Memory / Landscapes

What else is out there? I thought all the discoveries had been discovered, yet when we unearthed all we add more began to fall from the sky. In mere minutes we will be somewhere else, excavating there treasures. When did I get so thirsty? I drift back to the inlet. We protect our heads and hide our faces. Authorities instill a fear and we find it necessary to wade deeper before we begin. Before anything the earth feels amazing. This is where I learned of our bond. I began to tower over everything as the blood rushed to my face. I picked out my guide for the night and set on my way. For the better part of it my partner stayed with me. We lost one man that night. He was recovered as the sun peeked. I fell in love with every star that night. The return felt much more comfortable this time around. We have a method now, and I hope to return soon.

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