Bulletproof (+Blissed Out Edit+)

As the deer led me through the streams of color my eyes watered. They had made the place sound so wretched and horrible. They had no clue how to appreciate this gift thy were giving. I once met a man fortunate enough to hear in color. For such a long time he called it a curse and it made him seethe with anger. Then one day he saw the beautiful sound he had ever witnessed and it occurred to him that it was the beauty of seeing it that inspired such awe into him. He knew of his gift and I couldn't help but wish I could experience it as well. Now I was as close as I had ever been and these beautiful children of the Earth knew nothing of it's joy and pleasure. I would spend my time here showing them what they had been bestowed.

MP3 :: La Roux - Bulletproof (+Blissed Out Edit+)
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