Haircut Curly Flat Top Never

Guest Post by Mrs. Larry
Dude, did you hear what I said?
There's new tunes again. But whoa, its on my face and HEAD SHOT. Faster, stronger, more babies, and all the while the smallest businessman on interstate 5 standing in the background, whispering, "chiller than you are" through a cup in your ear. Without getting out of hand lately we're on top of all that agave. Man, we tacos these days.
Baby baby its new! We gotta try it!

Tempe passion redwood sag
Eola - Hey I'd Like To Show You

I didnt know somebody hired a clown for this party. Fuck, man.
High Rise 2 - Softline

Flattering insults; go for the gold.
GAY! Real Monsters - Soda Sex (Battle for the Custody of Little Jon)

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