Living Fossils

You must know me so well by now. I just keep on falling while you fly alongside me. The occasional coddle. Often the shoulder. I am not who you want me to be anymore. It has been years and constant abuse. You were not around for any of it, so how could you know? The safety got turned off, and then broken. I had to start over. Reform is the easiest word for it, though hardly the most appropriate. I am used to flames dancing and an ocean around me, and now I find myself navigating earth as if I have never seen dirt in my life. I was born into it, so it is only natural that I would return. And nature is certainly a funny thing. To be told your own nature is even more amusing. Time never really stood still for me. My time maybe. Nothing else. Definitely nothing else. Nature evolves so much more rapidly than we can fathom, starting with your will. Not mine. Not anymore. It did me in sooner than others. I suppose it may attack gain, though. Who am I to deny it access? It seems to know better than I. Still we persist.

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