Hello Paradise

Its wings swung about wildly and I could not help but wonder how it was that the beast could even consider flight. It would snap into the air like a firework, but the explosion at the top always sent it sailing calamitously down. A creature not for failing it, to this day it continues to sporadically burst and pop. I for one cannot commend it for its efforts, as I have spent my time as the sky, and I know the pain it causes to have a flightless wonder thrust upon oneself repeatedly. Violent jabs at the chest that leave only the slightest bruises, all for the sake of finality. A numbing of the entire body that almost controls for the sake letting the worst of it all be forgotten. I have repeated the word goodbye a thousand times and this was not a creature I could support. It brought tears to my eyes with its beauty.

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Celebration - What's This Magical
Celebration - I Will Not Fall
Celebration - Shelter
Celebration - Open Your Heart
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