It's In The Stones

Inundated by vivid landscapes. Why can it not stop pacing so quickly? I am being dragged across all of it. The taste of dirt and bark and metal and glass and sand and liquids unimaginable and substance never thought of. These are the things that escape me so violently with jousts to my skull. I am not impenetrable. At some point it all fills in and nothing is left. Swelling persists and I must lose again to rebirth a new one. Where does this all come from? Forget the things you cannot touch. Grab them violently. Never wait on sealed planks expecting hunting dogs to eventually find your focus. More than anything, step outside of your blue and silver box with it's catalog corded in the same manner of it's speech. The closed energy is vibrant. Metal mountains hold treasures unreal. We are waiting. They who will be here forever have seen the tyranny and eventually it too shall pass. Waiting is futile. Expand reality. Expound reality. No more excuses filled with words such as impossible. We are what we will. Acknowledge it.

MP3 :: Mellows - It's In The Stones 7"
Mellows - It's In The Stones
Mellows - Ghostriding
Mellows - Hollow Pleasure
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