Base Knock

This is what it has come down to. Bated by half-step heart beats from sparks of color. No deceit. It is all on the table, while what might as well be light-years away sits the one I want to be with. At this hour she sleeps. At this hour I sit awake and my mind so obviously wanders to "What if?" Suppose I had not settled for security and took the risk nearly 2 years ago. What would have happened? Would all of this still be real. The best of it came before then, but how can I be sure it would have stayed? But is this not a muse? Is this not the one I feel almost certain of? Weren't the last ones? How many more could there be? Captors is all they are, and they never fail to take most of it with them; leaving me to regrow and try to become me again. Fuck the question "Who am I?" I feel so terribly for those that do not actually know the answer to that. You can only be who you are; and despite the garbage on top, we all see our insides. I know exactly what is buried beneath. Who does not? I am blinded for a moment and then I am back. I have been this blind before and now I can tackle it head on. It still stings my eyes but the spectrum is clear. Colors will live past their captors forever, and I will witness them all. I used to think he existed for one person, but he is just who I am. The Admiral doesn't exist anymore than I do, nor any less. I will set sail with a new voracity for life. The trickster made his mistake by putting the curse on a bond. As long as I protect myself I will protect her, and now I can leave this forsaken nation to its pirates and thieves. Nothing is left for me here. We set sail tomorrow and never look back.

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  1. Terrific tracks.

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