Crumble Before Your Eyes

The sand played delicately between my toes as I leaned so slightly forward. I remember being enchanted by the way your hair danced delicately, playing games with the wind along your collarbone. I could not feel the cold of the water due to the enrapturing energy crackling around me, and the colors flickering wildly across the sea foam had little effect on me. I have never stopped playing the instant that you fell into the water, losing yourself forever, as you skipped along the shore line. You were supposed to be the last thing this place needed; instead it has been left behind, a silent graveyard of memories. The flecks of gold in your eyes have turned green as if to mock my yearning. We were once the only spirits the ocean knew.

MP3 ::
Blackbird Blackbird - Crumble Before Your Eyes
Twin Sister - Lady Daydream (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Local Natives - Camera Talk (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Download/Stream :: Blackbird Blackbird - Rarities EP
Website :: Blackbird Blackbird / Twin Sister / Local Natives
Look out for Summer Heart on LP via Arcade Sound Ltd or cassette via Wonder Beard Tapes on September 29.

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