapturing energy crackling around me, and the colors flickering wildly across the sea foam had little effect on me. I have never stopped playing the instant that you fell into the water, losing yourself forever, as you skipped along the shore line. You were supposed to be the last thing this place needed; instead it has been left behind, a silent graveyard of memories. The flecks of gold in your eyes have turned green as if to mock my yearning. We were once the only spirits the ocean knew.

MP3 ::
Blackbird Blackbird - Crumble Before Your Eyes
Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Local Natives - Camera Talk (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Download/Stream :: Blackbird Blackbird - Rarities EP
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Look out for Summer Heart on LP via Arcade Sound Ltd or cassette via Wonder Beard Tapes on September 29.


Turn Into Feathers (ft Emily Reo)

I am amazed by the number of static bursts that have occurred just here in the past two months. The first one was more expected than the rest and I try not to imagine it. Even weirder still is the appearance of specific patterns that I know I've seen before. Colors that weave in between each other, swinging through explosions of luster sharp enough to blind. I know all of them. Never before have I heard the sky ring out with such vanity and in that moment I feel the whole world collapse and then reform itself, this time without the clouds and without space. No more stars, no more planets. This time no solar system contains any of it and the white noise surrounds everything.

MP3 :: Truman Peyote - Turn Into Feathers (ft Emily Reo)
Website :: Truman Peyote / Emily Reo / Attached Hands
Look out for the this on the Truman Peyote/Attached Hands split 7" dropping this fall via Post*Records. [note: Artwork above is handmade and not actually affiliated with the release.]



Balloons are piled around me and I feel like a child stuck in the ball pit. I swallow my pride and go through the door, knowing that this is only how the souls of the ocean exist. I let the cool of the water grip me. In certain scenarios, ones that play over and over in my head, we are together. There are no formers that remain in their plight, and we are happy. There is no distance or time and you are smiling. There are no stings from the past, but you are still every bit of everything that you are because of it all. In these scenarios I am that song that you put on repeat as you give in to sleep.

MP3 :: Cough Cool - Stolen
Website :: Cough Cool

Video :: Lost In The Trees - Walk Around The Lake

Liberian Pure

I landed in that place where the hammers seem to follow me around. I was shocked that this was all still here. It had been so long. All of this was before destiny assumed a role. All of this was before foolish ideas of fate were crammed into my head by silly novels and pamphlets. There was this little gold necklace here before. I let it leave shortly before I did. I am sure it is pieces of green metal by now. Certainly this was before the tables with boys under them and long after the magic had left our own world. I created this first one and achieved nothing, and I left it to die. To see it now... To watch it's trees grow in front of me. To watch the birds who have been flipped inside out flitter around so delicately. If I were still in control I'd never leave this place again.

MP3 ::
Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
Pao Pao - Liberia (feat. Prizes)
Website :: Blackbird Blackbird / Pao Pao / Prizes
Order the Split 7" here via Double Denim Records


Stay Out Tonight

I continued to fall for what I thought was days, but only turned out to be four minutes and thirty-seven seconds time. In these sorts of moments it is hard to tell what happens and doesn't happen and when any of it ever occurred is nearly unfathomable. I'm washed away by your persistence to give away the last dance. Perhaps it was foolish of me to become so attached. Starting with you was the most incredible series of letdowns I had ever known. Seven years later and I still paint you vividly anytime my eyes flicker, though many come afterward.

MP3 ::
LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight
LAY BAC - Kasumi
Website :: LAY BAC

Odds & Ends

I recently watched every tree in my front yard rip apart and pick a new half. It was easily one of the most terrifying things I had ever lain witness to. The animals were caught up in all of it as well, dancing in the most frenzied patterns. I saw the wind stop and stare with amazement and it was then that I knew something was out of place. She had been roaming the earth for so long. How was it then that even she had never experienced such a thing? I was not fortunate enough to see what would happen next as it was at this exact moment that a black hole decided to open up beneath me. I would not be returning to this place for some time.

