Liberian Pure

I landed in that place where the hammers seem to follow me around. I was shocked that this was all still here. It had been so long. All of this was before destiny assumed a role. All of this was before foolish ideas of fate were crammed into my head by silly novels and pamphlets. There was this little gold necklace here before. I let it leave shortly before I did. I am sure it is pieces of green metal by now. Certainly this was before the tables with boys under them and long after the magic had left our own world. I created this first one and achieved nothing, and I left it to die. To see it now... To watch it's trees grow in front of me. To watch the birds who have been flipped inside out flitter around so delicately. If I were still in control I'd never leave this place again.

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Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
Pao Pao - Liberia (feat. Prizes)
Website :: Blackbird Blackbird / Pao Pao / Prizes
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  1. I think the whole blackbird album is beautiful.