Brussels Truffles

I can never be found. I am impossible to get along with and you will never know it. I will never figure out how to come out. I will never be loved because no one will ever meet me. I will never exist. Parts of me will float around until all of it dies and I will never be found. I will bust forth into sand and I will swim through it and you will never know me. I can never let you get in because you will want out and I will never want to let go. I will always be scared of you. You who can never find me will always have a power over me so that I can never have power over you. All of the things you would like to do I will never do but it will be worse. I will deconstruct you and put you back together and all the while you will never find me. I will whisper plagues into your eyes and you will see it all how I see it. The color is not real, it is meant for amusement. Stars do not shine, they mercilessly stab the sky with no second thought in mind. I am the bloodthirsty and I take from them their gift. I can never be found, and I will never let you try.

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