Download/Stream :: Mount Moon - Odds & Ends

Video :: GOSPELS - Apparition

I Don't Need Your Friendship

Explosions of energy burst forth through the air and set me free from my cage. For months on end I will remain with my captor. I will allow myself to be attached to strings and I will dance for the amusement of those who would rather see me dead. All the while I plot. Mine is not one born of evil, but simply an escape. To get so far away, to new planes that are yet to exist. Everything is lush and full of life there. Everything is backward, except us. We become perfectly placed and move through the current. I can almost feel your mallets drumming along my spine and now I can sleep forever knowing you will not cease and beside me you shall also rest.

MP3 ::
Total Warr - I Don't Need Your Friendship
Total Warr - Gangsta Rap
Website :: Total Warr

Travelers II

My first instinct is to burrow. To hit the ground with voracious ferocity and amalgamate to the soil. To become its immediate lover. I seek to make Mother Earth my bride. Eventually her family intercepts and I am left back to trailing along the sky. The clouds look different now and it becomes obvious that I am now closer than I have ever been. Ahead I can see everything open up and I hastily make my move. I immediately regret my choice of words as all of it lets loose. I am nowhere and I am terrified. Tentacles begin to whip and snap around my arms and legs, and then my middle section too is consumed. As the darkness swells around me I slip into a more comfortable body and fall to the ocean. Again I am burrowing, and this time with less resistance. Within moments I have hit the bottom and I keep going. Chutes of metallic bamboo fly up around me and I am trapped. You are the only thing that plagues my mind at this point.

Download :: Travelers II (Compilation)
Website :: Sky Stadium / Pink Priest / Alien Father / Cough Cool / Vacation Dad / SPERMWHALES / PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN II & III / Haunted Houses / Dylan Ettinger


Video :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - End of Days

Mushrooms for Breakfast

I've been in this tree for days. I used to go here when I was afraid of losing you. If things didn't feel right somehow this... forty foot tall, sturdier than rock, mass of wood and leaves and sediment and life, it knew me and it would tell me how to fix it. I no longer know how to talk to it without you being a part of me. I have started to believe that the wood that made our secret dock was cut from the tree's brethren. The dock has started to splinter a lot more since our rift and I cannot help but to assume that we are at fault. For years I have tried to sort out how my falling under the water might have caused your absence. A lot of times I wonder if seeing the ghosts scared you more than you had let on. The last time I absorbed demons you were there. The last time I attempted bringing down all that I had gained you were there. The sad reality of it is that I was not there. And that was probably only a piece of you. I have had to accept that neither of who we were exists anymore and it continues to eat at me. I'm finding it almost impossible to not see you anymore. So here I sit, in the tree that at one point could mend anything. Weeks have gone by and I don't feel any closer.

Stream/Download ::
Jaded Hipster Choir - Mushrooms for Breakfast
Website :: Jaded Hipster Choir


Bulletproof (+Blissed Out Edit+)

As the deer led me through the streams of color my eyes watered. They had made the place sound so wretched and horrible. They had no clue how to appreciate this gift thy were giving. I once met a man fortunate enough to hear in color. For such a long time he called it a curse and it made him seethe with anger. Then one day he saw the beautiful sound he had ever witnessed and it occurred to him that it was the beauty of seeing it that inspired such awe into him. He knew of his gift and I couldn't help but wish I could experience it as well. Now I was as close as I had ever been and these beautiful children of the Earth knew nothing of it's joy and pleasure. I would spend my time here showing them what they had been bestowed.

MP3 :: La Roux - Bulletproof (+Blissed Out Edit+)
Website :: Blissed Out / La Roux


Memory / Landscapes

What else is out there? I thought all the discoveries had been discovered, yet when we unearthed all we add more began to fall from the sky. In mere minutes we will be somewhere else, excavating there treasures. When did I get so thirsty? I drift back to the inlet. We protect our heads and hide our faces. Authorities instill a fear and we find it necessary to wade deeper before we begin. Before anything the earth feels amazing. This is where I learned of our bond. I began to tower over everything as the blood rushed to my face. I picked out my guide for the night and set on my way. For the better part of it my partner stayed with me. We lost one man that night. He was recovered as the sun peeked. I fell in love with every star that night. The return felt much more comfortable this time around. We have a method now, and I hope to return soon.

