The Comedown

After spilling everything I could feel the lights swarm up inside me. I kept hearing things I had already known, and nothing else was there. Blatant had become a plane and I was somehow trapped there. And then I just stopped going. Forms filled the wooden alley and it made me smirk, the way the tree had begun to mingle with itself. I could see lions trembling in the background, afraid to approach, and this turned my smirk to a grin. I called to them, asking what they were so afraid of. Should you not be fearless? Well oiled machines built upon earth begging for freedom were not at fault. It was the repairmen that showed up over time. Their negligence brought kingdoms down and it caused the lions to forget their purpose. Now the intimacy of trees terrified them and the thought of their own skin made them recoil. The grin had left me. What were we supposed to do when lions no longer needed to exist?

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Roman Ruins - The Comedown
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