When she's dazzling, how could you ignore her grace? She is beautiful up there. It's different now. I said I'd never write again. Not about her, not about anything. Here I am though. She rests in the bottom right quadrant of a box just slightly east. Since the day I met her I've never gone a day without her on my mind. So much time and so little time and it never seems to make even slightest bit of difference as to what is real and what isn't. All of it is real lately. Except for last night. My imagination got the better of me last night. In the still darkness, under the night sky with the ocean crashing around me, you were suddenly above me. I knew that it was you, and for the rest of the night I didn't lose you. I would have sworn in that instance that you were calling to me. I wished in that instance that you were calling to me.

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  1. la la love ya, don't mean maybe. . .