MP3 :: RxRy - Memory / Landscapes
RxRy - Bridge _ Tunnel_1
RxRy - Thunder / Language
RxRy - Bridge _ Tunnel_2
RxRy - Humid / Signer
RxRy - Bridge _ Tunnel_3
Website :: RxRy

Retrosexual Moments: Black Eyes

A Post Modern Look At Past Hardcore Endeavours by Brian Cox
They lived from 2001 until 2004 in Washington D.C.

I think I'm insane, but I swear I'm not. Right?

Eventually, everything turned into mere simulacra. He said it was easier to view the world that way. I could never decide if he was sincere or not. Maybe the world is easier that way, after all, nobody wants to live a life without complication. We want struggle, we live for it. What is a happy moment if you weren't previously telling the world about the time you were destroyed by that boy or that girl? So, why not distort it all until it gets worse? Won't that lift the moments of euphoria? Won't it make it more sincere? Or will that become simulacra too, like the time you told me that everybody loves flaws the way I do? I don't know, I guess I'll keep pretending until I believe it.

MP3 :: Black Eyes - Deformative


Get Off The Coast x Gravity Records Presents: GOBBLE GOBBLE, Persona La Ave + Coma Cinema

GOBBLE GOBBLE - Seizure to the Metronome
GOBBLE GOBBLE - Becoming Legion
Persona La Ave - Dunes
Persona La Ave - Great Birds
Persona La Ave - Beach 2 (GOBBLE GOBBLE's R. Kelly Magic Carpet Remix)
Coma Cinema - Sucker Punch
Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone
Coma Cinema - Only (GOBBLE GOBBLE's Sunshine Dust Remix)

Premiere :: Eat Sun, Son

Every radio in the house has been on for hours. Some of them are not even playing anything. It is just this static to parallel collisions of music bursting in and out my mind. Sing song voices attempt to lull me to bed as the white noise bursts and pops. Suddenly wild bird-like humanoids are dancing wildly in front of me. All of them are on fire and none of them are burning and they won't stop turning and turning and turning. The sky rips apart and weeps honey. The earth rips apart and eats honey. Venus flytraps explode from the ground with a vicious force and begin snapping up everything in site. Within moments buildings are gone. For years there has been some sort of evangelist or something on the television telling us this would happen. He hardly had a following but he cared enough to keep trying over and over, year upon year, to tell us. I like to think that someone, somewhere, is throwing him one last shindig as both a thank you and an apology.

MP3 :: GOBBLE GOBBLE - Eat Sun, Son

With Friends Like You

They started things up with if we wanted you to know it would not have been whispered. Next the propellers set to spinning and tore apart the words. The seats reclined into a new pattern as the words were screamed across a vacant parking lot. Here we were standing naked and afraid of nothing. Huddled in their fabrics they watched and whispered. Whispered and watched. We were tubes and antennas and they were a live studio audience. I kept waiting for emcee to direct us. It seemed the one thing we had in common. We just kept passing go. No one knew where to stop. We boxed this one up and threw all of it out. Loose tobacco filled the kitchen sink. The counters were browned by years of coffee spills and whatever else could make its way into the layers. A dingy smoke coated the room and we were still naked and afraid of nothing. Now there were more of us. The audience had finally joined us just before the parade was underway.

Stream/Download/Purchase ::
Francisco The Man - With Friends Like You 12" EP
Website :: Francisco The Man

The Comedown

After spilling everything I could feel the lights swarm up inside me. I kept hearing things I had already known, and nothing else was there. Blatant had become a plane and I was somehow trapped there. And then I just stopped going. Forms filled the wooden alley and it made me smirk, the way the tree had begun to mingle with itself. I could see lions trembling in the background, afraid to approach, and this turned my smirk to a grin. I called to them, asking what they were so afraid of. Should you not be fearless? Well oiled machines built upon earth begging for freedom were not at fault. It was the repairmen that showed up over time. Their negligence brought kingdoms down and it caused the lions to forget their purpose. Now the intimacy of trees terrified them and the thought of their own skin made them recoil. The grin had left me. What were we supposed to do when lions no longer needed to exist?

MP3 ::
Roman Ruins - The Comedown
Beach House - Lover Of Mine (Roman Ruins Remix)
Website :: Roman Ruins / Beach House
Order the PASTOR/AL 7" here via Gold Robot Records


Wonder Wheel Presents You With His Friends

There is a fever. There is a fever. A fever. Fev... The blood is pulsing through me so quickly that I can hardly contain the energy. I have been expelling demons and bile for several hours now. I saw time go backward. The clock just turned back before my own eyes. A black residue is left in my sweat. What poison is in me? This terrifies me, certainly. I do not remember leaving one bed for the other. It is pitch black now. I think I can hear a dog barking somewhere out there. The world separates in front of me. Pixelated dust that flies apart like a curtain and the world is white. And then it all slams back together with such force that it startles me. I have to get some water in me. My hawk is gone and I'm afraid someone has taken him. I already know who it was and I am ashamed. I use another to send word to a friend. It is intercepted. Once again the world is stripped from me for a moment, this time like a sheet of paper being pulled away. I blink and it's all back. I do not think I wanted it back this time. Soon I will have to face the reality of this new situation. Soon it will all turn to smoldering metal and eventually a cold, mangled wretch.

Download :: Wonder Wheel Presents You With His Friends
Website :: Wonder Wheel / Tan Dollar / Dash Jacket / Muddy Flowers / Stellarphone / Moon Pearl / Puro Instinct / Cosmonauts


Premiere :: Lawn Knives (Teen Daze Remix)

I keep running into this wall. I find myself staring at it and I am at a complete loss. Nothing has worked thus far, and yet here I stand, slowly moving through it. I could not have predicted that this is what it would take. We dance in patterns marked by colors on headstones while the elders hoist their tents dedicated to study. We study life and give them their inspiration for their jotted marks. We shift reality to the things we need and to the people we love and we are unstoppable. We provide for ourselves and it is sufficient. Instead of running into the wall I will turn and appreciate the land that was already given to me. Glaciers form houses where I am and the beauty of the statuesque structures allow me to believe that beings from other planes of existence created them. This is nothing we ever dreamt of. This is what we always wanted.

MP3 ::
GOBBLE GOBBLE - Lawn Knives (Teen Daze Remix)
Website :: GOBBLE GOBBLE / Teen Daze
Order the Lawn Knives 7" here via Royal Rhino Flying Records


When she's dazzling, how could you ignore her grace? She is beautiful up there. It's different now. I said I'd never write again. Not about her, not about anything. Here I am though. She rests in the bottom right quadrant of a box just slightly east. Since the day I met her I've never gone a day without her on my mind. So much time and so little time and it never seems to make even slightest bit of difference as to what is real and what isn't. All of it is real lately. Except for last night. My imagination got the better of me last night. In the still darkness, under the night sky with the ocean crashing around me, you were suddenly above me. I knew that it was you, and for the rest of the night I didn't lose you. I would have sworn in that instance that you were calling to me. I wished in that instance that you were calling to me.

Stream/Download :: Glass Graves - Architecture
Website :: Glass Graves


It's In The Stones

Inundated by vivid landscapes. Why can it not stop pacing so quickly? I am being dragged across all of it. The taste of dirt and bark and metal and glass and sand and liquids unimaginable and substance never thought of. These are the things that escape me so violently with jousts to my skull. I am not impenetrable. At some point it all fills in and nothing is left. Swelling persists and I must lose again to rebirth a new one. Where does this all come from? Forget the things you cannot touch. Grab them violently. Never wait on sealed planks expecting hunting dogs to eventually find your focus. More than anything, step outside of your blue and silver box with it's catalog corded in the same manner of it's speech. The closed energy is vibrant. Metal mountains hold treasures unreal. We are waiting. They who will be here forever have seen the tyranny and eventually it too shall pass. Waiting is futile. Expand reality. Expound reality. No more excuses filled with words such as impossible. We are what we will. Acknowledge it.

MP3 :: Mellows - It's In The Stones 7"
Mellows - It's In The Stones
Mellows - Ghostriding
Mellows - Hollow Pleasure
Website :: Mellows
Order the It's In The Stones 7" here via Royal Rhino Flying Records

Video :: Philip Seymour Hoffman - Duckfangs Tickle My Ankles

Barefoot Generation

At the turn of the century an ambulant wave of energy rocked the world. It began on the corner of a school desk in Nashua, New Hampshire. Since its insurgence many have fathomed that it was not within itself on its first coming, and that it will return. Some speculate that this will be slightly over two years from now, while others announced it a deity long ago. Some even gave it hundreds of names and allowed it to take any form it wanted. This could not go on forever. Some still wait with bated breath for a savior. What I have come to know is a scene of intimate pleading. Never wait for anything. Take all that you want. You only live once. It's cliche, but it's honest.

MP3 :: Byrds of Paradise - Barefoot Generation
Website :: Byrds of Paradise
Grab the Barefoot Generation 7" here via Sleep All Day Records


Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)

Butterflies glisten like recently lit stars above head. Wild cat-like keep burrowing in and out of the ground. All the while your eye is only caught by the towering, crystalline structure before you. It is merriment and wonder and more delighting than any treasure ever found. What I propose is that on the full moon harvest we climb it and finally see what it is that lies within. I am bound to believe it is the world's largest collection of rocking chairs, filled with brilliant patterns and carved with the most ornate precision. Only the work of masters.

MP3 :: MillionYoung - Local Joke (Neon Indian Cover)
Website :: MillionYoung // Neon Indian

Sixteen Dreams

I keep dying. Every day some piece of me is shed and something different grows back and it is thrilling and exciting and scary as fuck. I keep swearing that I do not believe in love, but part of me feels like I am just too afraid at this point to keep going with the idea. It is too much of a risk. Why the fuck am I not able to write about things beyond "love"? Why have we come up with this term that just gets to mean all of the good stuff ever? Why can I not ignore a pressure if I know that pressure from people is in itself not even "real"? It is an analogy. I have a brain that I should be able to control, but it controls me, and that is not really fair because it should just be a part of me. It means that there is no me, it is just something my brain allows to exist. But with that terrible thought in mind then why exist? Could I blink myself out of existence? People talk of how powerful the brain really is, but why do we not see any of it? I understand that evolution works via need, and not want, but why? If we want something truly, does the brain not want it as well? So then why is it not all ours if we have this human greed? We call that something innate, that all human's have. We have these powerful brains. Why have we not proven it? Sometimes I feel like I do not even control what I am doing. That is typical. What controls all of us then? When we lose control what is taking over?

MP3 :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Sixteen Dreams
Website :: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands

Brussels Truffles

I can never be found. I am impossible to get along with and you will never know it. I will never figure out how to come out. I will never be loved because no one will ever meet me. I will never exist. Parts of me will float around until all of it dies and I will never be found. I will bust forth into sand and I will swim through it and you will never know me. I can never let you get in because you will want out and I will never want to let go. I will always be scared of you. You who can never find me will always have a power over me so that I can never have power over you. All of the things you would like to do I will never do but it will be worse. I will deconstruct you and put you back together and all the while you will never find me. I will whisper plagues into your eyes and you will see it all how I see it. The color is not real, it is meant for amusement. Stars do not shine, they mercilessly stab the sky with no second thought in mind. I am the bloodthirsty and I take from them their gift. I can never be found, and I will never let you try.

MP3 :: Archers 7"
Archers - Brussels Truffles
Archers - Door to All Marvels
Archers - Jackson
Archers - Radical Opinion
Website :: Archers
Purchase Archers 7" here.

Base Knock

This is what it has come down to. Bated by half-step heart beats from sparks of color. No deceit. It is all on the table, while what might as well be light-years away sits the one I want to be with. At this hour she sleeps. At this hour I sit awake and my mind so obviously wanders to "What if?" Suppose I had not settled for security and took the risk nearly 2 years ago. What would have happened? Would all of this still be real. The best of it came before then, but how can I be sure it would have stayed? But is this not a muse? Is this not the one I feel almost certain of? Weren't the last ones? How many more could there be? Captors is all they are, and they never fail to take most of it with them; leaving me to regrow and try to become me again. Fuck the question "Who am I?" I feel so terribly for those that do not actually know the answer to that. You can only be who you are; and despite the garbage on top, we all see our insides. I know exactly what is buried beneath. Who does not? I am blinded for a moment and then I am back. I have been this blind before and now I can tackle it head on. It still stings my eyes but the spectrum is clear. Colors will live past their captors forever, and I will witness them all. I used to think he existed for one person, but he is just who I am. The Admiral doesn't exist anymore than I do, nor any less. I will set sail with a new voracity for life. The trickster made his mistake by putting the curse on a bond. As long as I protect myself I will protect her, and now I can leave this forsaken nation to its pirates and thieves. Nothing is left for me here. We set sail tomorrow and never look back.

MP3 ::
Seabright - Base Knock
Seabright - Rachel And Ryo
Website :: Seabright
Stream/Purchase Shimmer here.
Seabright - Dream Beings


Living Fossils

You must know me so well by now. I just keep on falling while you fly alongside me. The occasional coddle. Often the shoulder. I am not who you want me to be anymore. It has been years and constant abuse. You were not around for any of it, so how could you know? The safety got turned off, and then broken. I had to start over. Reform is the easiest word for it, though hardly the most appropriate. I am used to flames dancing and an ocean around me, and now I find myself navigating earth as if I have never seen dirt in my life. I was born into it, so it is only natural that I would return. And nature is certainly a funny thing. To be told your own nature is even more amusing. Time never really stood still for me. My time maybe. Nothing else. Definitely nothing else. Nature evolves so much more rapidly than we can fathom, starting with your will. Not mine. Not anymore. It did me in sooner than others. I suppose it may attack gain, though. Who am I to deny it access? It seems to know better than I. Still we persist.

Stream/Download :: AstroLogical - Living Fossils
Website :: AstroLogical

I Stopped Caring

I am hell bent. I am hell bent. I am. I quit breathing last week some time. I am starving for your attention. I want to pretend my lust is not real. That you do not make me carnal. But I documented it once. Another memorialized it. Like a family photo on the mantle, it is hung with sentimentality for a suffered phrase choked out to the wrong audience. I am not your blissful tender. I am not tender at all. You cannot begin to understand why I do all of this. That is an unfair thing for me to claim. It is for sick amusement that we exist. Is it not true that we own our own realities? Own. That is a fickle word. They all are when we place them. In a sense we are owning the words. Back to the frame masking my desire. Slides flicker through in ample shades. Not masked. We cover nothing up. I cannot stress that enough. You are not a lie. I am not a lie.

MP3 ::
Museum Mouth - I Stopped Caring
Museum Mouth - Habit
Website :: Museum Mouth
Head here to order Tears In My Beer

Haircut Curly Flat Top Never

Guest Post by Mrs. Larry
Dude, did you hear what I said?
There's new tunes again. But whoa, its on my face and HEAD SHOT. Faster, stronger, more babies, and all the while the smallest businessman on interstate 5 standing in the background, whispering, "chiller than you are" through a cup in your ear. Without getting out of hand lately we're on top of all that agave. Man, we tacos these days.
Baby baby its new! We gotta try it!

Tempe passion redwood sag
Eola - Hey I'd Like To Show You

I didnt know somebody hired a clown for this party. Fuck, man.
High Rise 2 - Softline

Flattering insults; go for the gold.
GAY! Real Monsters - Soda Sex (Battle for the Custody of Little Jon)